【Fans video】Eng sub/ Deng Lun & Yang Zi — I Wanna Shout ” I LOVE YOU”

[ Go shopping with girlfriend or play basketball with friends? ] [ Go shopping with girlfriend ] I want to tell you millions times No more silence [ Rising to fame overnight or Getting love? ] [ Love ] The whole wold is watching me [ I want to get married so badly, yes or no? ] [ What’s the rule? Should I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?] [ Please answer ‘no’ when you mean ‘yes’.] [ I wanna get married ] I wanna shout to you that… [ I’d feel even more awful if my girlfriend gives me cold treatment.] [ What kind of supernatural power you wanna have on the basketball court? ] [ Invisibility power ] Why on earth you wanna be invisible when you play basketball??? Wake up man! [ Go shopping with girlfriend.] [ Girls who cover their mouths when laughing are cute.] [ The role Hao Ze Yu in Mr. Fighting is the most…] [the most straightforward (like me).] [ Well, I’m a bit shy…] [ I’m yours, sooner or later.] [ Why made me say that>////

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