100 thoughts on “30 Ways Society Fucks You In The Ass

  1. This video has inspired me so much that I created a piece which depicts the chimpery of sports, and society by extension. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1YNwx

  2. That logo looks like this other one. I'm not accusing you of anything. It's probably just a coincidence. https://wikileaks.org/wiki/FBI_pedophile_symbols

  3. At 1:31 … I already guessed it… I think.
    Watch both series from documentary maker Adam Curtis (for BBC)
    1- The century of self
    2- The trap! (F_ck you buddy)

    1 taught us to demand what we want
    2: When we started to demand what we needed, they turned us against each other. Different from what people think. I.e. not ethnicity, politics or class, no. The personality disorders stemming from 1 are being planted back into society. Narcissists, borderliners, psychopaths and the whole lot!

  4. I started the self discover a year ago because I was lucky the universe created situation where distractions of ego had no affect In “making me feel good”.

  5. Interesting talk . Ok so You've obviously read the book. The chimp paradox. . That's obviously your favourite book when you posted this. Society hasn't fucked me in the ass but I agree that a lot of your beliefs happen in society. Just drop the word chimp now and then. This talk should be called. We are Chimpanzees! You really need to find a different analogy instead of chimps! Or chimpery! After 15 minutes I was sick of hearing the word chimp . Otherwise I would have listened to all of it

  6. Hello! I like no-BS meditation explanations, and also this video — that's generous, but language, language! The title is a little too expletive.

  7. As for New Age: there's lot's of self-realization gurus there advertising techniques are sold in seminaries — and the advertisements portrait lucky successful smiling people that looks like in eternal bliss — everything is sold as improvements to conform to this cynical society, which is just a sales-religion of superficial woo. In contrast to this I welcome this video, I sympathize with the idea of self-realization as a network of sharing of free therapeutical techniques to traumatized people in need of some cure.

  8. Now Leo, you are talking a perfectly clear Gnostic message (much better than the mostly confused neo-Gnostics), all the terms in the correct place, all the purposes presented exactly as the old Gnostics, so therefore I elect you a Gnostic prophet.

  9. Hello Leo. I'm trying to find a video that addresses this issue but have not…
    I'm with a teacher friend, we were discussing entitlement among young people and the disrespect that so often accompanies it. Sometimes even parents back up the kids who are being unruly and blame the teacher. There are tons of examples online of not just teens but adults (little league ball games) behaving ridiculously childish.
    Do you have any thoughts or discussion on if this can be solved and if so, what we can do (as elders) other than set a good example? Not on a micro level like a school incident, but a macro level, like globally… Thanks so much and keep doing what you are doing!

  10. You make great points about self-awareness and finding your authentic self however, if not for a chimp somewhere who produced my Android and worked on the software it runs on, I'll prolly not be watching you and listening to you. That said, I agree that we all really need to wake up and BE.

  11. Man i really feel this video. I currently am getting fucked in the ass by the level cap increase in borderlands 2. I have to farm all my gear again and it fuckin sucks

  12. obviously a lot of what you are saying is true but i feel there are examples you gave which are not necessarily governed by chimpery

  13. Has progresado tanto en 3 años 1/2 Leo.
    Yo también. Ya no tomo leche de vaca. He tomado acción, pero desperté y me encontré con esposo y 4 hijos.
    Pero no me rindo y continuo.
    ¡Gracias Leo!

  14. I was agreeing with everything you said right up until the point you said "family" – and then I lost my chimp!

  15. Gotta catch my breath after dodging a big nihilism mood after this….haha no, this was so good and I think there are a lot of us who pick up on and recognize these lower vibration social structures and wonder why no one else is seeing what we are seeing. Where my weirdos at???

  16. It's tragic so many people will believe this half truth about what is really going on. The truth goes way beyond your business model. We are in a war on consciousness with evil that wears more than a business suit. Humanity is being fucked over by an evil conspiracy, and without knowledge of this truth and Natural Law, we have no hope. Please study and teach Natural Law. It will give you the knowledge and courage to speak the whole truth. The truth shall set us free. Aloha to all from Kauai.

  17. Ummm that blue pyramid within a pyramid logo is noted by the FBI as the 'Boy Lover' symbol for pedos…why do you use that? Coincidence the video title has ass fucking in it?

  18. So you can't make money from sports, a 9-5, or a business so how should you make money? Merely by pursuing spiritual enlightenment ?

  19. This video is great and I can’t stop laughing every time he says “eyeballs” and “chimp chatter.” Cracks me up haha all truth in this video tho 😅

  20. Our society want to trap us in low consciousness patterns , to trap us in our lower nature self.

    Marketing –> Catching eyeballs (That’s their job)

    Mechanism systems in our self:

    1. Salt

    2. Sugar

    3. Fat

    4. Sex

    5. Status

    6. Power

    7. Fun and play

    8. Validation

    9. Security and Comfort

    10. Love

    11. Gossip

    12. Ego

    Society knows very well how to exploit these mechanisms and earn a profit on us.

    30 ways they exploit our mechanism:

    1. Food

    2. Alchocol

    3. Drugs

    4. Schooling System & Universities

    5. Celebrities

    6. Junk books

    7. Video games

    8. Tv shows

    9. Movies

    10. News

    11. Social Media

    12. Status game

    13. Porn

    14. Shopping

    15. Fashion

    16. Technology

    17. Financial Marketing

    18. Night Clubs

    19. Holidays

    20. Politics

    21. Religion

    22. Marriage

    23. Romance

    24. Family

    25. Typical 9-5 career

    26. Stock Market

    27. Professional sports

    28. Other…

    Whats is society?

    -It is simply an amusement park for the ego aka distraction from the Truth.


    Find your true authentic self in stillness and silence.

    Make commitment:

    1.)To find the authentic self

    2.)To get your life back

    3.)To stop being normal, be weird.

    Practical steps:

    1.)Take 1 week off to contemplate life and detox

  21. The real eyes are inside our head and that's what you mean and that's what reality is. Reality hurts but soothes when we realize.

  22. I really love that you are still humble even though you have progressed a lot in this spiritual work, keep up the work thank you for your time

  23. I realized all those things before watching your video. The world is not an easy place to live when you know the truth behind its mechanics. I also have social anxiety and although I wanna teach people just like you do, I could never do it. Keep it up and peace to you my friend.

  24. 13:51 prime example ben Phillips YouTube or prankster who influences little kids as his main revenue. Putting endless fake pranks on his brother influence in the younger generation that is pranks are genuining when they are nothing more than just a load of video editing.

  25. Hi Leo – Thanks for this video. In the mid-70's, I worked at a chimpanzee rehabilitation project in West Africa for some time, living with chimps, studying them, and helping them get back to the wild. When I came home to the US it was brutal. To me all the chimpery you describe was 100% obvious, and being alone, knowing this as personal truth, was pretty lonely. I did have my friends back at the project, and we did stay in touch, but it's been a rough few decades. Thanks for this video, so elegantly done, and so accurate metaphorically as well. I finally feel welcome home. – Mike

  26. He said many things I was already thinking about since a while… Especially talking about sports (coming from Italy here many people are obsessed with football, something I never ever could understand), about shitty fantasy books (which I never liked either) and also GOT (I can not watch that stuff and I always felt weird because so many people are so obsessed with that). Let's talk about marriage and family too, at my age people expect me to start thinking about something like this, and I used to think about it too, well I still do honestly… but I also feel like there is something that simply doesn't feel right… I am asking myself, why do we want to get married? why do we want to have kids? And I keep noticing that the people with the most miserable life usually have children… To me, it seems like a poor way to try and escape loneliness. Like if having kids will solve the loneliness problem forever… but it is not like this. Kids grow and go away… I think that if you got kids because you were afraid of being lonely, you are just postponing the problem of around 18 years… Your life will be full for a while, but then they will obviously leave to go and live their life. So that doesn't work. However, having kids from a position of higher consciousness may be a good thing because maybe you simply want to give your love and pass your knowledge to someone else so that you contribute in creating a higher consciousness new generation which may actually change the world for better a little bit. I don't know, I am still thinking about all this…

  27. Love the colorful language coming from such a deep-minded soul, shows your true honesty and some humor. Love your vids, really opens the mind for some deep exploration and silences the mind from the hectic world we live in. Keep up the great work Leo, I've got lots of catching up to do.

  28. I Like This Guy … This Society Really Fucking Sucks!!!! I Just want To Live Normally… But these asshole make me do things that i cant Go back! These people are lucky i have a son if dont… I gonna Make their Miserable as Hell

  29. You gave no alternative. So… Embrace being a chimp. I think you're just too deep man, you're trying your hat at this higher self ideology and coming out on the other end just as fuckin miserable as everyone else. How about… How about this? How about this shit… How about some dude running his mouth on YouTube about chimpery… For fucks sake. If you can't help just STFU. This was the most pointless video you've ever posted. It was pure nihilism. You should've deleted this trash or at least edited it to be productive for personal growth. You ALWAYS deflect to other videos it's because you're so psychologically disgusted that you can't put anything into order… Which is NOT chimpery. Jesus. I wish you'd quit and go back to a desk job.

  30. Yes!!!💪🏼💪🏼 everyone lets show some true authenticity not following the crowd lets follow ourselves!!💪🏼💗awesome video! 🤗🤗✨👌🏼 Much love💜🐬💜

  31. One of my manager in the workplace asked my colleague who was smoker, "please, don't smoke too much weed, just a little bit" and I thought that was weird, a manager encouraging people to smoke instead of stopping. Than I realized that If you have to go every day to be enslaved in a shitty job it's essential that people lose their mind in drugs or other kind of stuff, people don't want you to become a better human being. It was hard to understand this.

  32. Question:you say the internet is just a bunch of chimp chatter,so your kind of contradicting yourself by explaining this here on the internet. Now you have a good point,but like i said your using chimp chatter on the very thing you say causes chimp chatter. Just kinda wanted to point that out there. And yes i was paying attention.

  33. Another question: How do you suppose one finds themself? Cause to me we need a roof over our head,food to survive,and all this takes money. So does a person not work and just live in the woods or something? Yeah society has all these thing as a tit we suck on,but how does a person make a living to find their true self? Cause without a job you have no money and without money your pretty much nature boy. Cause if i dont pay rent i lose my car and my place. This all sounds like one big ball of things that if people started doing then we might as well all be homeless.

  34. Pure Chimpdom😅 love the way you said it…..
    This channel is pure value… really…it s the rarest kind….

  35. You are a human being "lower self" is nothing to be ashamed of, more so kept in check as much as to make sure you aren't contributing to degradation and hurting people.

  36. (This one is by far my favorite! Rolling! Right up there with The Big Bang Theory!) Love Your Approach & Perspective on Living Universal Truth & Self Realization! I will definitely use your videos to help keep me on the right track!

  37. Hell fucking yeah!! I was celebrating and laughing throughout the whole video! Thank you, Leo! Especially about Game of Thrones and family! So many times I want to say these things and I feel they would sound too edgy to people and then I am bored explaining to them they are not. The Ancient Greeks would be proud of you! Thank you!

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