10 Of The Biggest CS:GO Scandals, Scams and Drama

10 Of The Biggest CS:GO Scandals, Scams and Drama

CS:GO has given us plenty of happy
memories and great moments but sometimes it also surprises us with
equally shocking developments here are Here are top 10 scandalous moments and incidents
that shocked the CS:GO fans around the world The iBUYPOWER match-fixing scandal This is pretty old news but it shaped the
current CS:GO pro circuit in In August 2014 iBUYPOWER were the heavy favorites to
win against the underdog team NETCODE GUIDES in the finals of CEVO Pro League Season 5 but the players of iBUYPOWER was suspected of betting against their
own team and deliberately losing the game in order to win skins The speculations of them throwing the
game were brushed aside for the time being but in January 2015
renowned esports journalist Richard Lewis presented new evidence
incriminating text messages from Derek Valve banned all these players for an indefinite period. But later in 2016, they clarified that these bans are permanent, thus spelling the end of their careers. At DreamHack Winter 2014 LDLC were playing against fnatic in the quarter finals on Overpass LDLC were leading 13-3. That is when fnatic decided to pull a new trick out of the hat and use the infamous boost LDLC had no idea where they were getting shot from; and by the time they realised it, it was too late and Fnatic had made a miraculous comeback. However, this boost involved pixelwalking, a bug where certain textures of the game become invisible, thus granting fnatic vision over certain areas of the map that they should otherwise have not been able to see. LDLC cried foul and called the boost ‘illegal’ DreamHack admins discovered that the boost indeed was a bug exploit, and thus ordered the match to be replayed. But Fnatic did not like this, so they just forfeited the match instead. They believed that they had worked hard to come up with this innovative trick, it’s just too bad that nobody told them that what they were doing was against the rules; because… nobody knew it existed. Kudos to Fnatic for originality though! Former pro CS 1.6 player Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen was one of the three founding members of NiP In October 2015,NiP got in trouble coz apparently they had not paid the taxes that they were supposed to This incident kicked off an ugly spiral of more revelations The person who was responsible was Per Lilliefelth Apparently, the organisation was not profitable enough to send the players around the world to compete As a result, the CEO did not pay taxes so that he could keep the organization afloat Later, on upon further scrutiny, it was revealed that he might have been embezzling money from the organisation and using it to go on vacations! The players had not received their salaries, nor did they receive the prize money or the money from the stickers Per was let go, and while NiP made no clarifications about the allegations against Per, they hinted that they might have been true In July 2015, Semphis from Cloud9 admitted that the entire line-up was using adderall at ESL One Katowice that year This sparked a huge debate about doping in esports ESL teamed up with the National Anti Doping Agency to run drug tests in ESL One Cologne the kind of drug tests that are used in mainstream sports and Olympics Luckily for the entire CSGO scene, the drug test results were negative for all the players; and they were clean Thus, the matter was closed then and there Even though this move was controversial, it turned out to be an important step in bringing esports closer to more mainstream sports in terms of integrity Wherever there are bets to be made, scandals will follow This all began with the popular streamer m0E and his escapades with CSGODiamonds. Moe would stream himself playing and placing bets on csgodiamonds, where he would actually win quite a lot Unknown to the viewers was the fact that the odds of the bets on site were skewed in his favour to deceptively show people that they too could win That was a gross misrepresentation, because in reality, nobody would ever win as much as moe did on his streams Eventually, moe and csgodiamonds had a fallout where they both exposed each other, and it turned ugly More of it followed, when the popular Call Of Duty Streamer Trevor Martin started promoting csgolotto.com without revealing the fact that he was the owner of that betting site Following this, people started to consider the legitimacy of these sites Soon after, Valve intervened, saying that they had no business affiliations with them while sending out cease-and-desist letters, thus putting an end to the controversy. The Gaming Paradise resort The way this tournament was marketed was too good to be true Players were promised that they would be staying and having fun in lush resorts, while also playing a tournament Almost like a vacation, but one where you also compete The tournament was a horrible failure as nothing worked out as planned Technical issues aside, the players didn’t even have PCs to play on, But wait, it doesn’t end there! The police showed up at the hotel to confiscate the passports of the players because the hotel rooms hadn’t been paid for The confusion was later cleared up and the players were given back their documents when the authorities realised that it was the tournament organisers that had booked the hotel rooms, and not the players The organisers still insisted that the tournament be played out G2 won the event, but were never given their prize money as the organisers soon filed for bankruptcy It was a bad incident that shows how mis-planned events can end in disasters ESEA Bitcoin Mining scandal In 2013, when the Bitcoin craze had taken over the world, ESEA too experimented and tried to implement a bitcoin-mining program in its software, and used it in an internal beta to see whether rolling it out was worth it. Eventually, they decided to shut down the program because it wasn’t worth it, and did not benefit the player base in any way But a rogue employee, went against company protocol and rolled it out to the player-base anyway For two weeks, this continued and the ESEA paid users complained about high GPU usages even when the PC was idle It was later discovered that this rogue employee, was using the GPUs of nearly 14000 players to mine bitcoin for personal gain and was able to generate nearly $3700 worth of bitcoins ESEA fired this employee and publicly apologised They were slapped with a million dollar fine by the government In an attempt to regain the trust of their userbase, ESEA poured those 3700 dollars that were mined into the prize pool of its next tournament also donated double that amount – 7400$ to the American Cancer Society At least they owned up to the mistake and compensated their users with free ESEA premium passes which they could redeem. Fierce Tiger incident Fierce Tiger was a Chinese CS:GO team, consisting of 3 veterans from the Chinese scene, along with 2 new recruits In May 2018, one of the new players, Leo received a VAC Ban on his account. His team was immediately disqualified from the CSGO Asia Championship, which was supposed to start in June; and Fierce Tiger had already qualified for it Surprisingly however, the team was still allowed to compete in the FACEIT Asia Minor with a stand-in. More controversy followed after the VAC Ban On the day of the finals of the Asia Minor qualifier, their opponents VG.Flash did not show up to the play the match They later claimed that somebody had broken into their house and sabotaged their internet connection They even posted videos showing how their wires had been cut off. Eventually, Fierce Tiger was disqualified from the Asia Minor as well But guess why? they brought in an unknown player called tbgirl in the place of LEO and it turns out, that even tbgirl was somehow linked to another VAC Banned account! Fast foward to early 2019, Flash Gaming disbanded and the owner of the team released a statement on Weibeo stating that the Chinese CSGO scene has a lot more controversy that hasn’t surfaced to this date Perhaps this part of CS:GO needs more investigation, and even a video of its own in the near future. For the first time ever, a gaming organisation conducted open tryouts to recruit a roster. Optic Gaming came to india, and this was heralded as the next big thing in Indian esports Thousands of people applied for the team; only 5 were chosen One of the chosen players was Nikhil Kumawat, AKA forsaken. Forsaken was formerly accused of cheating and was even banned by ESIC; but was later cleared when it surfaced that the evidence against him was not sufficient. Optic India quickly became the best team in India Their first ever international LAN was Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2018 in Shangha and people had huge expectations from them But all dreams were shattered as forsaken was caught using hacks on the main stage of tournament He hit some unreal shots there, and the B5 anti-cheat detected something suspicious, which prompted the admins to check his PC When they alt-tabbed and minimized the game, they found a command prompt window running in the background which Forsaken tried to close immediately Upon further scrutiny, they found suspicious file titled ‘word.exe’ which forsaken is alleged to have deleted right in front of the admin himself Admins ran a data-recovery program and realised that the deleted files were indeed cheats Optic India was disqualified; and the organisation shut down its India operations shortly after Subscribe for more CS:GO content and don’t forget to click to bell icon to never miss an update. 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  1. We all know that olofmeister is legend…he used fault in map creation…he shouldnt be there
    Good work though

  2. during boostmeister, it was found out that in the same game SMITHZZ also did an illegal boost and he was ldlc so i think its fine

  3. just a little thing about the Olofboost, you said that pixelwalking is where it makes invisible textures that just isn't true, where they had done it they had seen untextured parts of the map but they did not intentionally do so and did not use them to their advantage, pixelwalking is just standing on small clip brushes hanging out from walls.

  4. Everyone in ibp did not get banend, skadoodle did not get baned. They did not find the evidence of him throwing because he did not accept any trades with free skins…

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