★ Civilization 5 – Deity military victory! (How to) Full game, all strategies – TGN.TV

★ Civilization 5 – Deity military victory! (How to) Full game, all strategies – TGN.TV

Welcome to Civilization 5, Deity series! Here is our achievement proving we won at Deity, so get your popcorn and your notepad and enjoy seeing everything you need to know to do the same. I am George Vanous from TGN Games, and this is Deity level strategies at the hardest level of play. Here we go! First, pick Wu Ze Tian of the Chinese nation to get three very important bonuses: * The Chinese crossbowman (called Chu-Ko-Nu) fires twice per turn * The Chinese library (called the Paper Maker) makes an extra 4 gold per turn * And most importantly, the Chinese Great General adds an extra 20% combat strength (45% total) to all units within two squares. And since in Deity combat is very important, that alone is worth picking the Chinese. The French +2 culture bonus in each city is nice, but build one monument in every city and you got it. The Roman +25% building production bonus is nicer, until you realize you keep getting your ass handed to you by military defeats at Deity level. Combat and gold bonuses are the most important, and the Chinese have the best. In this game, we completely defeated the closest civilization on turn 74. The secret is to build Horsemen as quickly as possible and blitzkrieg, ironically the Germans, while they are still running around with their pants down. Start researching Animal husbandry to see where the horses are, then the wheel, which leads to Horse riding. Then start building Horsemen, the most powerful unit at the beginning of the game. Squeeze in one luxury resource to avoid unhappiness.

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  1. Fun fact: Chu Ko Nu in Mandarin is 诸葛弩 (Zhu Ge Nu), the repeating crossbow invented by Zhuge Liang in the three kingdoms era.

  2. How your economy support all those units????????? add money U need for upgrading all of them! in other words, we all knows that every unit you build cost some gold per turn, U have lots of units and you have enough money for upgrading all of them too!!! IT IS WEIRD
    and how U build all those units and settlers (U told that U raise captured cities to make new cities with your settlers), how many production is needed to build all these bullshits in deity level !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Unit matenence goes up based on the era or tie in the game ect ect… the earlier in the game the less matenence they have (rumored, not confirmed since no one can seem to find the formula for maintenance in the games code). The game is pretty early in, not even at turn 100, so it makes sense the units arent costing much. I would imagine they are only costing about 1 gold per unit. Also, China's library gives +4 gold, so every city, basically, can support 4 units without costing any money.

  4. paper maker gives +2 gold, not +4 and he wins the game near turn 200, but maybe you are right. I watched it again and I think it seems to be possible in small maps.

  5. A lot have things have been changed since this video was made. Paper maker makes +2 now not +4, the great general has a base of +15% not +30%, and you have to go through archery, animal husbandry, the wheel, and trapping to research horseback riding. not just animal husbandry and the wheel.

    Making this strategy basically impossible

  6. I have couple question, started playing civ 5 last week and got really addicted to it, it's an awesome game!!
    But does those strategies still work? isn't it better to attack cities with siege units instead of knights?

  7. go into tools in steam and next to Civ V there is program that lets you spawn units, probably what hes using, notice how we didnt see him build a single thing

  8. I've been playing this game for a while now and I can tell you the easiest method to win a military victory on deity with ANY CIV:

    1. Set up game – make Venice your only opponent (add city states if you like) 
    2. Set start age to Information Age
    3. Embargo Venice at World Congress
    4. Build cities around Venice, eat up his territory with Generals (be at perpetual war)
    5. Just build wonders and est. trade routes.
    6. Play defensively until you find Uranium then dominate Venice with 'Death Robots'

  9. Is it really worth the trade off to raze the city just so you can make one in it's place with less population and no courthouse maintenance fee?

  10. You can win civ 5 on deity in 39-40 turns with Attila in duel, on the giant map it takes a little more thinking. The horse archers don't need horses for Attila and the battering ram take a city much more easily with a catapult. With Attila play on raging barbarian for and research honor for a spammer, it also slows the other civs down but makes you stronger. I was able to get a full culture chart for the first four culture square in 100 turns from spamming 3 barbarian incampents with 4 horse archers each. Wile capturing 3 capitals in giant.

  11. Military victories are possible with any civilization against any AI.
    The hardest part about a conquest victory is keeping the capitals under your control. You will be at war with almost every civ at all times. To defend better there are a few tricks you can do.
    Under normal circumstances, you want to ally yourself with another civ that doesnt mind warmongers and who likes to declare wars himself. Allying them will at the very least reduce your enemies by 1 and theyre not likely to break off the alliance just because of a little genocide you do.
    The next basic step is to conquer the capital city of the AI closest to you no matter who they are, even if it is Venice or the Zulus. AIs closest to you will always get in your way somehow so it is best to have a lot of extra workable land and satellites between other civs and your main capital. **Naval empires like England or Byzantium…etc have the bonus of choosing to fight coastal cities on the other side of the map, increasing the likelihood you actually capture a city more worth it**.

    Important wonders include Great Wall, to hold your territories better. Temple of Artimes (it is an investment so you spend fewer turns in the future producing ranged units, this is a critical wonder if youre china or england and so on). Alhambra which that city must also build a Heroic Epic. Depending on how you want to win your conquest victory, through conquering only the capitals and trampling civs with horsemen to keep them back 2 eras, or conquering every single city and playing super wide, you may need religion and other wonders to help you from suffering from penalties and massive unhappiness.

    Playing wide really pays off when entering the modern era. Autocracy and its special wonder Prora gives you a lot of happiness, as well as the wonder Neuschwanstein which provides happiness per castle. Coupled with a religion you can select special beliefs to help you gain happiness.

    Aside from everything you can do in-game there is another aspect to war which is your own mental state. You should be brave and just try to experience and learn what happens in a game that doesn't always go your way. Losing isnt a loss unless youve learned something from it or at least managed to clam your nerves a bit. If you can manage to stay clam in a game while at war with basically the entire world you could still win. I managed to do it with Denmark, a truly overpowered civ that can keep all fields pillaged indefinitely making it almost impossible for most civs to go beyond 10 pops empire wide because of all the luxury resource youll be pillaging or even food field if theyre unlucky and landed in plains/hills. If you can keep them down early you can easily beat the game.

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