1950s Welfare Hall update

1950s Welfare Hall update

We are here in the Welfare Hall, at the 50s site for Remaking Beamish A lots happened since the last time we did an update As you can see all of the first fix joinery has been done  The mechanical and electrical departments have been in putting all of the pipework and cabling in  Then the borders followed them All of the insulation is in, the ceilings and external walls have all been vapour barriered  Then all of the boarding’s been put on The kitchen has gone in, the floors have been screeded  All of the underfloor heating pipes have gone in So a lot has gone on since the last time we did an update Some of the next trades to follow us in are the decorators and the flooring guys So we should be starting pretty soon with the west anex The decorators will come in, do all of their part The plumbers will start second-fixing and putting all of the fixture and fittings in  And basically we’ll do the west anex first, then the east anex, and finally the main hall. We’re here in our 1950s style kitchen in the Welfare Hall that we’ve just recently installed with Formica work tops The Formica style that’s actually on them, I believe is called Unique It was donated to us by Formica up in North Shields and the lads in the workshops up there, very kindly laminated the work tops for us We supplied them with the timber for the work tops they laminated it all on Formica also donated to us the nice blue colour on the doors This was plywood doors and we actually laminated these ourselves here within the museum workshops and then edged it with an oak trim, just to give it that 1950s style We’ve also incorporated into the kitchens some original 1950s units That we had here within the collections They’ve had a light restoration and a light paint Still have the original glass in, all of the features still work and still got 50s fablon inside The other thing also is the stainless steel sink unit, which is a 1950s original from the collections that is due to plumbed in pretty soon We are hoping to hand over the building to our Collections and Engagement teams once everything is finished They’ll come in and dress the building with 1950s items that we have in the collections and then hopefully they building will be open sometime early summer – so we’ll see you then!

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  1. I have a question, are yous making 1950 style houses because someone told me it was all going to be ready by the end of 2019 but I was confused because I thought there would be houses shops etc

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