13 Creatures That Look Human

13 Creatures That Look Human

If you see any of these human faces on a creature,
there’s one thing you should know: run away now. 13. A man follows footprints across a vast and
frozen landscape at night with only his camera light to guide him, the sound of each step
amplified by crisp fallen snow crushed underfoot. The mysterious footprints trail off at a lone
tree evenly split down the middle. He looks up. Two peering eyes reflect back at him and he
immediately runs away. The eyes are low and spread apart so it could
be some wildlife, maybe an owl. But that still doesn’t explain why the footsteps
lead directly to this spot, nor does it explain what happens at 38 seconds when this creature
might close one eye to give a knowing wink. 12. This human-faced goat is so strange that it
attracted visitors from villages all over to gawk at its round puffy cheeks and jaws. While this is far from the appearance of an
adult, it does somewhat resemble an oversized newborn infant. As the creature matured, it lost many of its
humanlike features in my opinion, and its appearance looks more like a rare genetic
mutation than an actual human face. I’m surprised it has been able to live this
long, but I doubt that its existence is the result of witchcraft like this village strongly
believes. Do you think the village’s theory is right
or not? 11. Former President Barack Obama once had a secret
service agent protecting him who has since become the center of many eerie rumors and
unsettling theories found online. This video shows the agent standing a few
rows into a crowd during one of Obama’s speeches. The agent is very broad but his head and neck
are far narrower and more angular than his wide shoulders or body. He also repeats the same set of odd movements
over and over again that the agent behind him does not. But it’s this far shot that has raised the
most questions. The nose, jaw and chin all appear to be the
same length. The brow is set far back and the ears are
way down by the neckline, while the crown of the head and the occipital bone are disproportionately
enlarged. I think it’s hard to say for sure in both
videos because of the distance. If we could get a third video that was closer
and more detailed, then a more accurate determination could be made. However, I don’t believe this mysterious
agent was ever spotted again. 10. A dinner date goes wrong and leads to a public
freak-out at the movies somewhere in Mexico. The girl with curly hair stands over her boyfriend
as they continue to argue, and he gets up in return. She throws her popcorn down and looks ready
to leave, and she kind of does in a way, but not at all how you would expect her to . . . I still hear her speaking directly in front
of him, and then she is gone, her form replaced by strange man with dark hair, who looks around
and takes off. Strangely enough, he appears to be wearing
the same clothes as her, a white shirt and tan jacket. Meanwhile, she is nowhere to be found. The camera angle misses what happens off screen,
but people are saying that this could be a shapeshifter in action. The boyfriend apparently passes out from the
surprise of seeing this metamorphosis and everyone runs out of the theater in unison. The amateur video left behind real enough,
but the whole situation seems entirely impossible, so what do you think? 9. Here’s another video that will make you
really ponder what mother nature has been up to lately. This green spider looks normal from a distance
but zoom in and you’ll see its thorax contains a strikingly feminine face with a startled
expression. Obviously there is no way to paint this on
a spider, so this is either real or CGI. I came across other videos of this spider
that I can’t show, but between this example and others like it, I feel like there’s
enough evidence out there to convince me this is real. So this might be kind of a crazy theory but
hear me out. Maybe insects are developing human faces as
a survival strategy against people. After all, you are much less likely to squash
something that looks like you. I know it sounds way out there, but when you
look at the special treatment this spider is getting, then maybe this is a brilliant
new survival strategy after all. 8. This night vision CCTV video shows two friends
walking in lock step side by side. They look fairly normal at first until the
camera zooms in to reveal one has a humanoid looking face that is either the work of prosthetic
makeup or else completely alien. The ears are large with a misshapen ear canal,
the eyes are rectangular and black, and the nose, mouth and chin are
Its friend, meanwhile, sports thick black hair but their eyes are blacked out and their
ear is little more than a wide open hole. While this video is probably just for entertainment,
I guess there is an extremely slim chance that it could be a top secret video leaked
to the public, or it could just be a normal CCTV video of two friends taken on Halloween
who just happen to walk completely in the same step, however unlikely either of these
last two scenarios may be. 7. A YouTuber is walking around the local swamps
when he stumbles upon a tree unlike any he has ever seen before. A grimacing skeletal face made of solid oak
emerges from the trunk. Its sagging eyes, creased brow, pointy nose
with two nostrils and square chin are all clearly visible. You don’t even have to squint your eyes
or look at a certain angle to see it; it’s there right away, and it’s even sitting
on a long, twisted neck. There’s no way to carve this and the green
speckles on its cheek perfectly match the markings found elsewhere on the wood. In other words, this isn’t some kind of
Hollywood sculpture plaster. It’s an actual face found on a tree in the
middle of nowhere. 6. Okay, so you’re probably wondering how a
bug this small could possibly be creepy. But as the camera comes into focus, it reveals
the distinct markings of a human face imprinted on the back of a flesh-colored shell. This still shot gives a much better look at
this human-faced insect. The nose is a perfect distance from its smiling
mouth and the eyes even have tiny brows over them. All of the features are perfectly symmetrical
and look almost hand-painted, which is farfetched, yet sounds equally as impossible as crediting
this to happening naturally. So, based on what you’ve seen, do you think
this was the work of humankind or nature? 5. Brazil continues to churn out the creepiest
and weirdest insects in South America, this time with this human-faced worm that no one
has identified. The eyes on the back of its head look rather
reptilian but then it has these pink lips that pucker up when the bug is pressed upon. I think these markings are meant to mimic
a reptile to keep other predators away. It’s a great survival strategy, but one
that I hope no insects near me adapt. 4. A YouTuber named Robert Andarson is convinced
that he has captured a shapeshifting force on television. The description to this video only reads “wake
up humans” in all capital letters, so let’s take a look at his claim. The alleged sighting itself is very strange. Watch the person’s eyes closely when they
look down or you’ll miss it. I will admit that the eyes do certainly shift
from brown to pure white with tiny slits for pupils, and it is strange that he looks down
immediately after this happens, almost like he can’t control it. The eyes really do look ghoulish here but
I think it might have been a simple broadcasting error. A transmission glitch seen thirty seconds
into the video causes a brief facial distortion, and it could be similar to what caused the
eyes to appear to morph later on. At least, that’s what I’m hoping the case
is. Maybe someone with some knowledge of telecommunications
could tell me more because I really don’t want to believe that this one is real. 3. A singing bowl is an instrument of meditation
that comes from Tibet. You strike it like you would a gong and the
vibrations are meant to induce a different state of consciousness. Here, a rather serious and displeased-looking
face appears in the singing bowl after it’s filled with water and struck. It can’t be a reflection of the person filming
because there is no body underneath and obviously no camera. I think that this is probably edited because
of the low resolution but then again, this video could be taken from a remote monastery
that has little use for modern technology. 2. This Katy Perry interview looks pretty normal
at first, but a YouTuber claims something happens midway through that you might be able
to help me explain. Her eyes actually change here but you probably
didn’t notice. Neither did I at first. But zoomed in and slowed down, her eyes apparently
change from grey to green and the pupils become vertical rectangular bars for a moment. I think this is most likely special effects,
but like I said, this video has a lot of views and I wanted to get your opinion on it. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills and if you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I recently released the Number 15 Mixtape, but I don’t think you should follow these instructions to check it out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell beside it then thank you. Also don’t forget I upload a new video here on YouTube every Thursday and Saturday. 1. This young calf was found in the countryside
of Argentina. When its finder takes a closer look, they
are greeted by an all white face with a humanlike expression of anguish. What is being said here when he finds it? I think that sadly this is most likely a rare
genetic mutation that has no chance of survival. The creature seems to know its doomed fate
judging from the forlorn look in its watery eyes. May he rest in paradise.

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  2. Humanoid Creature: Hey Bro You Trynna Vape Bro

    Chills: The Creatures tries to reach for the cameraman lets hope hes alright.

  3. 9:35 this actually is very normal with human eyes, so here is what is happening, they eyes when closed and reopened will automatically scan your surroundings and find the same spot u were lookin at before you closed ur eyes , you can test this by looking at the second arm of an analog clock then close your eyes wait a bit an open them , you will be looking at the second hand , but since time passed on it would have changed position , so that's natural and for the eye color that's probably from the video quality or encoding or something else

  4. check this video about living in the biltmore hotel los angeles by sam and colby, one of the guys eyes become red for a second and suddenly the candles go out

  5. Bugs have developed traits resembling faces to confuse or throw off predators. They look uncanny, but it's for survival.

  6. For those of you wondering, at 10:30 the man says what sounds like "Yo mirra el becerro" which loosely means "I saw this calf". This might not be right but that's what I heard, though the wind makes it hard to hear.

  7. 2:34 None of us would expect that after being defeated by Harry Potter, Voldemort was forced to take up the job of guarding President Obama. Pretty depressing if you think about it.

  8. Chills: Barack Obama once had a secret service agent protecting him who has since become the center of many eerie rumors and unsettling theories found online.

    Me: ha ha that guy looks like Voldemort


  9. Woah, Dylan.. you cool & all. Been rockin with ya 3+ years and all that BUT UH,
    You're not in any form qualified to speak on the likes of witchcraft or the magics. That's a whole diaspora of culture that you have absolutely NO knowledge about to be able to give a hypothesis on. Js.

  10. 1:00 I think those villager's are sick twisted disgusting degenerates who F their goats and act shocked they come out looking the way they do. None of them want to admit they F goats so they blame it on a witches curse

  11. #6 what if the Chinese made nano robots and that's how they infect people..? The Russians? I believe the usa does it with mosquitoes

  12. #10 all i understood was “that’s it get off your phone, that’s it i’m leaving,no i’m leaving”

  13. Numb.8 they might might coming back from comic con, numb 7 it might be "PEETA!" LOL JK love your vids chills.,

  14. #10, maybe she was wearing a wig? However, the new "guy" looks just like the boyfriend?! (Shapeshifter!!!)

  15. Katy Perry.
    Didn't she admit that she sold her soul?
    Would explain her songs and her look.
    Would explain a lot of these generic performances.

    That calf had a genetic mutation.
    Or humans need to stop experimenting on animals.

  16. Either chills is very gullible or thinks we are. As if it was a shape shifter. She ducked down and he stood up,

  17. I think number four is just someone who painted face eyes on his eyelids, like in one of the Indiana Jones movie when that girl writes "I love you" on her lids? maybe he was going out to freak out some friends but ended up there and forgot about it

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