100 thoughts on “10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

  1. As a girl, I thought he was being pretty generous in his ratings. I would've rated them all a bit lower tbh. The issue that many women in the comments don't get is that he's rating them from a male perspective. Not from a gay man or a woman's perspective. If I was a guy, I would understand why he took that approach. Because we live in a society where it's ok to judge a man's looks and be more critical about male attractiveness, but the same doesn't apply to women. That's why if you compare this video to the one with the 10 guys and 1 girl, you'll see the girl is a lot faster in her rating for physical attractiveness. Whereas here even if he rates some girls somewhat lower, he still gives them a compliment because if he doesn't he's more likely to be judged more harshly. Hence why he says "I like her glasses" or "I like her eyes" even though those have little to do with physical attractiveness.

  2. Says personality is 70% important and looks are 30%

    Him: proceeds to choose the girl with the highest looks
    With the 4th best personality

  3. Looks Or Personality Him: PersonalityOkay So Are You Gonna Choose The Woman With Looks Or Personality? Him: Looks
    ME: BOY TF.

  4. I like the girl who said “How would you describe the color green to a blind person” this was a really woke question, she said a lot about her just by asking this short question, this guy sounds so uninteresting, I can tell he’s really boring lmao.

  5. Lets just be honest here, ofc in a longterm relation we all value the personality higher, but personality cannot be seen or perceived in 5 min or a day or even a week. Looks can, so they always win first.
    And furthermore its not really an either or, Looks is the entry ticket, its either a yes or a no for it. Personality keeps it running in the long term, but without the entry ticket its most likely just not going to get started.

  6. Everybody hating on this man for picking the girl with the looks but he also gave her a 8 personality…🤔🤔. She had the highest score out of everyone with a 16.5 so obviously he made the right choice

  7. Next time how about we do the looks rating anonymously so there's no embarrassment. You'll get the most honesty out of the guy.

    P.S. the asian is a 10 haha

  8. Men are generous when it comes to rejection. Women won’t bat an eye to say a man is ugly. This Dude felt bad the whole time.

  9. can they please get more interesting people like not to be an asshole but i was falling asleep. some of the most boring people ever i felt like i was back in my hometown lmfao

  10. I noticed this guy only praised the fires whilst the rated them, but on the other episode when the filipino girl ranked guys she was really insulting of the ‘ugly’ ones as she rated them
    Speaks volumes

  11. you can’t make such over-arching statements about his type based on a dozen girls chosen at random lmao.. his type might not have been reflected entirely here

    and to the people crying racism.. idek what to say 🤦‍♀️

  12. Let's be honest the majority of people in this world would prefer men, women or transgenders with good looks than good personalities. That includes me too.

  13. I think a person needs to be attractive to start a conversation but in the end personality decides wether you can fall in love or not

  14. His teeth really said

  15. I hope those two dark girls have a good life and know that they're hella attractive and beautiful af! Fuck the albino alligators in the comment section.

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