(2019) The Next Lost Civilization [REDUX] | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

(2019) The Next Lost Civilization [REDUX] | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

Let’s make a few things clear Opera recorded history spends roughly six thousand five hundred years before it enters obscurity And there we can only make general assumptions based on relatively flimsy evidence Most of the time these assumptions are made to fit within the established paradigm Pre-existing notions of the development of human beings contaminate the evidence presented to us For we project our assumptions onto the past Rather than letting the evidence speak for itself It is no coincidence that civilizations arose simultaneously around the world after the end of the last ice age a Period of time that was brought to a sudden and catastrophic Englund New evidence points to a comet impact on the North American Ice Sheet 12,500 years ago That which caused a massive meltdown flooding the many areas of the world and submerging many others Permanently as water levels rose up to 400 feet This catastrophe which is now known as the Younger Dryas impact event wiped out the mega fauna of North America All of which were previously thought to have been hunted to extinction by human beings a theory that is now obsolete in the light of this new evidence Human beings have dealt with this worldwide catastrophe Given the fact that the fossil record shows that human beings at this time were the same Anatomically too modern in Venus the same brain shape and size And capacity for intelligence This worldwide flooding now makes sense of the traditions and religious stories of the world All of which that retell the natural catastrophe that has caused a massive flood wiping out the civilizations of old You can go ahead and research these myths and traditions and make a comparisons for feeling their underlying meaning That human beings rose in power to match that of the so-called gods And were ultimately cast down the most famous of all these flood myths is plato’s story of Atlantis Plato gives a particular date for the flooding and destruction of Atlantis 9,000 years before the age of so long his ancestor whom of which was born in 630 be seen in other words his dating for the flooding of Atlantis is 9600 30 BC The statism direct alignment with meltwater pulse 1 being the Second largest flood that ultimately terminated the Ice Age now to put things into perspective In the earlier stages of societal development human beings passed down orally that over the accumulation of generations form into myths traditions and religious tales Different societies with a different set of reference frames will interpret natural events based on their own understanding of reality. So These stories are actually based on natural events in this case The series of catastrophes that brought an end to the last ice age and brought an end to the once advanced Civilization that is now lost from memory When taking the time to gather and investigate all the pieces of information available One would come to the same conclusion that we are a species with amnesia The point of this documentary however is not to prove the existence of the lost civilization But to reveal the human story in a holistic sense that has never been told We do have some of the information from this wiped out civilization because and it should be added Not everyone was killed by the comet. No, not everyone together where they were Okay, just as we live today in a world where there are hunter-gatherers There are hunter-gatherers in the Amazon who don’t even know we exist There are hunter-gatherers in Namibia who live a full hunter-gatherer lifestyle They know we exist but they choose to perpetuate to perpetuate their lifestyle. They are coexisting with an advanced civilization so-called ours and I suggest it was exactly the same during the Ice Age that there was an advanced civilization on the planet as many Myths and traditions suggest that it coexisted with hunter-gatherers But who survived the Cataclysm in the largest numbers were not the members of the advanced civilization? Just as I believe, we would not survive such a cataclysm today We’re not psychic psychologically prepared for a disaster where the spoilt children of the earth We are used to having clothes on our backs roofs over our head plentiful supplies of food in the supermarket you stop that dead in its tracks and within a matter of weeks there would be traumatic shock and chaos and disorder people from advanced civilizations actually do not have survival skills, but People who are hunter-gatherers are masters of survival So it’s not not surprising that it’s the hunter-gatherers who survived in the largest number? But what I evidence in this book What I document in this book is that there were survivors of a more advanced? Civilization and they took refuge amongst hunter-gatherers and they then tried to teach them what they knew and in hoped To recreate or restart their civilization again Pluto story of Atlantis was passed on from him from his ancestor Solon who himself passed down the story from earlier sources 12,500 years ago our advanced worldwide civilization was brought to an ends by a series of catastrophic events That lasted up to 2,000 years The intriguing part about this story other than its correlations in the ice age meltdown is the social and political message So-called Atlanteans were the apex of human achievements our entire genetic evolutionary story led up to them They maintained their ties to the circle of life and revered this planet as well as the universe as a sacred intelligent deity Intelligence displayed in the formation of natural laws and fractal geometry They recognized the truth about the nature of reality and dedicated their culture to that truth The truth is that we are all the universe experiencing itself subjectively And that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the universe Made possible via the causalities involved with the formation of reality These people whom we can refer to as the Atlanteans recognized this truth and reached a level of scientific sophistication that surpassed our own Their culture was not tainted by ego driven fantasies like materialism and prophets It was the Golden Age of humanity However this all changed the people of Atlantis would later on forget their ways a Paradigm shift into materialism that affected the later generations It is said that these Atlanteans would then go on taking part in slavery imperial expansion and war Imposing their views and ways unto others with fire and blood It was during this time that a comet’s devastated the planet destroying that civilization There were two categories of survivors the scattered people of the world and the people who took shelter preserving the technology and knowledge Unfortunately this group of survivors did not agree to the same goal We can categorize them as the pressings and the manipulators the presence sought to reboot civilization bringing humanity back to us once called an age while the manipulators used their superior Technology to subdue the now primitive tribes of the world manipulating the people into worshipping their most gods Thus let’s have a whole series of problems for the press Ian’s who did not know the severity of the situation The only other surviving remnants of this advanced civilization exists in the form of symbolism and megaliths One prime example of preserving knowledge from his time can be found a gold Beckley Tempe where? Anomalies are still being discovered to this day such as the astronomical correlations to the Galactic bulge and the galactic center The hieroglyphs found that Gobekli Tepe etched onto the megalith stones were deliberately covered in buried 12,500 years ago as If someone was trying to preserve knowledge by hiding it from those who would desecrate it Knowledge pertaining to the comet impact the weight of the lost Civilization a story that has been forgotten by the later generations and history became legend Legend became myth and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost and History as we know it plays out from there The scattered cultures of the world forms over the many Generations and they all carry down traces of this lost knowledge and the form of iconography Architecture design as well as myths and traditions Despite this they have all failed to retain the wisdom of the lost civilization during its golden age All Operating on the directive of dominance and the maintenance of power Traits that exists in the lower stages of human development Traits that we have already dealt with and phased out during the Golden Age of the lost Civilization without a unified motive to reboot humanity to its prime glory The humans of the world were blind in the dark some maintained the cultural traits of the Golden Age of the lost civilization while others inherited the greed and maliciousness of the manipulators leading to the formation of dynasties royal families kingdoms and empires The cumulative actions of all these civilizations have led to the world that we know today People have stated that Western civilization is the greatest achievements of mankind in fact Whether or not they are willing to admit it all countries are following the Western model Despite the obvious differences in their methods of governing They all divide their people into classes of society and measure one success by their wealth So hood can be said that all societies on the planet are operating under the same societal paradigm Mind you I am a westerner and because of this I will focus on the society that I am from But the same said here can be applied to all societies The world that has been presented to us since birth has been established in our minds as right and normal However, the world that we have created is offending the natural order The eyes of feared want you to put bigger locks on your door buy guns close yourself off the eyes of love instead See all of us is one Much like the Atlanteans during their decline we pride ourselves in our technological advances imposing our way of being onto those who live amongst nature Seeing them as backwards and primitive Not only this but we have the audacity to claim that we are a recha society all the while Our governments are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of innocent civilians Our civilizations exploit the earth ripping our bear from her natural resources In which our societies wasted our linear Economy a take making throwaway model that operates on the assumption that the earth is limitless the resources and like a virus when we have depleted those resources, we will spread to another planet and repeat the process and Our governments and the huge gigantic corporations that really run the world are so invested in spreading fear and hatred and suspicion Fear hatred suspicions again and again, and again, these messages have just churned out at us dividing us separating us setting us against one another The human race has been divided into factions that we call countries These factions are the result of the accumulative actions that led to their formation the wealthiest of these factions have been pulling the strings and are ultimately the ones pushing humanity into a Self-destructive direction it may very well be that the ruling elites the so called Illuminati controlled the entire planet But it’s more likely that the world is divided and controlled by separate secret societies that pull the strings behind the scenes Secret societies that are operating outside the realm of politics They create a game that we all play and they invest tons of resources into maintaining the illusion. That is our system That’s why they pay at leats these fantastic salaries. I was listening the radio the other day They just contracted to pay one one player of one team six million dollars Can you believe this and why is that It’s the Roman circus What does the Emperor do? When the people become restive and when the people are asking questions and when the people don’t like the policies in the Emperor He sends them to the circus. He creates a circus he builds a giant Colosseum These secret societies consist of people from different bloodlines of royalty Competing over the dominance of the planets and all the people others when viewing recorded history You will find their influence and every major events that pushed humanity into the direction that has been gearing towards And even still the truth of these events are obscured by the bias and social programming of the historians History is written by the victors And if you want to control the people you need to control their frame of reference the frame of reference as I’ve said many times on this channel is based on the information one attains through life by Experience it is the perspective in which we view reality Sown by filling the minds of the masses of false information The people will no longer know themselves and people who do not know themselves are easy to control as history shows The Matrix is a system neo that System is our enemy when you’re inside. We look around. What do you see businessmen teachers lawyers carpenters? The very minds of the people we are trying to save But until we do these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemies you have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and Many of them are so nerd’ so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it Are you listening to me neo what were you looking at the woman in the red dress I was again? The entire cultural paradigm acts like the matrix The human race blithely accepts their social paradigms without question Maintaining the illusion that we agreed to be the blueprint of our reality The corruptive effects of our cultural paradigm is truly apparent among the young people children teens and young adults Children are the least corrupted among human beings simply because of the fact that they are fresh out of the source unfortunately our society Implements continuous and dr. Nation on to the children from the moment We introduced the child – distorted societal programming their mind is corrupted We introduce toys and material objects to the children to distract them from the affairs of the adult But the child is now being taught about possessions We place fresh minds into a distorted Environment and the minds respond accordingly by behaving within a specific set of parameters This is how the brain works during its early stages of development its adapts to the parameters that it’s placed in moving itself in accordance to the environment in this case The society it’s placed in if we were to live in a society where the parents did not have to direct their attention to mundane Tasks we can maximize the connection. They have to their children the children would not fight over material objects if they are exposed to a limitless world around them that does not care for material objects and yet we currently raise children in accordance to the societal programming bestowed upon us a way of living that we think is right and normal the entire money-structured and Materialistic-oriented society is a false society We have the brains the know-how the technology and the feasibility To build an entirely new civilization you believe that we teach competition that it’s not bred into some competition is dangerous socially offensive considered Right and normal because you are brought up to that value system suppose Your brain said I’m the most important organ and the liver said I am and I don’t want to go a free enterprise system You’d rot away in a month. If every organ of your body went out for itself in your society There are no mayors of cities there are no mayor’s there are no politicians and you go to a university Whether you can afford it or not the choice lies with you the stupidity of a nuclear arms race the development of weapons trying to solve your problems politically by electing this political party or that political party that all Politics is immersed in corruption Why do you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world until now We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that You It doesn’t have to be the end of the world it doesn’t have to be the end of human civilization we have choice That the people of the world need to take power back into their own hands To take sovereignty over themselves and their own consciousness. Each. One of us is a spark of consciousness a piece of this universe experiencing itself and self actualizing Rather than allowing yourself to be another barcode another cog in the machine that destroys the planets Why not take part in the greatest story ever told? Despite the horrors that have been committed and continued to be committed We have a better chance to change the world now more than ever before Fragmented bits of the comic that wiped out the lost civilization still lingers in the torrid meteor stream Which the Earth passes through twice a year? It is believed that we will once again be destroyed by another comet impact, but it doesn’t have to be Aside from finding out who we are. There’s obviously trillions spent on military technology you think we should be spending on some kind of protect and certainly from I certainly do things that can certainly Do it’s one of the things that frustrates and annoys me that we we can create massive scientific endeavors We can raise enormous amounts of money to fund weapons of mass destruction so that we can invent ever more sophisticated ways to murder one another as a species, but when it comes to protecting the earth from Environmental threats when it comes to protecting the earth from for example a comet impact. We’re not interested at all And the thing is that we could that we could do that and the key point that I really need to make is That that original giant comet that broke up into multiple fragments that caused a cataclysm twelve thousand eight hundred years ago Huge bits of it are still in orbit in the torrid meteor stream, which the Earth passes through twice a year And and it is regarded by responsible astronomers as the most grave collision hazard Facing the earth at the present time and it doesn’t need to be gloom and doom All we need to do is take all that ingenuity all that money all that power that we now put into weapons of mass destruction and turn it towards protection of the earth because these events when they happen are World-changing do we really want to see the end of our civilization? Because that’s what’s that’s what’s in the offing the work of the Aquarian age of the next 2,000 years is to create a cosmic Civilization see that’s our destiny and that’s our work. That’s the great work You see part of our destiny is to expand to this cosmic consciousness Literally and as we expand outwards as the Masonic masters understood We’re also expanding inwards. The outer journey has a reflection which is an inner journey as well When I’ve asked shamans about the sickness of the West they say it’s quite simple You guys have severed your connection with spirits Unless you reconnect with spirit and do so soon you’re going to bring the whole house of cards down around your heads and ours and rightly or wrongly they believe that a high Wasco is the remedy for that sickness and Many now are being called to the Amazon to drink ayahuasca and ayahuasca Shamans are traveling throughout the West offering the brew often under the radar often at personal risk To bring about consciousness change and it’s true that the message of ayahuasca. The universal message is about the sacred Magical enchanted infinitely precious nature of life on Earth and the interdependence of material and spiritual realms and it’s impossible to work With ayahuasca for long without being deeply and profoundly affected by this message we confuse happiness with status and We confuse ourselves as living organisms which are one with this whole universe with something. We call our personality This is not some fatalistic thing that I’m presenting here, not at all it’s the biggest opportunity ever presented to life on Earth Earth is living our earth is orbiting the Sun within cosmic swarms that have repeatedly Plump pummeling the earth and have probably brought the human species close to extinction more than once Had we continued building upon the momentum of our space exploration program in the 60s We would already have created the cosmic shield the impending comet impact grants an Opportunity for the world to put aside their differences and come together to face the common threat to us all It will be the first time that the world’s nations will collectively work towards saving our species from Total Annihilation Giving us a chance to work towards a new way of being a way of being that dissolves all the artificial constructs that we give power to Something resembling the late shock fresco is designed for society and civilization Fresco suggests that the mind shapes reality based on a reference frame and Collectively, we agreed upon a way of living. This is how cultures and societies are maintained so by introducing Concepts that render the current model of living obsolete The rest of humanity will follow through as they have every time a paradigm shift has occurred Jacque Fresco’s model for civilization is not only efficient, but it is used in the natural order of this climates It makes sense to construct our cities in a format that maintains the equilibrium of the surrounding environments Considering the fact that we are nature part of nature Also considering that we are all genetically related it is useless to view each other as enemies we are all part of the family tree the earth family tree the genetic family tree the Threads of this impacting catastrophe may hit grants us with the opportunity to unite as one people Fulfilling the efforts of all those that came before who sacrificed their lives for the greater cause Here’s what we can do to change the world right now to a better ride Take all that money We spend on weapons and defense each year and instead spend it feeding Clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over not one human being excluded and we can explore space together both inner and outer Forever Each person’s actions ripples through time. So they all coalesce at the critical moment that decides the outcome of our species I Don’t know whether we’re going to face some terrible global catastrophe But I do remember what all the ancient texts say There isn’t a single flood myth There isn’t a single story of the destruction of past Civilizations that don’t implicate humanity in the story somewhere our own behavior What we do is part of what we’re bringing down on the right now We are what we are but we are manifesting in the world that is what is coming towards us We are the authors of this thing and we can change the story if we want to change it. I firmly believe that Are we looking at the traces of a forgotten episode in human history? I think so. I think that’s that’s what’s going on here. And because we’ve forgotten it Because we are a species with amnesia because we are so Much a mystery to ourselves Perhaps it’s because of that that we’re so lost at so troubled today. So haunted by the sense of something missing something that we need to know about ourselves for the ancient Egyptians the essential mystery of human existence concerned our spiritual essence that we are participating in this Theater of experience that we call life in the world in an immense endeavor aimed at the perfection of the soul I’ve talked with shamans in the Amazon and When I’ve asked them what what do you think’s the problem? With the world. What was the problem with the West? They say it’s very simple. You’ve severed your connection with spirit You’ve cut the link And you have to restore that link if you’re going to move forward from here You can’t you can’t move forward from the place you’re in if you don’t restore the connection to spirit And that seems to me the most the most fundamental task that that all of us now now face Not these exterior trappings of power That have brought such horror and misery to the world This is the moment of crossroads that we stand that none of us Can affect changes on a macro level it’s impossible to do so but we can make changes on a micro level we can make changes in our We can make changes in our immediate surroundings changes for the better changes driven by love, so overwhelming is the notion of global destruction no, I can’t stop that, but I can stop what I’m doing to contribute to it and If we all do that Then I believe a huge change in consciousness will come and the world can move on and we can look forward to a future For our children and our children’s children, and once again bring this bright beautiful jewel garden of a planet Bring it back to the place. It should be in our lives and if you want a world without war without hatred without crime but without stupidity it can be Arranged if we consider at some time, which society will at a later time. I hope it would be sooner That all of the earth become the common heritage of all nations all of the resources of the earth the common heritage of all nations and if you believe in God If you understand the teachings of all religions There are no property lines in heaven. No banks. No Personal positions in which one person is elevated above another now if the earth for the common heritage of all nations and All of the artificial boundaries remove that separate people there will be no basis for war No basis for armament The world you live in is an old world. That’s why anguish. It’s old its values are old This is what the Venus Project advocates The Venus Project is a design for culture in which we bridge the difference between all nations How is that done by a universal language the blueprint if you open a blueprint in Japan? They know what you’re talking about If you do a write a prescription for England, Japan, France the pharmacologist Understands that there’s no discrepancies. There’s no ambivalence. I wonder what he meant by that it’s clear The language we use daily is not the language of warmth and love are verbal excuses and verbal Outlets for some people for avoiding their responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone The smarter your kids are the rich of my life If you get a lump in your throat when you see hungry people that’s emotional But when you increase the agricultural yield per acre that’s caring That’s love love is Transforming all of the verbal and paper proclamations to a way of life The shameful thing about our century is that there was only one Edison one Luis, Pasteur one Nikola Tesla one Madame Curie We should have had thousands of them and we will Once we get rid of the artificial boundaries that separate people once we get rid of nationalism patriotism I Do not mean to offend anybody all that I ask you to do is think about this toss it around This is what the Venus Project advocates You

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  3. Again, most excellent. Please look up "Suspicious Observers" channel. He has an earth catastrophe cycle film series backed by real scientific data that reveals something else more definitive and inevitable than comets and asteroids having to do with our sun, the galaxy and magnetic polar excursions every 12,000 years. Last time was 12 K yrs. ago…its time again.

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  7. After everything I've read I still don't get why people put so much faith into religion. I understand that people need something to believe in but this myth that we can't just believe in humanity, that it has to be some Divine being just makes me think of weakness, a willingness to be herded like cattle because it's easier to follow than to lead. We are indeed slaves. Enslaved by corporations, this idea of credit, keeps us enslaved by demanding that everyone have credit. You can't survive for long without credit. You want to know who you're master is? Look inside your wallet, who loaned you money to buy your home? That's your master. Well, one if them at least.

  8. David, are you aware of John Lamb Lash and his immense body of work? Mr Hancock wrote a wonderful narrative on the back cover of his latest book โ€œNot In His Imageโ€. I know you and he would be a miraculous collaboration when humanity itself is in desperate need of a correction of direction and even a miracle! Some of his ideas are extremely courageous and possibly controversial but they do make sense to me and have changed the entire way I think about life and Mother Gaia. He offers not an alternative religion but an alternative TO religion. Please let me know what you think…we are still connected on Messenger. Thank you David! Happy New Year Genius! Letโ€™s DO THIS THING FOR OUR GAIA and ALL OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS in this Miraculous Experiment on Planet Earth! ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

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  11. What if the "comet" was the black knight satellite which may have a superbadass plasma lo-ic ? The watchers blasted us because the debauchery being wrought by humans (technocrats) the tribals that live in harmony will continue to.

  12. Good documentary with all the right elements to wake people up who are ready or close to ready to be unplugged from a most unhealthy and dysfunctional system.

  13. OMG how many times do i have to tell you? STOP blaming a cosmic impact as being the sole cause, of the melting of the last ice age. CHECK HISTORY – Oh wait the cosmic impact before that caused the ice age, oh wait the one before that melted the previous ice age, and the one before that caused an ice age . . . and so on through history. YES the cosmic impactors occurred – BUT they were NOT the SOLE reason for extinctions – The recurring nova of our sun EVERY 12000 YEARS is the reason for our magnetic reversal extinctions. HOW DOES A COSMIC IMPACT REVERSE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD? IT DOESN'T. BUT A RECURRING NOVA DOES.(magnetic reversals happen at extinction times) The rocks on the moon have been 'melted', if it had been a cosmic impact it would have destroyed the moon. A solar outburst does melt the rocks as have been PROVED.
    So if the governments know of the recurring novas and that it can not be stopped they wouldn't bother building a cosmic shield.
    PLEASE all i can do i strongly urge you all to look into recurring nova. Cosmic impactors only join some of the dots BUT a recurring nova joins ALL the dots PERFECTLY.
    The 12000 year clock cycle is ticking, 12000 years since the last reversal, <30 years until the next. Our two closest stars (excluding our sun) have both shown unusual behaviour. So the galactic current sheet will soon be upon us. That is why gobekli tepe was purposefully buried.
    Except for the above errors everything else is spot on. People need to search and find the light and to unlock their dna and enlightenment will follow.

  14. Memories lost…
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    Eden lost…
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    In the end if we continue…
    All will be lost…

  15. I have watched and listened to many "meditation" videos on YouTube. They have an abundance of wildlife and nature scenes. What they do not have are images of humans, or recordings of human voices. I think this says it all.

  16. Hippie.. Thank you for all your hard work and for helping us to understand what it 'is' all about. You put it together so well, and speak truth, with such eloquence. Abounding love to you, David~
    Wonderful list of truth tellers. I am following the right people, and I know it with certainty.

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  19. Hey David, I'm sure you get this all the time but please check out the work of Martin Sweatman. He wrote a book called Prehistory Decoded, and a paper (peer reviewed) called What Does the Fox Say?
    Briefly, he links the earliest building stage of Gobekli Tepe, especially pillar 43, to the events of the YD impact.
    There is a much more important association between GT and the YD than a galactic center alignment. (Although, he gives credit to Hancock for giving him the idea).

  20. Another well done piece of work!
    Gives people like us, ( critical thinkers) more to contemplate. One has to be open minded to see the dark side of people of wealth and power…not all, but it only takes a few, (banksters, Zionists and Jesuits) sorry if I offend anyone…to further their agenda.
    The national debt is now over $23
    Trillion and climbing at a rate of
    $100k every 4 seconds. The Federal Reserve Bank is largely responsible for this.
    The 2020 Defense Budget is $730+ billion….for the neverending war on terror!
    Right.. Can you imagine the great things we could do with that kind of money!? So much greatness has been achieved from our human race, from ancient Greece to Rome to Egypt, etc..
    Such amazing potential we've been given! If only we can utilize it properly, not by developing sophisticated weapons systems!
    Anyway, great video, sorry for the long rant.

  21. This needs a billion views!
    Thanks David for putting this beautiful work together.
    A compilation of beautiful minds. I hope this gets the traction it deserves. The Earth needs us to be better at caring for each other and our environment.

  22. thanks David I'm reading Mr Hancock's America Before right now. The points made in the video are very poignant. When are us humans going to wake up? I think the youth will realise as they seem to be stirring from slumber. hopefully a new psychedelic generation.

  23. Following a link here from somewhere on Reddit, I think.

    The narrator's voice is very scratchy (the guy sounds dehydrated or sick), faint (very hard to hear), needlessly slow-paced (or monotonous), and in combination, it is frankly unappealing but the video content itself was interesting. I'd recommend them hydrating and speaking up perhaps also increasing their speech pace. If not you can opt for another speaker and/or input captions or simply link a blog post with the equivalent content.

    If the narrator is the same as the channel's owner then I apologize if it sounds rude or mean but you may be able to get your message/content further out there with some minor adjustments.

    Anyway, keep killing it and stay blessed.

  24. I dont quite understand all the vocabulary used in the videos on this channel. I have to pause it a lot to look up words. That is ok. Thank you for these videos and channel. I'm learning a lot of what I already thought and feel. I didn't k
    nown this kinda video existed. I have to work a lot and dont have time to research and enjoy this sort of information. Thank you for it.

  25. Well documented piece. I would say though the story of pre-history comes across as a certitude and too religious like. The rest resonates with wisdom.

  26. And I'm late. Again.๐Ÿ˜‘

    Regardless, these are always a pleasure to watch and I eagerly look forward to the next upload. Keep up the great work!๐Ÿ˜Š

  27. Religion was created for separation and war humanity has been lied to manipulated controlled exploited humanity has been taught to want materialistic things our food has been manipulated with hormones and genetically modified we are the only species on this planet that drinks other animals milk after being weaned we have been taught its good for us.
    We should not be eating meat why are we consuming animals with souls we should be eating our own grow veg, fruit and berries we should be living free lives with hand made house using natural materials we should be running around with no shoes to connect us to the earth.
    We should be living free natural lives the Creator of all things must be heart broken we were untrusted to look after this beautiful planet and all the animals but all humanity has done is destroyed it
    Its time humanity wakes up

  28. I AM a – Spirit of Life – being a – Person in Life –
    thru a – form of Life – expressing – Self Soul Spirit –
    as a – Being of Life – Personifying – Love as Energy in Life –

    Recognize – Be Aware of – acknowledge & accept –
    that – U R & I AM – as ALL is – an expression of GOD –
    as LOVE thru ENERGY in LIFE being – forms there-of –

    We R – Souls of Love – Beings of Energy – Spirits of Life –
    being a Person thru a – body of matter – mass liquid & gas –
    expressing & experiencing – the Will & Intent – the Desires –
    & Choices – of in as thru – One Body Mind Spirit – as a Human –
    exemplifying – personifying – manifesting – Love as Energy in Life –

    Know that which is thine – Essence –
    Realize – GOD as LOVE thru Energy –
    composes & comprises – EVERY – thing –

    Namaste – Souls of LOVE – being – forms of LIFE –

    Awaken unto thine – Eternal & Divine – Essence & Being –
    for – U R & I AM – parts of – Aspects of – Individuations of –
    that which is ALL things & No thing being – EVERY thing –
    so it is that – We R ONE – with that which is – GOD as LOVE –

    Love Often – in Life –
    and U will – Be Happy –

    KWAPELL < ~ >

  29. Whooo Graham and Randall are my top picks for presenting this kind of stuff to people. Needless to say I was excited to see them both in the same vid!

  30. 14:01 LOTR quote spotted: โ€œAnd some things that should not have been forgotten were lost….. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.โ€

  31. Hi David. I am a long time friend of your friend Laura B. from Ajax, your 2nd mom from what I hear. She sent me here after our dinner tonight. I told her to tell you I can relate from activism and trying to wake people up. It is hard, We both know why.

    Be encouraged, I know it is frustrating. Because we care. Humanity matters to us and it is at the peril of the fraud of government, the elite and the banks — all harlots in the same bed. Be encouraged my friend, take care.

  32. Well done, Angry Hippie. Jacque's prescience has been ignored because the manipulators will NEVER give up their sociopathic intentions. The Consciousness movement is inundated with happy-talkers who do not really see what's going on with this thing called life. Indeed, pseudo-consciousness pervades a well-meaning proto-evolutionary period in humanity's development toward universal consciousness which is perfectly timed to the inevitable destruction of homo sapiens, the human beings of this current stage of evolution. We are destined to go extinct as did the Neanderthals and what can but by no means is assured to arise, could be Femina Universalis (Universal Woman leading a new civilization with men supporting; the reverse of what humanity has had), She, her daughters and sons, are who our progeny could become in the coming millennia. What is needed for our time, for the foreseeable future as well, if anyone cares to listen (a very, very, very small % of the truly consciously awakened) is to simply allow the demise to run its course (not fight the devolution or waste energy trying to stem its tide; it's actually a long-range positive development) while simultaneously, optimistically, creating a mere guarantee (optionality vis-a-vis anti-fragility) that the most highly conscious among us will not only survive the artificial/technological, natural, solar, and cosmic extinction threats looming but thrive through the cataclysmic period to emerge on the other side to derive, develop, and design a new maternal, nurturing, naturalistic, and benign universal civilization. This highly conscious iteration of our species will have been the first who were intentionally evolved. Unless we deliberately take this on now or soon, we are leaving the future to a crapshoot. What makes us different than past generations is our knowledge that we once unconsciously evolved. Now, even today, with the technological enthusiasts who would see human evolution become an augmented affair with the most privileged becoming cyborgs attached artificially to AI and quantum computers, humanity, even in this perverse way sees and acknowledges its own power to intentionally evolve. The question is toward what end? And, do highly conscious human beings want to become non-natural? I suggest that the answer is no. My system of intentional evolution, again merely guaranteeing the positive, benign, and enlightened evolution of humanity gives us an option that we don't presently have because everyone is speaking about a positive change from within an existing paradigm. This is the folly of the happy-talkers and even Jacque never accepted (even if he understood it) nor spoke of the seemingly fatalistic (but not) course of simply allowing homo sapien civilization to go on as is. The original hippies who turned on, tuned and dropped out failed to not re-assimilate into their collectively insane western society (that they were originally advocating us to leave). This re-assimilation happened because there was no alternative. If we persist without creating a REAL consciously awake alternative system outside of civilization's mandate (a non-fuck-with-able option; not asking permission), we won't have a chance to intentionally evolve our species. Leaving evolution to the paternalistic and the powerful elites presently enshrined is a ridiculous notion on its face. Those who say that this kind of private, off-the-reservation audacity is like "playing God" don't get it that God is us and we are at least in God and its just a cop-out to say that we who know that we are highly conscious can't properly react to our situation with optimism when I know that we can. I've spent 45 years developing this system. Unfortunately, the kind of person who derives develops and designs a system for highly conscious human beings to collectively adopt (it's remarkably simple and straight-forward but requires real relationships of trust and love between neighbors, actual or virtual) in order to give humanity a guaranteed option to evolve isn't the kind of human being who is highly capable to spread the news, so to speak. Sociality is a different skill set. Even though I have built into the system a remunerated incentive to allow "neighborhoods" to coagulate in self-funded and self-sustaining ways, I am not the right leader or public face nor will I become such. If my idea is born of Universal Consciousness, then that Being who we all are in will bring me such a leader, preferably female since women will be the next rulers of civilization (leading from the bottom up not the top down the way male leadership has done). The Consciousness Movement lacks a positive, easily-agreeable, universal direction. Some would claim that this is fine because the alternative is impossible. For now, it has been because the male-dominated teacher-student-/guru-disciple-lead paradigm has not yet been disrupted. My system disrupts that. So, if we are to create an alternative to give angry hippies something to drop back into after they have dropped out, then my system will do that. It's not religion. It's not merely individually raising one's own consciousness. It's working together to collectively Self-actualize a new reality with those who have learned how to be well without conditions who know something of self-realization (an intermediate step of consciousness expansion). Such a project is more than generational. It is probably the work of centuries not years and that's how it should be if we are to guarantee the positive evolution of humanity no matter what we are facing. I don't know but think that Jacque might agree with me that we can't leave human evolution to chance anymore. Nor can we allow the sociopaths to take humanity into an augmented deranged and perverse future without creating a naturalistic communal alternative. In other words, the brief comment below this diatribe says more than all my words: We who are awake are collectively lonely and now we ought to do something about this by becoming friends and neighbors who are working together to create the better post-apocalyptic future that we can. [email protected]

  33. Great doc, Just one problem with it. The last bit of audio is very much aligned with the nwo globalist agenda, I know you have good intentions but anything that involves socialism is easily corruptible, and simply does not work in practice. People need personal property and that isn't evil at all, it's just a right like any other.

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