10 Civilizations Wiped Out By Nature

10 Civilizations Wiped Out By Nature

10 Civilizations Wiped Out by Nature – Simon
checked 10) Tell es-Sa’idiyeh The Old Testament is full of stories in which
God smites an entire population because he’s hangry or stubbed his toe or something. The most memorable of these tales is that
of Sodom and Gomorrah, the two cities zapped off the face of the Earth by God’s wrath. And it turns out the true story may be just
as crazy. More and more experts believe that these biblical
twin cities are based on the real, ancient Jordanian city of Tell es-Sa’idiyeh: a city
that also met a fiery end in 700 BCE. Tell es-Sa’idiyeh was built mostly using bitumen
[bitch-you-men] slime as the mortar in its buildings. Bitumen slime is essentially tar, which, as
the people of Tell es-Sa’idiyeh will tell you, is kind of flammable. No one knows how the fire started, but in
700 BCE a citywide blaze broke out and engulfed everything. As if an entire city burning to the ground
wasn’t intense enough, there are also sources that claim the bitumen slime didn’t just
burn but actually exploded. They claim the explosions shot fireballs high
up into the sky, which then came raining down on the people below. Whether it was God in a grump or poor urban
planning, I think we can all agree that having your hometown shoot fireballs at you is not
a great way to go. 9) Thonis-Heracleion We all know that Mother Nature periodically
decides to fuck over an entire city. Hell, Roland Emmerich has practically built
his entire career around that fact. But when a city is so completely destroyed
that no one remembers that it even existed, you know something crazy went down. The ancient Egyptian port city of Thonis-Heracleion
was located on the banks of the Mediterranean and served as a vital trade route between
Alexandria and Egypt. The city was built over the water, and boats
were the only means of transportation around it. Basically it was Venice for the Pyramid generation. Despite looking cool, building a city’s
foundations on muddy riverbanks isn’t massively safe. A fact that became clear when an earthquake
struck Thonis-Heracleion in the second century. The soft ground liquefied and swallowed up
the buildings. The entire city drowned in the mud, and its
people got the fun choice of choking to death on liquid clay or drowning in the sea. This mental story was long thought too crazy
to be true, and the city was believed to be a myth. That is, until it was discovered underwater
by RAF pilots in 1933. Excavation projects have been underway ever
since, and most of the city appears to be in remarkably good condition. We not sure the same can be said for the people. 8) Ancient Antarctica If a citywide game of Stuck In The Mud sounds
like a boring death to you, just remember that the universe can also wipe you out in
the blink of an eye. A theory first suggested by historian Graham
Hancock claims that 13,000 years ago there was a highly advanced civilization living
in Antarctica. That suggestion alone is surprising, but Hancock’s
explanation as to why the Antarcticans aren’t around anymore is downright nuts. The historian claims that the society was
destroyed after a direct hit from an asteroid 12,800 years ago. Headbutting a meteorite didn’t work out
too well for the civilization. The entire society and its people were obliterated
from the face of the Earth. For a long time, this theory has been dismissed
as crazy. After all, the guy suggesting it also wrote
books called “The Mars Mystery” and “Magicians of the Gods”. But the theory has recently gained more mainstream
traction, with the University of Edinburgh confirming that much of the archaeological
evidence that it’s based on is accurate. If the theory is correct, that’s not great
news. Hancock warns that a similar asteroid will
strike the Earth in 2030. 7) Indus Valley The Indus Valley civilization was a mysterious
Bronze Age tribe that lived in the Indus valley between modern day Pakistan and India. This remarkably advanced group from 3000 BCE
managed to plan cities that provided all their citizens with access to water, as well as
housing and reliable sanitation. On the other hand, they didn’t have bacon-flavored
toothpaste or the Snuggie. The savages. The civilization also managed to avoid war
for its 2,000-year existence. So what could have brought an end to this
impressive society in 1600 BCE? Well, the Indus Valley had a monsoon climate
and was used to heavy rainfall. A shift in the area’s climate meant that,
for 200 years, rainfall dramatically decreased and the people could no longer draw water
from lake Kotla Dahar. The climate change was enough to cause a drought
and crop failure across the region. With no water and no food, the majority of
citizens likely starved. Survivors quickly abandoned the valley and
dispersed to other civilizations. 6) Moche Most of us get frustrated if it rains for
two days in a row. So imagine how you’d feel if it rained non-stop
for 30 years. The Moche were an ancient Peruvian people
living in South America between 100 and 700 CE. Toward the end of their existence the tribe
was struck by what scientists call a “Mega El-Niño”. You know, like the El Niño that drowned the
edge of California in 2015. Only Mega. The event led to three straight decades of
unrelenting rain on the Moche. Being hit by 10 biblical plagues worth of
rain destroyed all the tribe’s crops and led to severe flooding across the region. Amazingly, some people actually survived this
onslaught. And just as the remaining Moche people were
probably wishing they’d never see water again, the rain miraculously stopped – for
another 30 years. The region turned from a giant unlivable pond
into a giant unlivable desert. The Moche suddenly had to deal with a drought. The combination of this deadly natural double-hit
forced the few Moche still standing to abandon their homes and join other societies. 5) Aksumites According to legend, Askum was the city deemed
strong enough to guard the Ark of the Covenant. In reality, it was the city that got defeated
by mud. The kingdom of Askum was a Christian territory
in ninth century Ethiopia. Its capital city, Askum, was the center of
its powerful empire. For a long time, experts were baffled about
what caused the sudden collapse of the city in 980 CE. While historians imagined that major wars
or House of Cards-style schemes must have led to Askum’s downfall, a team of scientists
worked out the truth using something far sexier: soil analysis. Study of preserved soil from the end of the
Askum era has uncovered the fact the Aksumites severely over farmed and deforested their
land due to the need to feed all the people of their rapidly expanding empire. With no roots to bind the soil together, nature
decided to reclaim the land in the most dramatic way possible. Landslides became an epidemic. Buildings collapsed and people were crushed
by debris. Insecure land became so common that the city
of Askum had to be abandoned in 980 CE. Or maybe they just opened the Ark of the Covenant
and it all melted. If your city’s patron deity is Poseidon,
god of earthquakes and the sea, you’d hope that two things you’d be safe from were earthquakes
and the sea. But it didn’t work out that way for Helike,
the ancient Greek city on the Peloponnesian [pella-pon-eez-ian] peninsula. In 373 BCE a particularly powerful earthquake
shook the entire region of northern Greece. There were warning signs that this earthquake
would be a big one, with columns of fire bursting out from cracks in the ground and animals
fleeing the area. But it wasn’t the earthquake that finished
the city. It was the tsunami that the earthquake caused. Waves from the Mediterranean Sea swept in
and flooded Helike for hundreds of years. Creepily, the city remained visible to passing
tourists for decades. The philosopher Eratosthenes [erra-toss-the-neeze]
reported traveling to the region 150 years after the flood and seeing the city almost
intact under the water. The only Mayan mystery most people want to
talk about is their prediction that the world would end five years ago, But while your crazy uncle is still being
laughed at for spending 2012 sobbing and eating canned beans in a bunker, a real Mayan mystery
continues. Namely, what caused the Mayans to die out
in the first place. Although no one knows for certain what polished
off the South American civilization in 1,000 CE, researchers have recently suggested an
unlikely culprit: mild weather. You see, the Yucatan peninsula that the Mayans
inhabited was an extremely delicate ecosystem, one that required rainforest levels of rain
to continue functioning. It only took a slight reduction in rainfall
to cause a significant number of crops to shrink or fail, initiating a food shortage
across the society. A busy schedule of human sacrifice and playing
football with people’s skulls meant the Mayans burned off plenty of energy and, without
the food needed to support them, they either starved or fled for different lands, An attack of mild weather may not make a very
good disaster movie, but there is something slightly amusing about a deadly warrior tribe
being destroyed by a temperate climate. Some know this city as Ubar, others as Iram,
others as Wabar. But by far the coolest name it’s picked
up is “The Atlantis of the Sands”. Sorry Chicago, but that beats “The Windy
City” every time. For centuries Ubar was a lost city, a place
that archaeologists were sure existed but just couldn’t find. Then in 1992 NASA satellites discovered a
network of ancient roads in Oman leading to a central location. It is believed that the city is buried under
the desert there, a theory backed up by early excavations. How does a city end up sunken beneath the
sands? Well, the city was built over a trove of underground
water. In the middle of 7th century Oman that was
a valuable thing. The city grew wealthy by dredging up water
from under its foundations and selling it to desperate travelers. As Ubar drew more and more water from under
the sands, they undercut the ground beneath them. The floor grew so weak that, in the 7th century,
it buckled entirely. The ground gave out and the entire city disappeared
into a giant sinkhole. Most cities can barely handle being hit with
one natural disaster. So imagine the destruction caused when a city
is hit by three in a row. In 1600 BCE, the ancient Minoan settlement
of Santorini was shaken by an earthquake as strong as the one that devastated Haiti in
2010. The city’s more primitive buildings were
instantly shaken to the ground and scores of people died. That was round one. The force of the earthquake also caused a
10-meter-high tsunami to come crashing into Santorini. These disasters crippled the Minoans, but
didn’t finish them off. Just as the Minoans started to dry out their
socks and mutter “at least things can’t get any worse”, things totally got worse. On an unknown date, the volcano Mt Thera erupted
with a force 5 times greater than Krakatoa. This itself released more energy than 10,000
atomic bombs. The onslaught of ash, rock, and lava finally
put the Minoans out of their misery. The tale of this great city’s sudden bitchslap
from nature so gripped the Ancients that Santorini became the basis of the myth of Atlantis. Which probably didn’t come as any great
consolation to the Minoans. So, that was 10 civilizations wiped out by
nature. Which society-ending disaster shocked you
the most? Are there any city destroying events we should
have included? Let us know in the comments below. And before you get complacent about our world,
check out the Top 10 Global Catastrophes That Could Happen Today, playing now.

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