10 Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

10 Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

It’s quite disturbing when individuals disappear.. but, what about when entire nations disappear without a trace or any explanation Here are 10 civilizations that mysteriously disappeared Number 10 is Catalhoyuk First excavated in 1958 the ancient Turkish city of Catalhoyuk Dates back to around 7500 BC This city was home to as many as 10,000 people But what’s so mind-blowing about Catalhoyuk is how it was built with a kind of a honeycomb structure there were no streets or footpaths instead the buildings were all attached to each other.. And residents would use the rooftops to meet, cook and traverse the city In order to get inside You’d have to go through a trapdoor in the ceiling of each home Everyone seems to have been on equal footing with no dominant gender or class system pretty forward-thinking for the time however.. Around 5,000 BC the city was abandoned and to this day No, one knows exactly what became of its people Number 9 are The Picts The Picts were a tribal warrior people who lived in Scotland until around the 10th century No one knows exactly what language the Pict spoke Or even what they technically called themselves The name pict seems to have been with the Romans called them meaning to paint Researchers believed that the Picts may have painted and tattooed their faces hence the name They were ferocious that they were able to rebuff even the Roman Empire’s advances into modern day Scotland Which is why most of the highlands have no Roman ruins unlike the rest of the United Kingdom Recent archaeological findings suggest that they had a rich culture Creating stunning stone carvings While no one can be sure There is evidence that the pics may have amalgamated with other tribes Or were wiped out in a bloody war against invading Vikings, however, no one truly knows Number 8 are The Ancestral Puebloan People The ancestral Puebloans lived in modern-day New Mexico, Arizona Colorado and Utah between the 7th and 13th centuries building many of their homes between huge overhanging cliffs They constructed intricate apartment like planned communities etched into the walls of the canyons themselves.. The Ancestral Puebloan people were able to protect themselves from attackers With the only accessible entrance to their settlements via hazardous rock cliffs which would make even the most enthusiastic climber think twice interestingly in Chaco Canyon they drew huge paintings of unusual figures which look like strange unearthly Humanoid creatures there seems to have been a mass exodus from these settlements in the end with one theory proposing that Severe droughts led to internal warfare and even cannibalism among them or was it an unearthly Threat that we’ll never know about Number 7 is the Sanxingdui Culture In China, there was once an incredible civilization called the Sanxingdui this discovery has Challenged the accepted story of how Chinese culture developed carbonating suggests that the carbon dating suggests that the Sanxingdui culture Existed around the 12th or 11th centuries BC What set them apart from their contemporaries was their expertise with metals Incredible examples of their work has been found such as the earliest example of a life-sized Freestanding human statue and the Sanxingdui tree Which reaches three meters in height is made of bronze and is adorned with birds flowers and other ornaments debate continues to this day over what exactly happened to the Sanxingdui culture but current theories suggest that they may have been wiped out by a cataclysmic flood or earthquake Number 6 are the Clovis people The Clovis people were once thought to be the first group of humans to live in the Americas While that is hotly debated what we do know is that they lived in the Americas around 12,000 years ago the Clovis people developed several complex hunting tools such as bows and axes And recent genetic testing suggests that upwards of 80% of Native American populations may be descended from the Clovis people so you may be wondering “Where’s the mystery?” Well we do know that some survived through DNA testing But their entire culture died out some suggest that a comet brought about climate change And fractured their society while others claim that they simply changed over time splitting off and forming the cultural basis for several subsequent native groups all that we know is that They existed we do not know where they went Number 5 is the Cucuteni-Trypillian Culture [How do you know how to pronounce that?] When food becomes scarce or war threatens to wipe out an entire people.. You would expect the largest groups to weather the storm But that’s exactly what makes it so mysterious about the Cucuteni-Trypillian people between Between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago this culture dominated an area of over 906,000 square kilometers in Eastern Europe they built huge settlements housing up to 46,000 people in one city by ancient standards that is incredible while no one knows for certain what happened to the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture It’s likely that they were the victims of a number of factors Such as a drought and outside attackers from other groups Interestingly though Archeologists have struggled to find any burial sites as if they straight-up vanished Number 4 are the Nabateans Around 600 BC the nomadic tribes in northern Arabia created a powerful civilization known as the Nabateans Living in a sweltering climate across modern-day Jordan The Nabatean kingdom were expert water engineers who developed innovative water gathering techniques gathering rainwater through pipelines in reservoirs and hiding it from their enemies in underground cisterns They had no borders their empire consisting of Oasis’s in the desert linked together by popular trade routes, we know that literacy democratic principles and anti-slavery beliefs were important to the Nabateans But much remains a mystery it seems that the kingdom was subsumed by the Roman Empire eventually But no one knows where all the people went all that they left behind are empty cities carved in stone Covered by centuries of sand Number 3 is the Indus Valley Civilization The Indus people lived across the Indus Valley in modern-day Pakistan and India about 5,000 years ago They created a huge civilization encompassing more than 1,400 cities and towns many of their cities were wonders of planning using a grid system Which wouldn’t have been seen elsewhere for thousands of years historians are still puzzled by what happened to the Indus people? No one has been able to translate any of their writings Which usually would hold some clues all that we know is that by about 1900 BC the Indus people Abandoned their homes some burying their belongings as if to protect them from Raiders Various explanations have been suggested including the overcrowding of their cities, but whatever happened it was fast And it was cataclysmic Number 2 is Arkaim with such a large landmass it’s no surprise that Russia holds many secrets from humanity’s past and Arkaim is one such mystery The civilization built complex cities Encoded with spiritual meaning each city consisted of three concentric circular walls spreading out from the center Which were based on existing descriptions of the mythical city of King Yemma many of the buildings were built using a swastika Like ground plan with relics adorned by the same symbol But of course that symbol was a symbol of peace before it was used by the Nazis the mystery of what happened to Arkaim stretches back to at least 4000 BC with scholars still trying to figure out what happened to their people to this day And number 1 are the Moche Lesser known But equally as impressive to the Mayans, lost South American civilization, are the Moche They lived around 1900 years ago in what is now modern-day Peru Like other South American civilizations they built gigantic pyramids many of which are now so eroded that they are mistaken for naturally occurring hills The Moche were among the greatest metal workers who ever lived Creating a vast array of intricate artifacts For around 600 years their civilization thrived Then around 500 to 600 AD they stopped building huge temples and began building Fortresses instead they survived through a terrible drought that lasted 30 years Which makes it so much more mysterious as to what could have possibly ended them. Many historians believe that it would have had something to do with the sudden rapid building of the fortresses But what they were keeping out no one knows So, that was 10 Civilizations that mysteriously disappeared If you enjoyed this remember to give it a big thumbs up Also, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications By clicking the little bell beside the subscribe button so that you never miss a thing because I release new videos all the time Thank you for watching, and I will see next time [Bye :)]

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  1. As far as not being able to find burial sites, throughout history it’s known that burial of the dead is mostly recent. Most turned to cremation, ritualistic cannibalism and other methods of honoring the dead. Very interesting video, keep it up Matt.

  2. But what if The Moche people were trying to keep something from getting out of those fortresses rather than into the fortresses.

  3. Finally someone talked about Eastern Europe in something. I was born there, but came to the US. I never learned a thing in school about my area of the world except the Cold War area and that’s it. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Thank God for decent documentaries. I really miss documentaries History Channel, The Learning Channel and Discovery Channel used to have good documentaries now the programming is mostly personal reality show crap. At least Youtube plays new documentaries plus old documentaries that originally played on these once great channels and plays old PBS. Entertainment in education. documentaries,too.

  5. The Picts likely spoke Gaelic, the same language as the Irish. I can only think of that language as the Scots and Irish were Goidels. I am not saying I know, but I am saying its very possible, or it is also possible they spoke the same language as the Celts, who also lived in Ireland, England, and parts of northern Europe

  6. maybe if you "americans" didn't kill the real americans we would have more knowledge about their old cultures today

  7. Drawings of unearthly creatures could always be some little kid who drew that and thousands of years later we are all like "ALIENS!!"

  8. Prior to around 5,000 BCE, patriarchy was considered an aberration of social ideals. The ideal was lived out where there was no dominant gender or specific gender roles. We have fallen from our ancestors and all that they developed.

  9. I have been checking out many of your videos that you have made because I share interest in the topics that are featured. The information is very well prepared and presented in a fun, sometimes goofy way, that I absolutely can relate to because of my weird & crazy sense of humor….keep up the awesome work….much appreciated!

  10. Number 5, whoever did the captions had a great sense of humor and respectful astonishment at your pronunciation LOL. Love the content and overall channel! Xoxo 💜

  11. The Picts were killed or raped/pillaged by romans/Vikings… this is well known. Picts still exist. They just have been bred out to form different ethnic groups

  12. Lmao The way you misread and say the “Clovis People” as “Colavis People” was fun. Love your channel bro.

  13. 2:28 Matthew bruh I know that place! I’m Native American and we only tell story’s to our kind and I kind of understood the drawings on the walls. Then you see you little boy’s on the wall are warriors and those huminaniods are monsters. There is a series of story’s you’ll need to hear it to understand.

  14. Due to the ancient land bridge its HIGHLY likely and the science kind of backs this up is that when the first ever group of people got to the Americas some stayed where they were and others branched off and went their own ways that's how you get 80% of first nations being descended from the Clovis people they were a traveling party but once they got where they wanted to go some stopped and others moved

  15. I love your lists, I'm a writer and I don't know if you've heard the term, 'plot bunnies', but that's what writers call great ideas that hop into your head, Your lists are an awesome source for plot bunnies!

  16. Swatika is not symbol of beace but symbol of balance and cycle (in proto european culture and may also sumerian)

  17. Number 6 is NOT pronounced that way….it is pronounced clo- vis….u know like the word clove with the letters I and s at the end

  18. 1001 references to pronounce Clovis correctly, in the comments. I'm just like, BUT THEY'RE GONE! I'm sure that's what is most important here.😉 great videos, very interesting, and making me research again. LOVE ancient history, thanks for making it interesting again.

  19. The Nabateans were the first arab tribe who later emigrated to Lebanon and South Arabia. Ask the semites next time if God likes you.
    Their language was arabic.

  20. I don't understand how you get your pronunciations. coluvus for clovus and wtf is up with the ppl from EASTERN EUROPE and you pronouncing their name like it's some kind of spanish tribe.

  21. Your slaughtering the pronunciation of Clovis. Clovis refers to the technology used by cultures all over the world, not one individual group. It’s pronounced like clover except obviously Clovis.

  22. Also the Mayans didn’t live in South America. They lived in the Yucatán, Belize and Nicaragua. Incans lived in South America. Please do some research

  23. hearing the structure of number 2 reminded me of an anime, attack on titan that also had the same structure of living.

  24. Clovis isn't a people. It's a town in New Mexico. American Indian people are from Bimigia. Otherwise known as the land mass of the Bearing strait.

  25. The Nabataeans are mentioned in Islam they were the first gay culture in history and as tho they were punished by God after many trys by there prophet to have them repent

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