15 YEAR OLD CRIES OVER NOT GETTING $231,000 — Dr Phil #2

15 YEAR OLD CRIES OVER NOT GETTING $231,000 — Dr Phil #2

I think the best thing
would be to start with a job. no, no! No, no! Yeah, absolutely she needs a job. Noooooooooo Pewds : Hehehehe What’s up guys! It’s me, PewDiePie. Welcome to call out children week where-
[breaks into laughter] It’s gotten to that point, hasn’t it?
Two days in a row, really Felix? [Laughs] Listen, I was gonna play a game but it didn’t work out So here we are back at it again being savage to children everybody You guys seen this? You guys heard about this this? 19 year old girl is crying Because she has to get a job *sad music* What an absolute spoiled brat? Isn’t it lovely to laugh at people? Especially when they’re crying Nicolette turns 16 next month. She’s dead set on me giving her a car. It’s pretty normal for people to get nice cars. so she wants a car for $250,000 $231,000. Nicolette turns 16 next month. She’s dead set on me giving her a car. SHE HAS A CAR? I DIDN’T HAVE A CAR UNTIL I WAS 21 GUYS THIS IS BULLCRAP It’s pretty normal for people to get nice cars. I want one. IT’S NOT NORMAL *hits wall* I’m so angry. Did you get the punch? Was it too low? * hits wall again* I want a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen matte black AMG package I want ads on all my videos. I want *pood laugh* I want at least five of them and I want all my videos to be monetize and not age-restricted. Well, that’s not gonna happen. Okay Only in your dreams Life is not fair. You don’t always get what you want stupid fifteen-year-old Turning it on *engine revving* The car even shakes when you do that Incredible the car shakes from the engine Did you know that if you put it in the gear it can also move My favorite part are the doors because they’re just huge and then they have this designer. She likes a design of the line Sorry, I’m realize I’m nitpicking but there’s just too much to p- *more pew laugh* There’s too much to focus on sorry, can we go back? she likes the line everybody? Yeah, you why do you like this car? I just got on it’s got a line on it. Love it. Absol- this wall by the way. It’s uh white I absolutely love it. Love the design right here Now I’m thinking that I really need the red and black louis vuitton Palm Springs backpack to go with this I think I understand the Second Amendment now, I think I understand I might need to take the bus to work in order to be able to afford her G-Wagen AMG matte black Well then you are equally *ear rape* -ded Don’t buy her the car then you absolute shmuck I need that. Yeah. Why do you want a car that’s $231,000 Because I can have it. I want the G-Wagen more than ever now I’m not even joking The exact G-Wagen I want is $231,000. I’m a princess. I’m definitely worth the price tag You know I had this theory for a long time that we just need to send kids off to an island where they fight for their life And you know only the strong will make it out of alive At a very young age Nicolette had her own credit cards, but absolutely no credit limit. Some months her credit card bills would be ten thousand. I just paid the bill Sometimes the bill would be ten thousand I just paid the bill Why did you pay it? Listen? I’ll cut you a deal. All right, I can be your daughter for half that amount I realize I have to start cutting back because this is really out of control That went over just like a ton of bricks. Now. My spending allowance per month is $1,000 I feel like a peasant You know I didn’t think I could- we could find anyone more annoying to replace Lil Tay with but I guess we did it We did it guys hooray. Well done I can’t live like this anymore. I’m always out of money If you ask me I think my mom should be giving me at least 2,500 a month just to cover my basic expenses 2500? When you’re 15? Yeah. That seems- That seems like a really [mumbles You spoiled her you agree right? Oh yes So we have the introduction now she goes on Dr. Phil But first they always introduce the parent You had a big catered 13th birthday party, you buy designer clothing, right? Yes. Gym membership with personal trainer, $100 an hour *haptepatchapatchhaeweaptcapacha* $100… per hour… your gym trainer Gym membership was personal trainer hundred dollars an hour now guys I would never call out a 15-year old girl and say that she’s fat. I would just I would not do that. Okay? I like the red&black a lot Now. All I’m saying is where does that money go? I’m just comparing my two sisters and then Finally she comes in and she gets to talk with a man the myth the baldy Dr. Phil I don’t like what I’m seeing You created me I created a monster She’s even self-aware about how awful and disgusting she is. You made me you’ve created me mother She’s it’s like she’s some sort of circus freak with some sort of mutated face *yumadedisyumadediss* Don’t like what I’m seeing. You created… me I’ve created a Beverly Hills brat. Why do you think she’s that way? I think I made her that way You did it, you raised me. Should have done better (audience reacted) *oooooooowhhhhhhhhh* Ooooof! Shifting the blame completely Who is this? ALINITYYY??? it’s not my fault that I’m an awful human being it’s your fault *pew laugh* She should become a streamer. She’ll do great. What do you think she should have done that she didn’t do? What do you think? She should have done that. She didn’t do I? I Don’t know. I was never loved as a child *hahahahaha* *ppfffthhf* *INHALE* I never heard an audience actually laugh at someone for saying that. *PEHEHEH* I don’t know. I was just never loved. *devil laugh* I’m sure there’s some underlying psychological damage to this girl, but just everyone just hates her so much It just doesn’t matter and it’s a beautiful thing that we all can celebrate Do you really feel that way? Dr. Phil *pewds silent laugh* Do you really feel that I don’t believe you
Savage Do you really feel that I don’t believe you Savage Do you really feel that way, do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? Do you really feel that way do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? *Wolves screeching* How does she treat people? Uhhh like peasants I didn’t know Ben Shapiro had a sister what But it has nothing to do with her not having the right materialistic idea. I’ve my bags What do you mean? My bags are my friends *Audience Laughs In Pure Disappointment* Those aren’t friends. Those are inanimate objects. Dr. Phil always there to shut ’em down. Excuse me, That’s not a friend That’s a table you dumbass I just love how he says it in such a monotone tone. Excuse me, you have absolutely no friends. Just acknowledge that already You wrote in to me Tell me what you wanted me to get straight with your mom. wait! She asked to be on dr. Phil Wait a minute I want my mom to understand that I can’t live off of $1,000 a month and I grew up on a certain lifestyle She can’t just take that away from me immediately. If someone took her lifestyle away from her She wouldn’t like that and I grew up on it. It’s all I ever know. I can’t deal with this And so I came to you for help. Okay Wait, so she went to Dr. Phil to tell Dr. Phil That she’s not getting enough money and she actually thinks she has a case there I’m smelling bul-. She wants to give me a Mercedes. C-class. Ah *bang* aaahhhh *Shocked Pain* I- I will accept that car
*Audience Laughs At Thot* I will be happy with that car Phil The Thot Killer: Bitch Pewds: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT MY G-WAGEN I will not be driving anything that can be considered an UberX An- A what? An UberX An UberX? Yes, we’re going UberLUX and above *Pew Cringe* oh my God I absolutely hate this girl Oh my god Violence, pain, torture they these things all make sense to me now. It’s all come clear to me Pewds: I fully understand.
Thot’s Mother: I think the best thing would be to start with a job. Phil: No. Yeah. Absolutely. She needs a job Noooooo!!!!!!!! OHHHHH here comes the tears *hohohohohoh* And I think it would be great if you volunteered some more at the soup kitchen you can do some great volunteer work down there (crying) *IIHIIIHHIIHII* You know, there’s gonna be me when once I- I can’t support myself on YouTube any longer very soon by the way hit the- hit the bell button please guys please What do you mean I have to get a real job *nooooo nooooo nooohooho! Pewds Dispair* Thot: No! She’s doesn’t need a job at home. She needs a job in the world Thot: Absolutely not *pouting* So there you have it everybody Back it up everybody it’s fake She’s an actor. No fifteen-year-old would write to dr. Phil unironically saying they want more money That just doesn’t happen. Even the crying it just doesn’t feel right, right I mean I’ve seen some ugly crying but my God What do you think leave a like if you think it’s real and leave a like if you think it’s fake guys? Thank you So much for watching another video (end slate)

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  1. Girl:gets thousands of dollars of monthly allowance
    Me: works for my own money get 50 cents for cleaning the messiest bedroom.

  2. jeez 1000 dollars and feels like a peasent. gets 2 euros from grandma every mothn feels happy af. what is wrong with people nowdays/…

  3. What actually in truth happened with council sheep turning into red is when ever the magician pillager( with bebe drop) comes near a blue sheep he turns it into a red sheep ( remember pewds propity got raided by pillagers)
    Its a reference to age of empires where priests can convert enemy troops to allies and vise versa

  4. We don’t count this as a kid she’s actually over a teens age I have no idea why they had called her a kid over a teen

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