25.Life – psyland progression & handpoke tattoo – VLOG 4

25.Life – psyland progression & handpoke tattoo – VLOG 4

– So welcome to Psyland DIY two-time show. I don’t know what we call this. Building the … Hello and welcome to the
Psyland building channel. Today we restorate the Vorlafta
Guest House and the shop. It’s kind of the skin from the old house. Behind is our new thing. So we kind of make something
that it mold together, that it will look like the
new house is the old house. It still have the full
characteristic of the old house but it looks brand new. Something like this,
that’s what we’re gonna do. It’s a lot of work. We have to prepare all the stones so we take all the old stone glue stuff, which is more like water with
sand mixed, we take it out. So everything will look
nice and tidy later with the old stones. We sand the stones, we
probably carve some stuff in the stones, we have to sand the wood, we have to make the transition
between the old house and the new house because
there behind are the windows from the new house and we just
throw out some of the stones so we will kind of replace
it a little bit different. And that’s what we will do today. And with today, I mean a couple of days. As long as it takes. (upbeat music) Also, this episode is about the
very proper tattoo aftercare because the tattoo artist,
they get tattooed yesterday and now they work here with the fresh, full-tattooed knee and leg in the dust and in the sand, and his customer from yesterday,
he was also helping us with the fresh tattooed front piece. This is the proper way to make aftercare. Don’t listen on all these
professional tattooists on YouTube who tell you from creams
and stuff and take care. You have to do it right (laughs). That was not a joke, very serious. This was not a joke. He can show you the fresh-tattooed leg. And I heard it must hurt to stand with a fresh-tattooed leg on the ladder. – It’s hard. And it feels like it’s swollen a lot. – And actually, I don’t even
plan to build something today. He was motivated and made
me building something and this was our big building plan is to restorate the full hall, to restorate the full hall and it’s like, well, it looks like a really
big construction, though, for emergency construction. (calm music) So we took all the old
concrete out of the stones and now we have to fill in new stuff. So it seems like this makes no sense but from the optic, it will
make a lot of sense at the end. So … (man laughs) So yeah, he put everything in, though. Then we have to sand and
clean the stones after and we have to sand the wood
and then we oil everything. And here we build, like, our own frame, like, close the holes,
like, close some holes here, and here over on the top. We have to fill everything with stones. Also on this side. So there will be some new walls set up, some old, some mixed together. You see the nice square here, no? This is what we’ve done the last day. We’ve also put a lot of
light and electric in already that you don’t see later, you
just see the light shining in direct, but you don’t
will see any lights and any cables, everything
is hidden behind the walls or that’s usually the
first thing you have to do and to plan in. And now a lot of mixing concrete. Here is our professional
mixing concrete station and you can see, it’s a very professional construction field over here. Here’s the electric stuff. Yeah, everything is right here. (tranquil music) So actually I planned to make the episode about the full finishing
of the wall and the roof but we didn’t made it. We made a really big part of it but no, it’s getting already a little bit too cold and rainy and as some of you already know, a lot of
big things changed here so we don’t find much time for it. But we made a really big
progress in here, the hall, and I will finish everything
latest in the spring, so really the full side here is done. The full entry of the guest
house and shop is done. Get some crazy lights going and stuff. But we made a lot. We make the light controls, so we have no one emergency light. It goes on by the main entry and when you wanna go
down the stairs here. We make all the connections, I show you. We make all the plastering new so it looks now tight and
it don’t break out anymore. We make some part of the wall here and as you can see, we make window frames. All the window looks now
like it belongs here. Also here. You see we make frames around so everything looks nice and tidy. As you can see here, we
are not finished here. We just start removing
this and you’ll see this. The old stuff, it’s just falling out, so it’s not doing good and you see the new stuff here, the new stuff, you know,
is strong and tight. We just need to sand all the
wood again and oil it again when we’re fully finished. Here comes some more concrete and so all the electric will be covered. Also, all the electric,
you put one stone out to put the sensor for the night in and later, the electric
will be hidden here. Everything is hidden behind. Behind, you’ll see, like,
a little bit gap of air and behind the air is the construction from the Tattoo Gallery. And so on here, we start also removing all the old shit already
and put some more cables. All the cables run in
the ceiling, goes around, and he already there, you see, there’s already indirect
light on both sides. We have some more light
cables coming out here. So later I plan to finish
the Sanskrit lettering and we come with some
crazy cuts coming out here so it will be like, I think,
pink because I like pink. Some pink elements running
behind, over the script, and then there comes light shooting out. That’s the plan for the full entry here. But it’s a lot of work, same as with even the
painting the Sanskrit, I stand on the letter and
I make letter by letter but it looks already crazy. That could be the thumbnail, I like it. Should I make that the thumbnail? Yes, I do. Okay. (dramatic music) So guys, that was the
episode for this time. Notice two little whatevers performing the special
bonding 16th fair ritual here in the middle of the garden because this ritual is not
about being professional. This is about being part of the family, being part of Psyland. (speaks in foreign language) Giving pain, giving dirt, giving blood, giving whatever it needs. This is stupid, this is silly, this is what we are. And that’s it for this time,
say bye-bye, both of you. – [Both] Bye-bye! – And see you next time. (both laugh) Super crazy cinematic!

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  1. You guys bring being "makers" to an infinite level. Always doing so much! I can't keep up! So inspiring! We've been moving & I have about a gazillion videos to catch up with🤣

  2. Oh Benny and Angelo doing the 16:12 that was cool I remember that very well I was chatting with Anette in that time the happiness and positivity of that morning was a amazing way to end those amazing days in Psyland I can't thank you and everyone involved enough for this amazing experience, and riding my bike for 9 hours with a swollen arm to the Czech Republic was funny as well with painful vibrations from my bike xD haha in 2 weeks I will be back with more chilli and a big smile 😀

  3. Wow you have a very beautiful place to call home and even beautiful family ,it is rare 👍 goodluck on the restoration ✌️

  4. wow, looks like Psyland gets even more crazy continously, godda pay a visit there for sure!! 🙂 …. + handpoking hands rock! 🙂

  5. The construction looks clean!! But I was wondering, are you ever gunna wear anything in your earlobes? The plugs would look awesome

  6. hey lily – how can i get in touch for a scleral? truly cant trust anyone with this but you guys at psyland – was watching your video about sclerals and i have a black arm only but i plan to tattoo my forehead and such – its my project and i want to design it all – very personal – so – can i get in touch with you about the scleral? greetsssss!!!

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