3 Tips to Become a Powerful Human Being

3 Tips to Become a Powerful Human Being

You have to use your energies wisely You will develop so much of personal power within yourself!! You walk like a king!! because the power within you makes
you walk like that. 3 New Year Tips to Become a
Powerful Human Being Sadhguru: How far a human being goes in this life – materially, spiritually, or in whatever dimension, essentially depends on with how much energy he can crackle (Laughter). Yes. There are a whole lot of people with lots of energy, but there is no wisdom or the necessary systems
within themselves to transform this energy into a
kind of a personal power. Power is not about somebody else, power is about you. How much of a potential power you are determines
the intensity and profoundness of your life and how effective you will become in your life in whatever area we choose to operate. If this power has to come, you have to use your energies wisely. Energy can be aggregated into power with the necessary wisdom and necessary tools that we employ. Otherwise, energy can be dissipated simply with endless amount of thought, endless amount of reactions and anxieties. I want you to observe your day-to-day life. A simple thing – just, let’s say, how many… how many words do you utter in a day? You never count? Oh, you should (Few Laugh). You should. Super : Tool #1 – Reduce Your Words by 50% Just make an estimate tomorrow, from morning to night how many words you utter. Day after tomorrow, cut it by fifty percent and say the same things. You’re not cutting off communication with people, you’re still communicating, but with fifty percent of the words. Your language skills will improve for sure
(Laughs), and you will see you will develop so much of personal power within yourself. See, there is scientific evidence to show at least twenty percent of your energy right now, as you sit here in a restful state, is
being consumed by your brain. If you bring this down, that your brain is not unnecessarily fluctuating and you know, hopping mad (Laughs) all the time. If it learns to still… be still and do only what’s needed, an enormous sense of personal power will develop. You can’t do this with your mind right now. If you try to stop it, it’ll hop even more crazy. At least do it with your body. Your words and your physical movements – reduce it by fifty percent. If you want to look at this, look at this. If you want to look at that, look at that
– don’t do this, this, this (Gestures). With your body and your utterances if you do this, slowly it will also start manifesting in your mind. It will not do unnecessary things. When you don’t know unnecessary things, the energy that you have slowly transforms itself into potential power. So in developing this, the asanas that you practice, the surya namaskar that you do – if you’re doing (Laughs) – or whatever other kriyas and other things that you do is essentially to develop this power. This should not be dissipated in unnecessary action. Right now you cannot curtail the number of
thoughts you’re having in your mind. That also can be… if you just bring in a reverberation within you, a simple mantra. If this is going away crazy, simply chant for some time – create a certain reverberation. You will see it will generate enormous amount of personal power. Without this power within you, you will not break through dimensions of life. Life… Right now, for most people, divine is just a scriptural dictum. It is not a living experience in their life. If it has to become a living experience – if something as powerful as the Creator has to come into your experience, there must be some sense of power within you. This must be always understood – power is not about domination. Power is about becoming effective. Power is about becoming empowered. Only when you carry the potency of
this power within you, you walk through this life, it doesn’t matter where you’re placed in the society. It doesn’t matter financially where you are, materially where you are – you walk like a king because the power within you makes
you walk like that. Tool #1: Reduce Your Words by 50% Tool #2: Reduce Your Movement by 50% Tool #3: Chant A Mantra (Music)

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  1. Sadhguru I want to say Thank you. Your thoughts have brought more clarity into my life. I have learnt to enjoy the life as it is and to focus on improving quality of my life.

  2. But, How to control our thoughts, I m naturally Uses my Brain than emotion, Lot of thoughts Are keep on Arising and draining my energy level and with emotional detachment I can't Develop energy emotionally with relationships or with my passion..It makes me feel depleted sometimes..How to deal with it, Pls, Could anyone give me some solutions?

  3. Very simple and powerful tips. Practise is the key in this, this man amazes with every speech he gives. 🙏

  4. I was just thinking to watch a video on how to become a powerful person and and minutes later this video popped up on my phone 👌 I guess I manifested this video. 😮😮😮

  5. Great work. But the 2nd (movement) is so necessary for physical health as you mentioned your videos and all research told us.

  6. Public comments. Your body structure made up elements water earth and air but mainly bone structure including muscle and tissue and cells and flesh and blood and all the internal organs to sustain life. You have the sense . The mind is one of the most difficult thing to control but god give you the greatest power and that is knowledge to discriminate right from wrong . life journey begins with you . Source body mind and soul a powerful source of natural .god give you the greatest gift and that is life to live love and enjoy but remember where you came from the source . Humanity need real happiness and that is self realization of the mind .when ever you perform your duty in words taught or deeds .as human fallowing the path to self realisation is the door way to salvation .use your hands to serve gods creation and use your feet to walk the right path and use eyes to gain knowledge which is one of the greatest power .be a self realise soul by being simple be a sample and be an example in life journey .

  7. Public comments. Global love to all god creation. May peace be with you all , faith courage and strength including peace of mind , love and devotion is all we need to be a self realise soul .

  8. Sadhguru, if I met you I would be blessed by the lord. Maybe someday? I pray and hope. Aren’t you just one of the most profound person living on earth today! God bless you, I look forward every night to listen to your counsel. Tu Tu Tu

  9. My Brother, Sadhguru, I am so joyful, inspired, & proud to be here in the world with you and your wisdom during the transition from the Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga, my Good Friend..

  10. does talking to yourself count as words? (like, thinking out loud?) if it does count, what about thinking quietly?
    …i'm guessing he means some sort of verbal communication with others

  11. The bible also speaks of harnessing this power 😁
    1. Quick to listen
    2. Slow to speak.
    3. Slow to anger.

    Thanks Sadhguru..

  12. बाबाजी आप महान हो भगवान नहीं । कुछ नया बोल दिया करो वही घिसा पिटा डायलॉग।

  13. I followed from you some suggestions and many people also followed you, It means you have power. Is it prime political person only have powers in the country?

  14. Paarungo na.. oru naal ( eappo vandhaalum sare na..) ivar kitte ungalai paththi solletu vaanga. Ivar ( sadhguru) Pournami annaikku eange irundhaalum isha-ku vandhuduvaar. Paalabisegam nadakkum. Paarkka konkolla kaatchiya irukkum na.

  15. Sadhguruji I have certain questions for you why we need god or an idol to worship and to chant mantras without this can we live happily and die happily? Why we are made of ingredients like hunger lust greed anger or sexual attraction egoism fight between heart and such a complex brain dissatisfaction? Bcos nature have no mercy it only selects the strong one there is no justice in the world unless we have to make it without wars we cannot be so developed history tells us and one last what is your opinion about agar khuda hai tou fikr kyon agar khuda nahi hai tou jikr Lyon pls comment

  16. Sadhguru please help me with my question. How do you recharge if you are emotionally drained??? That u suffered from frustrations and failures. Or if you are surrounded by thousands of people like living in a city with huge social circle. How do you recharge if this drains you & causing you pain? Thank u sir.

  17. True….. Very true… Tips to become effective person….. Great…. We're really wasting our time uttering /thinking unnecessary things…. Great knowledge. Sadguruji ….. 👌👌👌👌👌🎆🎆

  18. 1: Self love – learn to love yourself unconditionally without this you will never be able to love another.

    2: Avoid negativity by all means rather it’s a life figure, music, a movie, etc. do not allow anyone to change your chakra.

    3: Health- Read books train your brain by learning something new everyday eat healthy, Exercise.

    4: Act to inspire – wake up with a goal to make ones day it can be as small as a good morning to a stranger or as big as paying someones tab the universe is alive and is watching that energy will return to you.

    5: Family is everything find a way to spend more time with your love ones if you’re mad or holding a grudge today is the day you forgive them no matter what it is be the bigger person!

    I understand it’s not easy but try it you’ll see, I walk around with a bright ora people always stop and seem to want to talk to me I’ve had nfl players to boxers doctors etc. become good friend with me because of it I’m 25 and my friends are a lot older than me 30+ it’s a positive energy humans release you can feel it it’s like when someone walks in a room either you can feel a bad presence or a good one the human mind is powerful capable of so many things if you master this please share it to someone else it could save a life my goal is to try to change at least one person because then he/she will change another and that will continue to go on for many generations and I feel that’s how the world will change I love you all and I pray many more blessings come your way!

  19. An easy way to do this

    Play mmorpg computer games. 8 hours you can sit there talk to nobody and little movement and just chant at same time.

  20. Exactly the same way jiddu krishnamurti also spoke about, he said you just cut off your useless things, and you will be phenomenal person

  21. This is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt. I will count my words and reduce them by 50 % and chant mantra and certainly walk like a 🐅!!! And will remain grateful to you Sadguru.

  22. Another little tip: Never voice a negative without a solution. That will help reduce words spoken by at least 50%. Many times I hear about a problem, the solution is simple if everyone agrees and it is the highest solution for the benefit of all. Let it not be my will, but Gods will be done.

  23. It doesn't matter financially where you are
    It doesn't matter materially where u r
    You walk like a king because u have power within u… this Is called BS

  24. Simple advice yet so powerful if you only follow..
    If you want more inspiring videos please visit to my channel..
    God bless everyone..
    Hope you succeed in life

  25. Stillness is great but there's a time for action also. The less Energy you use the less supplied. Balance is the key..

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