48 thoughts on “【OTAKU culture】 #2 Cosplayer Photo Session Manner – コスプレイヤー撮影会マナー

  1. I only write down notes

    Remember everyone. Be nice and friendly to cosplayers. They are like gods and Lou don’t want to be slapped

    Say hi and ask for permission from them.

    Shashin iidesa ka means picture okay

    Here are something things you shouldn’t do.

    1. Shooting from an extremely low angle

    2. Zoom in at bust or hips

    Don’t be a disrespectful you pervert.

    Keep it quick for 2 mins minimum, they are busy Remember everyone. Be nice and friendly to cosplayers.

    Asking for the perfect pic

    Mesen onegaishimasu mean Eyes please.

    Remember to say

    Thank you Arigatougozaimashita

    Also don’t bother them when they eating, drinking or fixing there outfits
    Bust you ask if you take a picture later

    Also don’t post there pictures without permission

  2. Omg it’s my favorite character. Miya!!!

    Shashin iidesu ka?


    Mesen Onegasishimasu
    I take pictures
    So Kawaii!!!!


  3. What if I'm shooting video or making a vlog? In the US, it does seem rude to take pictures without permission, but people don't seem to care if they're caught on film without express permission given. Though pointing the camera solely at them without permission is as rude as taking a picture. I guess it would come down to the rules of the event.

    What's the etiquette on touching cosplayers during a photo? Obviously you can't grope people, but at the conventions I use to go to, it has become a rule to not touch people at all; no putting your hand on their shoulder, waist, or even leaning into them while taking a photo, else you risk being reported and kicked out of the convention. These rules on interaction really bummed me out and I haven't wanted to go to a convention for a while because of fear of being falsely accused of something bad if I interacted with someone incorrectly. I know these rules are good, but seeing signs for it plastered everywhere really ruins the experience of a Con.

    There was this author who was doing a panel at this con I went to, and he hugged a fan, it was on camera and it was appropriate, but he was still reported by her for inappropriate contact and it was this big debacle with the convention owners being booted out. That really killed this convention for me. I don't even hug strangers at all, but needing that level of permission for a non-surprise hug seems crazy.

  4. It's me again I came to say please never stop making videos ur amazing and are a great addition to YouTube u bright up my day each time I watch ur videos so please never stop doing these vids

  5. Imagine coming to the Cosplayer with a Camera so huge that the lens could fit a person in and the whole thing weighting 80KG (about 180 lbs) being dragged on a cart! lol no amount of politeness could compensate for that camera! lol

  6. all your video is interesting for me becose one day i want to go in japan. and that help me to have the good manner and word to go there thank you. i follow you from canada. 🙂 🙂

  7. "You just being a pervert"
    "You dont want to do that"
    "You dont want to be slapped in the face"
    I dont ? (Lenny face)

  8. Very cool video, i know the problem, unfortunately many don't adhere to the rules. I have seen people take pictures without asking and upload them to cosplay events.
    By the way, in a video you said that you are looking for VTubers all over the world, I'm a German VTuber, well I'm just getting started and I'm not that good but if you like, Miya, drop by and greet Kokon from me. ^^

  9. Hay Miya Marry Christmas, I know it's really early until Christmas but still. Also a got abit curious and wondered to myself while typing this. What's your Chinese Zodiac? It's ok if you don't want to say I'm just wondering. Mine is The Rabbit, and when I was doing more research on my Zodiac I found out that there's protectors that protects them. And I found out that my protector is The Buddha of Wisdom. Witch explains alot of what I know…..like The true meaning of life. I'll tell you it another time, another day. Oh I made a quote, i guess it's Christmas-e. Or maybe it's a joke. I'm not sure.

    "Why is the snow white, Because it lost it color"

    I guess it's funny. Anyways I'm taking to much time. Marry Christmas Miya ⛄ ❄🎅🎄

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