15 Tips for Civilization 6 (Things You Might Not Have Known About Civ 6)

15 Tips for Civilization 6 (Things You Might Not Have Known About Civ 6)

Hey everyone and welcome to a quick Civilization
6 video, where I will talk about 15 tips for Civilization 6. These are going to be less obvious things
you might not have known from Civilization 6 coverage. I will not be talking about major features such
as unstacked cities or things that are immediately obvious when you start playing the game, such
as the new movement rules. Let’s get started. In no particular order. Number 1: In Civilization 6 starting more
cities does not increase the cost of technologies or civics. However, every settler you recruit increases
the production cost of the next settler. Same goes for builders and districts. This is the main limiting factor to going
very very wide, which means starting a lot of smaller cities everywhere you can possibly
start them. Number 2: Unique districts such as the Greek
Acropolis or the German Hanse do not count towards the district cap which is based on
the cities’ population and they are cheaper to construct as well, so that means you can
build your unique district if the civ you’re playing has one, in every city you own any
time you want. This makes unique districts quite powerful. Number 3: When you capture a settler he does
not convert into a builder, like in Civilization 5. Instead, you get a fully functional settler
you can then use to start your own city. That means that any time you steal a settler
from the AI, you can then forward settle that AI with his own settler. Number 4: Rrazing a city removes that city
from the map instantly. It’s gone. Forever. But you can only do it when you initially
capture the city during a war. Number 5: When you capture a city, there’s
no resistance period anymore and you don’t have to build a courthouse. You might have to repair a few buildings using
the city’s construction queue but that’s it. Number 6: Removing a marsh with a builder
gives your city a major food boost. It’s a nice way to get a quick population
boost in a new city. You can also get both food and production
by removing a jungle and production by removing a forest. Number 7: The cost of a pantheon does not
increase when other civilizations found their pantheons. You also get to keep your pantheon for the
rest of the game. Even if you never found a religion and your
neighbor spreads his religion to you. You will still keep your initial pantheon,
even if that happens. Number 8: You can move a unit and then airlift
it on the same turn, unlike in Civilization 5. In order to airlift a unit in Civilization
6, you need aerodrome district with an airport on both sides of the airlift. Number 9: If you capture cities in a war with
a major civilization, you have to get that civilization to cede the cities to you in
the deal that will end the war, otherwise the cities will not grow no matter how much
food you have in them and they will be considered occupied, which is a major diplomatic penalty
with the leader the city used to belong to. Number 10: When your units get promoted, you
don’t have to use the promotion immediately, you can save it and then use it later. Picking up a promotion will end your unit’s
turn, however it will also heal it for 50 hit points. That also means heal instantly is not a promotion
available in the game anymore because every promotion will heal your unit. Number 11: When you’re the city states’ suzerain,
which means the civilization with the most envoys in that city state, you can pay the
city state to temporarily take control of all its military units. It can be very useful at war. Number 12: You only need 1 copy of a strategic
resource to build as many units as you like. With 1 copy you can recruit them in any city
with an encampment district and with 2 copies you can recruit them in any city you control. Number 13: Your spies can get captured if
they fail their missions. If that happens you can then get your spies
back through trade with the civilization that captured him. It also works other way around – you can sell
the spies you captured back to the civilization that sent them to your city. Number 14: There’s no global happiness anymore. Instead, each city has its own amenity requirements
and one copy of a specific luxury resource provides +1 amenity to 4 different cities,
which means that if you have let’s say 12 different cities, you need 3 copies of a luxury
in order to get +1 amenity in all of them. Number 15: You can build a missile silo with
a military engineer and then use it to launch a nuke immediately on the same turn, as long
as you have one nuclear device. There’s no need to rebase anything. It will be instantly usable. And that’s it! That was the last one! Did you find them useful? Do you have some of your own tips? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching – and I’ll see you next

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  1. Great tips, linked them to this post along with some other of your videos http://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civilization-6-information-gathered-from-preview-versions.599850/

  2. Useful video. I have avoided your play throughs so I can experience the game myself with surprises but this was definitely worth a watch.

  3. If you have 12 cities it doesn't mean that you need 3 copies. It's that you can benefit from up to 3 copies. If you trade those copies for 3 uniques that's slightly better since the luxuries are distributed based on need… so if one city is really unhappy it gets +3 instead of just +1.

  4. Few more things I'm really curious about:
    * How do you know which tile your city expands to by itself and when?
    * Apparently multiple turns of fortification adds extra bonuses. How does this work?
    * Which cities get those 4 amenities from a luxury? Those that have the worst balance?

  5. This is incredibly useful! These are the type of things you learn about after 500 hours and then feel stupid for not having known from the beginning.

  6. How does destroying cities with nukes work? Can you still do it and is it easier/harder than in Civ V? If you can still do it, can you also destroy capitals since you can raze them now?

  7. Oh my, that instant nuking is going to be nasty. Can you fire your entire arsenal from a single silo in a single turn?

  8. Good video, but isn't there a chance that Fraxis may have changed some stuff since you and the others got their pre realase copy?

  9. I did not know the AI had to cede their cities in order for it to be truly yours. Straight up conquest doesn't seem that viable anymore. I would imagine the AI would not give up their cities so easily.

  10. cool info only one ask subtittles? complet text what are you saying. I m not from UK/US It's easier this way not only for me..

  11. Number 9 confuses me a little. Does this mean if the war ends and you didn't cede the cities then they are basically useless (And also can't be raised at this point)? What is the alternative? Removing that opponent from the game entirely or what? It seems very dangerous to take cities then make peace now.

    Also in a peace offering if you own a city of theirs I've seen in playthrough screens of youtubers sometimes the option to cede the city they own and take other cities as part of the deal, will these cities automatically cede?

  12. The ammenity thing is not correct according to the official civ stream a luxury resource gives at most 4 cities ammenities no matter the number you have. Another benefit of going tall if that is still the case. I would love to see this clarified

  13. I thought I'd picked up most available information already from the various Civ6 coverages, but you still managed to tell me a bunch of new things.

  14. If you capture a settler does the cost of recruiting one go up? If not, capturing settlers all the more powerful. If so, I would assume the cost of a builder goes up also. And don't forget capturing a settler means no population loss.

    Razing a city also removes all the tile improvements.

  15. When you capture a settler does that increase the cost of the next settler as-if you had built it, or is it completely "free"?

  16. I would definitely love a video on the way automated amenity distribution works, because I still find that confusing. Like what determines which cities the amenities go to? If I improve a luxury in a city, does that city get any priority with regards to the amenities it provides? Can you have amenities above the cap, and if so how does the system manage this?

    Great tips though for sure. Good stuff as always, 🙂

  17. All information. I read a player suggesting the coastal city being 2 tiles away and Marbs jumped down their throat. I don't see why he thinks others need this info when he demeans others for trying to help.

  18. Nukes not being a specific aircraft type was pretty surprising to me. Apparently your WMD inventory can be cross-shipped anywhere instantly to drop on a former friend. This looks like it's going to make it much more difficult to clear out your opponents nuke stash, since you'd have to kill the delivery systems instead.

  19. Like most of the new little changes but what? " of the same strategic resource allows all cities to build infitely the same amount of units? Does that affect buildings too (buildings which require a strategic resource)??

  20. Marbozir, how about a video about 15 "features" we have in real life but are still not yet adapted for gameplay in Civ 6?

    Examples can include…

    1. Building a canal – for ships to pass. Can be like a district (like harbor or aqueduct)
    2. Land reclamation – use build charges to remove a hill and turn a sea tile into land tile.
    3. Dam construction – have a long river that passes through your territory and into another Civ's? Now you can actually troll them by cutting their fresh water source. Plus you can use the Dam for hydroelectric energy and stuff later on.
    4. Icebreaker for ships to go through frozen ice areas
    5. Global warming arising from too many coal/oil-based industrial buildings
    6. Global warming melts frozen ice areas, changes Tundra tiles to plains, and some plains to desert, over time
    7. Green energy civic policies and options to convert buildings and tile improvements into the environmentally friendly variant (remove Coal Power Plant, build Solar Power Plant in place)
    8. Natural disasters
    9. Natural disaster warning systems and shelter
    10. Sean Bean, the Narrator, has a chance of dying, if you pop R.R. Martin and J.R. Tolkien Greater Writers. And the rest of the game is narrator by Epic Trailer voice.
    11. Water Recycling and Distillation plants, provides fresh water (and housing) in cities without fresh water source. A late game building, just so you can further increase your population cap after you have built all the other options.

    And before I exhaust everything you might want to say… I shall stop here.

  21. #6 I would have added its a good thing to do instead of just building a district directly as you lose any bonus from that tile.

  22. A correction on number 14. multiple copies of a luxury does not add to amenities. source: civ 6 manual page 50 (dutch version, chapter resources). this is confirmed in game btw

  23. Have a question about the repercussions of settling a new city on a tile that has a resource. Whether luxury, bonus, or just the common terrain types, and what happens. I saw a district placed on a resource and the player still got that resource as if it were being mined. Is this true for all districts and city centers?

  24. Tips on capturing city -after capturing City wait few later turns, Loser faction wants peace! You can refuse His shit peace condition then -make your own mad condition by manually press "make peace" and tell them to give his city if he wants "peace" and city is yours finally with all normal growth

  25. what if i take a city from AI make peace (without them giving me the city) and then a few turns later i kill the AI….do the city grow than?

  26. +Marbozir Are You sure about that with 3 copies of same luxury ??? From what I read on tooltip and heard is that You will only get 4 amenities from 1 type of luxury spread out over the empire and auto distributed among Your cities that needs them most and that's it. You can not get more amenities in empire than that from one type. If want more You need to have for example 2 different amenitries and You get 2×8 amenities from 2 types then spread out and so on. I could have read that wrong of course or it could have been changed as I did see a small patch the other day that took less than a minute so I'm not 100% sure. I will read the tooltip again today. 🙂

  27. you don't have to get a city ceded to you to make it grow. Ending the war at all allows it to grow.
    if it's not ceded, though, the other civ can later start a ware cause beli to get it back

  28. i found a hole in the make deal section…when you ask a leader for a trade like "for a wine with another of his excess luxury like jade" they will want to renegotiate with unfair trade…when this happens, I usually remove their part of the trade (all of them) and ask what they want for my current trade (the ones they demanded)… after that, they will usually come back to what you originally ask for


    Wine per 30 turns —- Jade per 30 turns

    Leader renegotiate:

    2 gold per 30 turns —-Jade per 30 turns
    Wine per 30 turns

    I remove their trade (jade per 30 turns) and ask what they willing to give…it will revert back to:

    WIne per 30 turns —Jade per 30 turns (or instead, they will give gold per 30 turns)

    I abused this deals…hopefully they won't fix this because there are alot of unfairness created by AI–like promises (they break them easily without penalty)

  29. good tips but for the one where settlers/builders/districts get more expensive there is no mention in the game on by how much is the next one is going to cost… im guessing its a percentage thing do u no how much the costs grows everytime?

  30. Marbozir, your video from Civ 5 where you won on Deity on a duel size map against 4 civilization playing as the Dutch helped me move from Prince difficulty to, eventually, Immortal.
    I am so glad you are still pumping out videos for Civ 6, thank you so much 😀

  31. THANK GOD for the elimination of Global Happiness. I swear that in huge maps when playing wide I would usually get defeated by that rather than the NPC's

  32. I think that after the December patch the unique racial districts count towards the district limit. Makes sense. It was kinda OP.

  33. Thanks for the video!

    I have a question, since I am new to Civ games: Is there any advantage at all to razing a captured city? It seems like you are just throwing away productive capability no?

  34. WRONG :: '' you need 3 copies of a luxury resource, to give amanities to 12 cities. '' .. that is WRONG. 1 copy of a luxury gives 4 cities amenities… SECOND same copy of that luxury… is USELESS….. TOTALLY…. sell it… trade it… or delete it.. it values 0.

  35. that means… if you have 2 Amber, 2 Salt, 2 Sugar, 2 Furs… you SHOULD STILL trade: 1 amber PLUS 1 salt +++ 1 sugar +++ 1 fur :: FOR EVEN 1 luxury resource you DoNT have…… you give 4 but get 1 … but okay…. you now have 5.

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