20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys | Jubilee x Solfa

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys | Jubilee x Solfa

Are you hoping to find a match today? Yeah! I mean… I’m hoping not to continue this pattern of Very very bad men. I love to dance so I don’t like it when I’m with somebody who’s a total debbie downer or Boring and just kind of stands there and doesn’t wanna dance I would definitely Want someone open-minded but not a freak, so you shouldn’t be into feet, but… you know a little choking is fun little ya know [timer ticking] I do like ’em tall because I’m…pretty tall for an Asian girl and when I Put on my heels. I would like to still be shorter than my man. So they need to be I think at least 5’11 but I prefer like 6 feet tall. I would not want to be with somebody who wants kids within 7 years. I love kids I’ve been an aunt since I was 10 So I’m like natural around babies and kids, but I want to really just share a love with somebody that’s so great And it’s all about loving each other before we can, you know, bring somebody else in the world I think you should be mentally stable as well financially stable because you’re gonna be responsible for Shaping their future. It’s kind of a big pressure cuz you could really fuck somebody up in the head if you’re not There and I take that really seriously You know what I have a younger brother and anybody younger than me, I just automatically think of my brother so Like they could be the hottest person in the room and if they tell me they’re even a month younger than me I’m just like oh, I just see my brother and it’s like…ugh. Would not date my brother I thought there would be maybe four guys left? But there were none. So today I learned that uh, my criteria is…hahaha not I guess, easy as I thought it was but I’m okay with that because I Don’t, like these are values and things that I don’t want to bend and change right now I used to really beat myself up in my past relationships after they ended cuz I felt like I wasn’t good enough but I think I’m at a place in my life right now where I know what I want and there’s nothing wrong with Having these standards. You shouldn’t have to bend your values and what you want to please somebody else

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  2. Not dating someone because they could be a month younger, is a bit excessive lol it all comes down to their maturity level. The whole point of dating is getting to know someone, they’re not gonna fit your whole criteria or preferences. This is why she’s gonna be single for a long time lmao

  3. What is happening " All siting together ..seeing each other and typing .. It not match it match fixing … Result of this relationship " D I V O R C E "

  4. I feel like y’all are you going at her a littler to hard. Yes, physical appearance isn’t everything they’re something. Plus I feel her on the kid and age thing

  5. I'm 5' 6", and 13. Lmao in the future if I ever dated anyone I wouldn't care about their height because if they're shorter it means nothing if they're taller, also nothing. The same height is great too. It doesn't matter about looks, more personality.

  6. That’s what happens when a person has unreasonable expectations, standards & prerequisites. It seems to be an epidemic!

  7. She basically described my boyfriend, just that we both want kids withing the next 5 years, he's 6'10 and he's not into "mild choking" but "Im gonna choke you till you faint" 😂

  8. I get not wanting to date someone younger than you but I would atleast be ok with someone two years younger but past that no

  9. I think she missed the point of the event by a mile. She could at least get a clue, what it takes to find love and happiness, after all of that. But no, "I have my standards, I won't bend them to get to know people better, because why would I and I'm okay with that". That would be a huge no for me… however I would left as soon as she started with heavy drinking and partying. It's not necessary a bad topic, but it's a red flag to start with it.

  10. Amazeballs video production, i like it so much .. Unsurpassable part is 0:52. I up 1st twerking, Pls come and comment am I good 💯 🧡 💯

  11. Won't even date someone who is month younger than you…? Yeah, you're gonna have some issues when seeking out intimate relationships

  12. Personally, I have different preferences, but I understand where hers are coming from and feel like height, age, and time range of having kids are super common. Perhaps it's a bit of an unpopular opinion though

  13. Hi I really love your videos but I think it’ll be nice if you were a bit more inclusive of the lgbtq and not just men dating women and women dating men

  14. Did she realize did all this traits is not personality traits ..?

    Plop twits she got cheat again.., who would thought…

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