10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Girls Without Seeing Them

10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Girls Without Seeing Them

Julian, right? Jillian. Jillian, yes. With an ‘i’. You got it. Yes, you’re the one that loves to sing. So big question. What is your ideal first date? Wait, I don’t think I’m the one that actually likes to sing but that’s okay. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry How do you think you get to know someone without actually seeing them in person? If it’s through a conversation over a phone, then you get to know them That’s why I really love telemarketers when they give me a call because then we can drive and have a great conversation from there but when it comes to photos you just swipe to see who you think is the most attractive and And I don’t think that’s necessarily the best way to get to know someone, but, yeah. Hello, how are you? I’m good. How are you? Life is beautiful What’s your name? And do you have any siblings? Hey, yeah, my name is Liz and I actually have three younger siblings. Nice nice. Hi, I’m Victoria. I have two younger siblings that Are eight and ten years apart for me and I like to play tennis I’m Sabrina, but people call me Sabz, but with a ‘z’. Ooh. Yeah. You know different – I want to be different. Most of my days I do jumping jacks. So what about you? Hi, my name is Ayanna and I love food and what do you mean by you do jumping jacks favour us on this week this week, you know, I don’t know the Secret menu, protein burger Ummm I have had that , do you use the chili peppers as well , the lettuce yeah Hello, my name is Jonathan and I love singing in the shower. Are you a shower person? I am a shower person Are you morning or night quick morning shower? Yeah, I’m a morning shower person, too And then my name is meklit by the way, being Hispanic. I’m Hispanic. Nice There’s a lot of me. It’s hard to be vegetarian in both of our culture’s. I’m Keonna like well all my friends Call me key so oh, I like that. Yeah, remember like key to your heart That’s like basically how you’re gonna remember me above me. Oh, I love how you said that Keonna. I love food I’ve two older brothers do they like individuals That are men that walk into the place when they want to ask you out on the date I mean, they don’t get involved in my business. Like we’re really distant. Are you close with their siblings super close? That’s why I’m kind of like a child but also mature at the same time, but mostly a child Oh Gosh I feel really bad. I’m going to do uh Courtney. I was unable to really get to know her right away and then Coco, you know, I’ve dated people before that had rough siblings and that usually didn’t turn out right so Those are the two reasons why My ideal first date I like things really super chill So going to a coffee shop going on a hike. I love hiking that’s that’s exactly what I love too. Yeah, yeah Well, my favorite is we start off with something small like a hike. Yes And then if it’s cooler than that, then it’s like oh do you want to do an activity like rock climbing? Wait, I climb too – oh god. You’re joking, I really , like the beach. I love the water. So and I haven’t been in a while So I think that would be really cool I think the best part of the day is just to talk. So I really like seeing places. I like walking around somewhere So I do love art museums. Do you like single dates or let’s say there’s a group setting of the date Ooh, I’ve never done like a group date. I’ve never done a double date. So that could be something fun to experience. Okay? All right, Julian, right? Julian, Julian. Yes Yes, you’re you you’re the one that loves to sing. So big question. What is your ideal first date? Wait, I don’t think I’m the one that actually likes to sing but that’s okay. Oh my gosh I am so sorry It’s okay my ideal first date I would love to do something where we can talk But also where we’re doing something kind of active like mini golfing or bowling. I think anything food related I love like anything like grief or anything Did you know you live longer if you eat Mediterranean foods? So they say we really didn’t so you’re gonna be able to like to live a very long life. Anything outdoorsy is pretty much Really like my ideal date sounds like a lot of fun to do that sounds fun That’s cool You’re a vocal director, do you have students as well? Yeah. I can teach you Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right They’re all really great I I’m Okay. So the first one yeah And I apologize again is Brianna the energy I guess is just different. That’s it. We’re just two different energies I like my meklit. I like like Jana Hope I I hope I’ve picked the right one. I Oh gosh Liz What is your a deal-breaker when it comes to dating I think it’s about extending generosity to other people and giving them an open and safe space Yeah, someone doesn’t provide that then that’s a deal-breaker for me I want the person that I’m gonna be in a relationship or whatever. Um To be able to give me that independence it would be someone You had like low emotional intelligence if it was someone who that was way too dependent on me and a relationship Okay, so we can not complete one another but we can come together and like build each other up I think a big deal breaker for me is someone who isn’t honest if you’re not vegan, I don’t want to date you I’m joking. I’m joking. Okay, Jesus Christ I’m vegan, but that’s not a deal-breaker, right? Okay. Why did you say that? but I love how you play see that’s that’s what’s so special about you is that you love to I could sense that about you. Yes three Oh god Okay, this is sound big but Keonna and the reason why is because We’re here to like have a relationship, but I would love to be her friend I think she would be so dope as a friend probably Jill as well Victoria out. Oh god, maybe I do like Victoria this This is you’re pressuring me I Mean I’d love to keep traveling. I love traveling overseas But I also would like really love to have a family someday So I guess those are – what do you mean by someday? Like have a family some daily. Yeah, like how many years out do you think? Um, probably my next five whatever I’m doing I want to be helping people and I know that when I’m helping people and proud of myself. Oh my gosh Yes, I’m currently a student I’m a third year undergrad so Right now I’m studying education. So my goal is to become a teacher one day It’s oh gosh, uhh Think I’m gonna hopefully I’m right with my notes I feel I apologize but I’m gonna go with the Liz Mean I’ve never been on a blind date like literally or otherwise, you know, so I’m a little and by little I mean a lot nervous, um, also really excited Do you want to see each other or do you want to see each other later? Like right now right now hi Hi we did that hug and the hug was I was like, oh my gosh There’s a little awkward at first because it’s like so much at one moment This is exciting. This is moving away now, and then I’m moving back. I love your socks by the way Oh, thanks. And so I took a step back to hopefully give her that space You could also show me the moves that you have when it comes to when it comes to Climbing climbing. Yes. Hopefully after this we can exchange contact information if she’s down of course It’s all about if she’s willing because I would love to figure out If there is chemistry, you know based on just traversing

100 thoughts on “10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Girls Without Seeing Them

  1. 4:45 he was just saying to the other girls that he liked hiking so why the hell was he such a dick to brianna for saying outdoorsy

  2. do they make them dress up in black and white or do they choose people off the street who are wearing white top and black bottoms

  3. God was with him when he eliminated Brianna I can tell she’s the type of person that’s like I dIdNt AsK tO bE bOrN lAtInA

  4. Suggestion! This style of speed dating but for people who are pushing 30! A lot of participants questions are the same, like if they want to have kids or what they are going to school for. Do a video for people who have a little more time under their belt!

  5. it's kind of funny how peoples outward appearance kind of effects how they connect with the world or how they assume the world is going to connect with them.

  6. Just ounce I would like to see the person choose a person with a totally different personality from their own and see what would happen, to test the theory opposites attract!

  7. I have a great idea for the next Jubilee video! how about you find out who actually ended up going on a date/ dating for these videos and do a video on that?

  8. My dealbreaker: Not a born again Christian. He said 'Jesus Christ,' I would have eliminated myself. Plus, 'dope' is one of the worst adjectives ever!

  9. There should be an episode where they all get to see each other at first, to swipe right or left and those who remain then have to continue on this type of blind date. You can choose the pool you start with but you can't see the person you end up with until it's finished. It's awkward if you can't see them at all.

  10. Right from the jump I felt a chemistry between him and Liz. He seems to get along really well with people but DAMN him and Liz had a spark

  11. I don’t think this should be speed dating anymore, it seems like a good way to make friends, most of them don’t seem like they would follow up on dates

  12. It's really interesting how he bases how well he's gonna get along with someone off of how well they get along with their siblings

  13. I swear to god, Jubilee and Cut pick like 60-80% of the contestants from eastern Asian minorities despite them consisting of only 4% of the city/region they're recruiting in. It should be mostly blacks and whites there, yet they are ALWAYS the minority

  14. "I hope we can exchange contact information, if she is down ofcourse." Just say i would like her number😂👌

  15. Wait isn’t this the same guy in Joey Graceffa’s video “I Surprised My Blind Friend With A Blind Date”?? He went on a blind date with YouTuber Molly Burke. Guy gets around on the YouTube blind dating scene 😂

  16. I just found out about this channel and I love it, therefore I’ve been watching so many of their videos today. AND I just say this dude in one of the square videos “who’s gay” video… Jesus this dude really likes to be on there type of videos

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