10 Towns Offering Free Land To Almost Anyone.

10 Towns Offering Free Land To Almost Anyone.

What is going on everyone are you like
me? Do you like free stuff? most people do
everyone likes a free meal most people cherish a free beer in the 1960s if you
were lucky you scored some free love with that one normally you had to score
some free penicillin not long after but still it was a good time while it lasted
I once scored a free massage this was the best massage ever I’ve been married
to that massage giver for 25 years now coincidentally I haven’t had a quality
massage from her in 24 years probably the king of all freebies is free land
the United States government gave away free land back in the late 1800s with
events like the Oklahoma land race basically people would register for the
event the participants would meet at a starting line in the middle of the
Prairie at a certain time they would fire a gun and people would race on
horseback into the Prairie where the government had set up claims no less
than a couple acres whoever grabbed the flag on that claim the land was theirs
free land there’s a lot more that goes into that one but that’s it in a
nutshell it’s very interesting you should read about it Oklahoma land races
there’s a couple other events that happened over around that time but it’s
really interesting for all the history nerds out there I just brought brushed
it ok did you know there are state and local governments that will give you
free land to this day really sure there’s always a reason it’s free like
it’s out in the sticks or something like that but some people don’t mind that and
are happy to take the free land for those of you I give you number 10
Plainville Kansas now these are no particular order you’re looking for free
land so they’re all going to be about the same but Plainville has a population
of about 2,000 people they have lots that are 150 feet wide and 93 feet deep
I did read that they only have one lot available and because of the magic of
free long-distance calling all cell phones have now for you young kids that
wasn’t always a thing but I was told that once someone takes the available
lot they offer another sort of a way to build up demand I guess they also have
an airport or at least they call it an airport most people call it a field
somebody smoothed out any flights heading to the plane fill Airport have
the chance of being delayed the pilots normally have a crop dusting side hustle
they do require all homes be on a foundation that one I find kind of
strange I mean it is Kansas and the mobile home is
sort of a tradition in the Jayhawk State they also require a $500 deposit to hold
the property but it will be refunded once the land is deeded over your home
must be completed within 18 months or they won’t due to the land it’s up to
you you know got to get it done in 18 months a year and a half should be
enough time to put a manufacturer at home on this lot right number nine
Anderson Alaska about an hour and a half drive from Fairbanks is the small town
of Anderson Alaska if you want to escape the rat race I found the place for you
Anderson only has traffic when Sir Elton John is in town the population is 300
301 if Elton’s in town if you never want to sit in traffic again
Anderson Alaska’s for you now I’m not saying the place is remote but they
don’t have a gas station or a streetlight and if you want any big city
items like groceries you have that hour-and-a-half Drive to Fairbanks but
you got free land coming to you if you show up you get free homestead land by
applying and a $500 deposit which again like a lot of these places is refunded
when the building is complete I couldn’t nail down how much time you have to
build it but I’m sure they have a time limit and for all of you who didn’t
pause the video to do some googling Elton John doesn’t live here I’m sure if
he did live in Anderson Alaska there’d be some news report on some newspaper
that started off with WTF Sir Elton something like that I just like to keep
people on their toes number 8 Elwood Nebraska Elwood Nebraska
is a small village that is offering free lots of land to build a home on at least
six homes have already been built on Lots that are about 110 by 150 feet they
have nine left and that’s as of October 2009 they require a minimum home size of
1400 square feet with a two-car garage not sure why the two-car garage is
required is that like some sticking point maybe it’s a cross-promotion with
a car company what was that marketing meeting like okay sales are down how do
we get people to buy more cars uh make better cars no no that’s too hard
make better-looking cars no we tried that with Pontiac Aztek didn’t sell we
could have towns forced people to have two car garages hold on a second I think
you may be on to something but what town is dumb enough to do it oh
my cousin sects wife is from Elwood Nebraska genius this town is so boring
if someone has a sale people can’t stop talking about it
for three weeks but hey you get free land number seven Clermont Minnesota
Clermont is offering free landed just about anyone that would be considered
middle class get your free land you have to meet a few requirements you need a
gross income of less than eighty four thousand two hundred dollars for a
family of two that’s per year obviously you can get into their free land
homestead program if you you know like I said meet the middle class and below
standard and you’re prepared for a few other things people are really polite
it’s very very cold and they used to have a bar and now they just have a soda
machine like in this picture you might also not get your mail the post office
had to suspend service back in February because that too much snow had screwed
up the roof it was a safety issue now they probably fixed it but I’m sure it’s
gonna happen again these people get a lot of snow number six Flagler Colorado
now this is the first one for businesses they have a lot of people that need jobs
110 miles east of Denver’s where you find Flagler Colorado this is the part
of Colorado without the Rockies so don’t move here expecting some mountain views
you will be sadly disappointed it looks a lot like Kansas here four hundred and
eighty free acres for a business to set up shop that’s what you could
potentially have here the amount of land you can receive will depend on the
number of jobs the business will create for this small town of approximately 650
people they have a subway a liquor store and a Cadillac on a stick place I guess
they also have internet so I would think it would be a great place to set up an
online company maybe a factoring company data room medical coding something like
that so if you want to give your company a leg up maybe Flagler is the place for
you you just gotta watch out it looks
awfully boring here number five Muskegon Michigan now this
one I have been to a couple times the last time was in 2016 and when I found
out that they were at the point of trying to coax businesses into Muskegon
I thought it was a mistake what I learned is they’re not in half as bad a
shape as other places on this list I think more than anything they’re trying
to make moves to make sure they aren’t like some of the places on this list in
the future the city of Muskegon Michigan is offering free industrial park
property for businesses to come in and operate they are open to offering tax
incentive reduced water and electricity rates among other benefits Muskegon is a
beauty city unlike a lot of other cities in the
Wolverine state I asked one of my Instagram followers who I knew is from
Muskegon if there was anything wrong with the city that I was missing I think
he lives in Seattle now anyway he’s about 25 or so and his response was
yeah all the females are old said what do you mean by that I thought was kind
of funny he said it’s like they all move out when they’re 18 and don’t come back
till they’re like 30 you know old I said dude I’m 50 he said but dude you’re like
really childish like an uncle that buys a beer in high school
apparently I’m uncle Ricky now number four Buffalo New York as part of the
Buffalo New York’s urban homestead program they’re offering land for $1 and
in my opinion that dollar may be a little steep Buffalo was a really nice
city for a lot of years it took a serious turn for the worse some years
back the program offers a variety of options of land some of which already
have homes built on it the thing is you have to bring them up to code the first
thing you’d have to do is probably spackle all the bullet holes then remove
the blood-stained carpet then you would probably have to repair the bars on the
windows you might be up to code then but then of course you got to go out back
and chase the operators of the Breaking Bad lab out of your garage luckily the
lab isn’t that big because it’s a one car garage
they didn’t get bought out by that whole corporate America thing number three
Marquette Kansas Marquette is a diamond in the rough this is a decent town of
641 residents they have an extremely low cost living they offer great school
system and safety not a lot of crime goes on down here it’s like well it has
so few people it’s like one of those places if someone bumps into someone’s
car and decides to drive off and not leave a note you’ve got a crime spree
this is a cute little town that I wouldn’t mind visiting I love the small
town Main Street they got going on here and I’m not sure what’s going on with
this little gas station but I really like it they require you to fill out a
land application it’s also required if you’re accepted into the free land
program that you begin building within 120 days so yeah like four months not
that hard your home must be completed within one year from the date of signing
the land agreement you are also required to live in the home for one year there
are certain specifications that your home must meet in order to qualify but
it’s free land in a quiet small Kansas town again if your will those people
that can work from home like much I can this is a perfect place to
live number two love via Texas now here’s a good one l’viyah Texas or la
Villa if you’re from the east coast it isn’t an hour’s drive from everything
like most the entries on this list this quiet little town is situated in the
southern part of Texas about 30 minutes from McAllen gallons a decent-size City
it’s offering around a hundred plots of land for residential development land is
given for free however you need to pay the property taxes they also put a
five-year lien on a lot should you sell the property within that period you owe
the local government a certain amount of money it’s usually the equivalent to the
value of the property basically they want residents not developers l’viyah
has certain income requirements to get that land so you might want to check
with them to see what those are I really couldn’t nail it down I saw three or
four different things but the good news is you’re right down the road from two
really good taco places in else’ Texas taqueria Zamora and taqueria Don Juan
they’re like right across street from each other and it’s some of the best
tacos I’ve ever had nominal tacos there I’m gonna make a list on the best taco
places I’ve ever visited and number one Camden Maine this one is
my favorite I think Maine is one of the best states in the country if you don’t
mind the cold and you really enjoy seafood Camden is just north of Rockland
Maine this coastal town in May is having a tough go at finding someone to take
free land it’s free land a three acre plot of commercial land in Camden Maine
is free to anyone that wants it the only catch is the buyer must start a
profitable business within five years so far it’s filled at zero offers since it
was first offered in 2010 this is a nice-looking town I haven’t been there
physically myself to Camden but I’ve been to Rockland and I gotta tell you
it’s hard to find an ugly town in Maine it really is you actually have to go
looking you have to get advice from people on where the ugliest town in
Maine is you just don’t wander into one Maine’s a really great state I can’t
believe it nobody’s taking this one I don’t know all right that is my list places you can
get some free land I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you got some
information out of it these are places that you know it’s potential maybe you
are looking for a place and you don’t have a down payment to buy a house you
know might be a good chance for someone to start a new life anyway don’t forget
all the links below give this video a big thumbs up tell me if you know of any
other places I missed I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below
subscribe if you already haven’t everybody have a great day be nice to
each other you

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