31 Days of Learning English – DAY 5 – It’s time to improve your English – PRIVACY / PRIVATE WORDS

31 Days of Learning English – DAY 5 – It’s time to improve your English – PRIVACY / PRIVATE WORDS

it’s Saturday
hello to the weekend and also hello to day 5 of 31 days of learning English in
October hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy well are you happy I really really hope so here we are then
it’s Saturday it seems such a long time since I last saw you here on YouTube in
fact it was yesterday yes for those who haven’t already realized I am actually
doing a livestream every single day every single day during October so from
the 1st of October to the 31st of October I am actually doing a live
stream every single day can you believe it
I don’t think anyone on planet earth can believe that I’m doing this I received a
nice email last night from someone who said Mr Duncan you should be in the
Guinness Book of Records for your daily live streams who knows who knows what
might happen because of this sometimes you just have to try and see what
happens so I am doing something that I’ve never
done before I have never never I’ve never ever in my life done a live stream
every day during the month so this is something that I’m going to try and see
what happens oh by the way guess what today is a
special day it’s a special day today because it is world teachers day did you
know that so hello to all the teachers watching around the world I hope you are
having a good day I would imagine that most teachers are actually taking the
day off I would imagine that you are relaxing at the weekend or maybe you are
busily marking homework or preparing a test for your students next next week so
there it is world teachers day so a big hello from one teacher to the whole
world world of teachers so thank you very much
for your hard work and keep it up keep it up please so it’s Saturday and a lot
of people are wondering why I’m here every day so here is an explanation an
explanation I am going to explain I am going to show
exactly why we are doing this during October first video isn’t it exciting
well it’s been another busy week and of course as usual I’ve been in a school
teaching English that’s my job I think one of the most common questions I’m
asked during my time here in China by my students is how can I improve my English there’s one thing I’ve noticed my
fingers have gone dead look my fingers have got a strange ready blue purpley
pink color not very good I think I think if I stay outside much longer I think
they will fall off hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
welcome to the very first episode of my series of English teaching videos you
know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be I’m so glad you
could join us for another lesson why do we leave phonetics the reason why we
need a phonetic code is because some English letters have more than one sound
and because some letters when joined together in a word actually create a new
sound of their own also there is the silent letter that can appear within a
word and there is the reason why I am here
every day during October we have 31 days of October and 31 days of learning
English so I hope you enjoyed that a brief look at some of the videos so
now there are nearly 700 videos on my youtube channel many of them talking
about English teaching English and of course lots of other subjects as well as
you know I am a big fan of nature I love the wildlife and I like filming
the wildlife so there are many things that I enjoy doing on my youtube channel
but of course my most favorite thing is teaching English and that’s the reason
why I’m here today so let’s have a look at the live chat shall we
yes I am here on Saturday and also tomorrow as well for those who are
wondering here are the times 31 days of live English October 2019 Monday to
Friday 2 p.m. so every day of the week from 2 p.m. UK time also Saturday well
you know when that is because you’re watching it now and on Sunday 2 p.m. UK
time yes I am back with you tomorrow as well and for those who would like to
make a donation thank you very much to those who have sent donations to let my
work continue forever and ever because I do it all for free it doesn’t cost you a
penny so isn’t that nice let’s have a look at the live chat then shall we
because I haven’t mentioned the most important thing about this livestream
and that is you the viewer hello to Andrew Andrew you are first on the live
chat wait a minute I think you were first yesterday as well weren’t you
weren’t you first on the live chat yesterday
amazing I can only assume that you have a very fast finger your finger is very
quick at clicking so congratulations to Andrew and a round of applause
for you congratulations Andrew you are first on
the live chat also byanne and cho hello cho gunty yunty hello gunty I’m very
intrigued by your name I hope it doesn’t mean anything rude Diane is here
watching in Syria a big hello to Syria nice to see you here today
Belarusian is here hello Belarusian thank you by the way for your lovely
video that I saw yesterday I will show it tomorrow on my live stream tomorrow
so we will have a look at the place in which Belarusian works tomorrow and of
course don’t forget we have moderators today making sure that the live chat
stays polite and friendly Mika and palmira
are here hello on international teachers day yes world teachers day so around the
world people are celebrating all the hard work that teachers do every single
day a lot of people think that teachers only work from Monday to Friday but many
teachers also do extra activities maybe in the evening or even at the weekend so
a big hello to all the teachers who always do a good job and sometimes it
isn’t the best paid job but most teachers do it not for the money but
because they want to help other people Luis Mendez hello Luis another one of
the moderators on the live chat and a big hello Bonjour to Paris Mohammed is
here watching in Pakistan also morose my roots watching in Poland now I do know
that I have a lot of people watching in Poland so hello to you Patrick is here
I cannot do two things at the same time says Patrick so I think what you are
saying is that you cannot multitask multitask if you multitask it means you
can do more than one thing at the same time you can do many different jobs many
different tasks at the same time multi means many so multi task if you
multitask it means you do many things multi many ammo is here watching in
Saudi Arabia hello to you as well Palmyra is here the world rugby is
taking place today I think Argentina are playing as you can
see I don’t know much about rugby but I believe that Argentina are playing but I
can’t remember who they are actually playing against so I’m not sure Marella
hello when will the lesson be started well it’s started now I’m on now right
now some people ask mr. Duncan why do you have the music at the beginning of
your lesson why don’t you just start the lesson straight away I’m not going to go
into all the details but there are some technical things that have to be done so
because my livestream is professional quality there are lots of things I have
to do when I first begin the livestream so I have around about two and a half
minutes to make sure everything is technically correct so that’s the reason
why we have music at the beginning in fact it is this music I know a lot of people like that music
so that is the music that I play at the start of every live stream and the
reason why I do that is to make sure that everything is working properly on
the live stream this might look simple but in fact it is very technical I can’t
begin to tell you how many things I have to do before I can actually start this
live stream it is very technical indeed hello to Patrick hello Patrick who
apparently cannot multitask Alamgir is here also
Japan is playing Samoa in the world rugby tournament so that is happening
right now this is the problem at the moment there are many sporting events
taking place you have the athletics taking place in Qatar you also have the
world rugby tournament taking place in Japan and here in the UK there are many
football matches taking place at the weekend so sometimes it is very hard to
keep your attention on my livestream because many people want to watch the
football and the rugby and also the athletics as well Theo is here hello
Theo I hope you feel well after your sore throat I am slowly recovering from
my cold but I have to be honest I think this this recent cold the fever that I
had a few days ago it might be the worst cold I’ve had in many many years hello –
Amer who is a teacher oh hello – Amer
and congratulations on your super-duper job and all of the hard work that you do
it’s world teachers day today world teachers day so congratulations to
all the teachers watching today what is the view doing outside let’s have a
quick look outside there it is a live view in fact it looks very similar to
yesterday so you can see everything is a little bit gloomy now they had forecast
rain today but we haven’t had any rain so far so I’m hoping that we will be
able to walk into town today to have our lunch I think I am having roast chicken
today and I think mr. Steve is having steak and ale pie yes can you believe it
they actually put beer inside pies and it makes the flavor very nice indeed
also the garden is very busy even though the birds are not there at the moment
but earlier there were lots of birds in the garden but of course there aren’t
any because my camera is now on them I don’t know why it’s almost as if the
birds know that I’m filming them isn’t that strange
it’s almost as if they know that my camera is watching them oh there we go
so there are some gold finches hello to the gold finches who are now feeding in
my garden so I hope you enjoy that a lot of people like nature I love nature very
much as I said yesterday I can spend many many hours watching nature in the
garden the birds and there are many different types of birds in the garden
hello to Lily hello mr. Duncan it is a pleasure to see you again thank you very
much yes happy teachers day because today is world teachers day lots of
teachers a round of around the world being celebrated and honored is
well Palmyra has some very good advice for all of us never stop learning
because life never stops teaching now I think that’s a great piece of advice and
this is something I’ve always said this is something I’ve said many times in the
past in your life you will do many different things some of the things will
be unpleasant whilst others will be very pleasant indeed they will be lovely so
that is it so life is all about experience sometimes the experiences are
unpleasant sometimes they are pleasant but there is no such thing as useless or
worthless experience all experience whatever it is whatever you are doing it
is useful all experience is useful congratulations to all the teachers
around the world and also for mr. Duncan thank you very much but of course it’s
not about me today it isn’t it’s about all the teachers watching
around the world shouldn’t we put an apostrophe in teachers though the word
you are mentioning yes yes we can actually yes that should be I suppose
you could put an apostrophe there but of course I’m actually talking about the
hashtag as well so I got this actually from Twitter and of course in the
hashtag people don’t normally put the apostrophe so that’s the reason why it
looks like a mistake but it isn’t hello Lily Oh mr. Duncan and what is your
favorite video that you’ve ever done the most favorite video that I’ve ever done
there are so many I have made nearly 700 English videos over the past 13 years so
many to mention but I do like my my long lesson
so in the past I have made some very long lessons almost like little movies
and I’ve talked about things like memory and also autumn one of my favorite
lessons by the way is about the season of autumn also about reality memories
all sorts of things in fact so my favorite lessons are the ones that are
very similar to movies so they have a lot of beautiful scenery but also a lot
of new words and teaching as well hello – on dredge and Renick hello Andra Nik
watching in Czech Republic hello to you as well keep it up mr. Duncan
keep it up Lilia was doing some work with chroma key green screen yesterday
and I’m so proud that I want to share it with the whole world
Thank You Lilia yes doing this is not easy so it would appear that Lilia is at
the moment practicing practicing standing in front of a camera and doing
this but this isn’t as easy as it looks I make it look easy don’t I a lot of
people say mr. Duncan what you do look so easy no it isn’t easy I just happen
to make it look easy that’s the reason why suit zoo zoo see cat
one day I’m going to get your name right hi mr. Duncan thanks for another
fantastic new lesson thank you very much Rahul or raal is here thanks for joining
me today we like your lovely shirt it looks very well ironed yes I did this
myself mr. Steve didn’t do it I did this so this shirt was ironed by me
mmm Maria hi mr. Duncan you are right we work at school but also there is a lot
of work we have to do at home so many teachers go above and beyond what they
are supposed to do they do a lot more than they are paid to do so yes I think
sometimes teachers receive a lot of very bad publicity and in some cases they are
underappreciated I think so Louie is here hello Louie Louie thank
you very much for your lovely comments by the way I do appreciate them Umberto
hello Umberto apparently it is 826 in the morning so it is morning at the
moment in Brazil so good morning to Brazil I hope your day goes well Theo is
here good teachers are lifelong learners and teach from the heart I think so this
is something I mentioned yesterday because many teachers do enjoy the job
because they pass information on but also one of the parts of teaching is
learning as well so when you are a teacher you don’t just give information
quite often you will learn things for yourself as well hello to Cesar watching
in Mexico thank you very much we are now up to date with a live chat Luis is here
mr. Duncan one of your best lessons are the ones when you try to describe the
deep feelings of the human being well if you are a regular viewer you
will know that I am very fascinated by the human mind the human body and also
the way in which human beings interact with each other the way we communicate
our relationships and of course the way we think appear in our mine
good tea do you make this video from England yes I am in England right now it
says right there live from England yes at 28 minutes past 12:00 o’clock on a
Saturday so yes I am live from England a little place called much Wenlock which
by the way we will be having a look at tomorrow I am going to take you on a
little tour of the town in which I live tomorrow
hello – huafei nice to see you here I thought today we would talk about a
couple of subjects one in particular that is in the news at the moment you
may have read you may have heard or you may have seen on the television there is
a story at the moment concerning the British royal family and the story
concerns the invasion of their privacy so at the moment the British royal
family are in an argument they are having an argument they are taking
action against certain newspapers for invading their privacy and there is the
word now this is an interesting word because it can be pronounced in more
than one way so some people say privacy privacy other people say privacy privacy
so here is a word that can be pronounced in more than one way privacy privacy so
both pronunciations are correct but what exactly is privacy well privacy is the
thing that you enjoy when you are alone or indoors all the things relating to
your personal life your personal information for example
the things that are personal to you so when we talk about privacy we are
actually talking about all the things that relate to your personal life or
your personal information the things that are important to you personally so
when we talk about privacy that’s what we are expressing another word we can
use relating to that subject of course we do things in private
so private again something that cannot be disclosed something that is secret or
hidden so something that is private is something that cannot be seen however it
does exist private information for example we all have information about
ourselves that is very important in our day-to-day lives but it is also
information that we don’t want to share for example your phone number so your
phone number is private information it is something that you don’t want to tell
other people about privacy relates to things that are private so maybe your
address the place you live can be private you don’t want people to know
where you live especially if you are in the public eye apparently this is
something that I still can’t believe but apparently on Facebook I am actually
classed as a public figure and it’s something that I can’t quite get used to
so I don’t feel as if I am a public figure but apparently on Facebook I have
one of those little blue ticks a little tick that shows that I am a public
figure very strange so things that are private
are the things that you want to keep to yourself or maybe things you don’t wish
to disclose oh I like that word disclose if you disclose something it means you
reveal reveal you disclose you reveal information about yourself you disclose
something so things that are private other things that you want to keep to
yourself of course when we talk about private it can also relate to the things
that you do in your life the things that you do away from the public so the
public is society so when we generally talk about public or things that are in
the public we mean general society the population the people who exist in the
population or in the society so public anything that is revealed or on show or
can be easily seen is public for example public information so there might be
something that everyone can look at everyone can observe it is public it
means that people can see it it is easy to find or easy to see so generally
speaking when you go outside into the street you are in public you are in
public you have revealed yourself and of course you can see other people as well
so public means out in the open you are amongst other people the things that you
are doing at that moment are visible it is public
the opposite of public is private so there is a difference between those two
words so private is hidden and public is shown something that is obvious
something that is hidden something that can be seen easily something that is
hidden from view so there are many ways of talking about privacy being private
the things that we show and the things that we want to hide about ourselves and
we all have something we all have some sort of information we all have
something about ourselves that we want to keep hidden from other people of
course in life things can be difficult people are always interested in what
other people are doing we do like to find out what other people are doing and
here are two great words that describe that curiosity curiosity the word
curiosity is a noun it means to be interested or curious and you can see
the other word underneath there so you have curiosity and curious curiosity is
the noun and of course the adjective describes the action of being curious
you appear curious you are curious you want to find out more you want to know
more about an individual or a situation so these are two very interesting words
curiosity and curious you have curiosity you are curious you want to find out
everything there is a good expression that uses this particular word curiosity
killed the cat it means that sometimes being curious being interested in other
people’s business other people’s privacy can get you into
trouble curiosity killed the cat so when people do this what are they doing they
will fry ah I like that word fry so if you pry it means you try to find out you
pry you look into another person’s private affairs you pry
so pry is a verb you are using it as a verb and the other word you can see
intrude intrude the other word you can use is invade so if you intrude it means
you go into something that you shouldn’t have access to
so to intrude is to invade you invade a person’s privacy so you invade their
privacy you try to find out the secrets or the things that are happening in that
person’s private life so I think these words are all quite interesting quite
interesting words tomorrow by the way we’re talking about small talk we are
talking about the things that people generally talk about in their everyday
lives Lilia says what you’ve said resonates with me a lot we throw
ourselves out into the limelight only to scream how lonely we are and I find that
so distressing well this is something that
I’m very interested in from my own point of view because I’m here on YouTube and
there is nothing more public than this for example I’m standing here now in my
house on a Saturday afternoon talking to you live so you are seeing a lot of me
and of course quite often I reveal parts of my house so you have an insight you
can see a little bit of my private life however I know nothing about your life
so I don’t know anything about your private life
but I do reveal parts of my life and this is something that you have to think
carefully about before you do it before you go onto the Internet before you
start typing before you start showing yourself to other people you have to
make sure that you know what you are doing and this is a big problem at the
moment with people on YouTube there are many people who think that being on
YouTube and being an Internet star no not me I’m not talking about me I’m not
an Internet star so people go into it without considering the consequences it
is a big subject I don’t want to talk about it too much but it is a very big
subject I have a message from Ceaser who says please can you send a big hello to
my little daughter Kim Allison hello Kim Allison and welcome to my live
stream today hello to you thanks for joining me
Tonya is here hello Tanya nice to see you here we have talked about a lot of
things today we have been talking about privacy people’s privacy the things that
we do the things that we share with people who are intimate people we have
relationships with however we don’t want people in the general public to know
about it we don’t want people outside our circle of friends to know about it
so privacy is something that we hold to be very important in our lives we all
want some privacy however once you start revealing yourself especially here on
the internet you have to be careful you have to make sure that you know what
you’re doing because you might receive a lot of hate
you might receive a lot of hate from people who don’t like what you do maybe
they don’t like the way you look or maybe they disagree with what you say so
you have to learn very quickly that you have to accept the criticism and
unfortunately sometimes you have to you have to accept the hate as well yes
curiosity killed the cat was a group from the 1980s straight back down
straight back down straight back down to earth that was one of their hit songs
from the 1980s of course I love music from the 1980s Christine says there are
many scammers many people who try to trick you into doing something that
might get you into trouble or may cause you to lose your money so scam that’s a
great word by the way it means to trick a person into doing something normally
it involves taking money from other people
hello also to Cesar again Edison is here hello Edison a famous inventor also had
that name Thomas Edison hello mr. Duncan I’m from Columbia
and now I live in Spain thanks for your lessons you are welcome I will be going
in a moment because on Saturday my lesson is always short because mr. Steve
and I will be going into town to have our Saturday lunch meanwhile in the
garden there are still no birds where are the birds you know what I think I
think mr. Steve has scared all the birds away I think so how many countries did
you teach English in I spent many years in China teaching English as a Second
Language what are you going to eat well if there are any vegetarians watching
I’m sorry you are going to hate me so much I’m having roast chicken today so
I’m having chicken and mr. Steve is having steak pie apparently the steak
pie is very special because they add beer to the pie they actually put beer
inside the pie – yes I’m always curious who someone is
who gives a firm down on your lessons there are some people who do that but
sometimes they do it just because they are spiteful or jealous maybe maybe it
is a rival English teacher who doesn’t like me who knows how old are you thank
you good tea well first of all I can guarantee that I am older than you
definitely I am definitely older than you and of course that is part of a
person’s privacy so some people don’t like to reveal their age because they
feel a little embarrassed about it or they feel ashamed to reveal their age
especially if you are over a certain age so if you are 20 nobody cares nobody
minds you don’t mind saying I am 20 years old because you don’t care because
you are young but then when you are 35 hmm something happens you feel less
inclined you feel less willing to reveal your age you don’t want to tell other
people how old you are and then once you once you pass 40 then perhaps you will
start lying about your age so it is amazing how many people even celebrities
how many celebrities lie about their age or of course they try to make themselves
look younger as well maybe they have plastic surgery maybe they have an
operation on their face to get rid of all the lines and wrinkles however I can
promise you now I have never had any plastic surgery even though people can’t
believe it a lot of people don’t believe it so as you get older you often become
more aware of your age and quite often you don’t want to tell other people how
old you are Andrew hello Julie G hello also to
Loretta hello Loretta it seems like the birds in your garden act a bit like
Schrodinger’s cat oh yes well if the cat is in the box then during that time the
cat is both alive and dead did you know that it is a very interesting part of
something that I’m not going to go into now because it’s very deep and involved
but yes Stroh dingers cat is something that I know about yes it is the concept
of something being hidden away and at that moment or during that moment either
outcome is happening so that the cat might be alive or it might be day
because you can’t see it it is hidden it is private and that is what we have
talked about today because the British royal family are getting very annoyed at
the newspapers for revealing lots of private information – yes thank you very
much for joining me today I am going in a moment in around about one minute
because we are going into town to have our Saturday lunch but don’t worry
because I’m back tomorrow Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time don’t forget I’m here every
day every day during October 31 days of live English Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK
time Saturday that’s today 12 p.m. just after midday UK time and tomorrow I am
back with you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time so I’m here tomorrow and every day
during October netra says have you ever tried butter chicken yes I have it’s one
of my favorite Indian dishes in fact the chicken is marinated in butter and then
slowly cooked and then there is lots of sauce and then you’ll have rice on the
side or it’s making me feel very hungry yes I do like Indian food very much but
not too spicy I don’t like spicy Indian food is October special for you well it
is there are two things happening in October first of all it is my 13th
anniversary on YouTube I started doing this I started my youtube channel way
back in 2006 so this year on the 31st of October it will be my 13th anniversary
thirteen years and of course also on the 31st of October
it’s brexit day so the 31st of October will be a very busy day because also the
UK is leaving the European Union or at least it might be we might be leaving
I’m going now thank you very much thank you gun tea thank you also rich Hill
thank you to rate chill in Morocco a big hello to Morocco Thank You Lilly yeah
thank you also to to took bear or to bow thank you also to Anna ts Connell
Patrick Loretta Andrew congratulations once again for
being live and first on the live chat well done Andrew what about tomorrow
will he be first tomorrow we will have to wait and see I’ll see you tomorrow
this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching me today I hope you’ve enjoyed
this I am with you every day during October which means I am back tomorrow
from 2 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in England saying
thanks for watching and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do ta ta for now 😎

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