$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

– We’re doing “Worth It Gym” today I know just the perfect
person to co-host this episode The only problem is she doesn’t like to be on camera that much. So we’re going to
surprise her at her house so that she can’t say no. Hello! – Hey! – I know you had plans today but I was wondering if you could join me on a Worth It adventure. – I don’t know, I’m
pregnant it seems weird. – We got two co-hosts today
and you have a home gym don’t you? – I do! – Can we start there? – I do like showing it off so yes. – Yeah, let’s go! – [Kate] I have a rower. (ding) – [Steven] Whoa. – [Kate] I have a jump box. – [Both] Yay! – [Kate] I got this nice kettle bell. A pull up bar. – [Steven] Does your baby
workout with you in here? – Yeah, she likes it. – [Steven] You’re coming right? You’re good to go? – Okay, I guess, yeah. – [Steven] Alright, there we go Kate. That’s what she does. – I do, I do like that. – [Steven] I’m not just
punching a pregnant woman. Today on Worth It Lifestyle we’re going to be trying three gyms at three drastically
different price points to find out which one is the
most worth it at its price. – You sound profesh at that. – That’s actually when you say “Worth It” – Do I say it now? – Well, you can say it now. – Worth it!
– Yeah I’ve heard legends of you being pregnant and working out. – Sometimes when I was breastfeeding Flynn I’d wake up a little
before five, pump, work out and then go to work all day. – When you said pump, I
thought you were going to say pump iron. – Oh, two types of pumping. A double pump morning. (both laugh) – I will not be pumping
anything other than weights. (Upbeat music) – My name is Tony Callhoun. We’re at AC4 Fitness. We’re a neighborhood gym. We’ve been doing this for about six years. We focus on taking care of
that which you’ve been given, whether that applies to
your body and your health or whether it applies to the planet. We try to be a little green. Maybe materials like this
flooring or technology like ReRev which is cardio equipment that produces electricity. We want to be a leader in
that regard in our industry and you know hopefully
our members can take pride in being a part of that journey. – I like the idea of
like, not just taking care of yourself but the
community and the planet all at the same time. I’d like to hear more about how the green equipment works. – [Connor] There’s a lot of
things that we’ve tried to make the gym very green. The rubber that you’re
standing on is made out of recycled material. This fan that we have is the same as having 36 small fans around the gym. It’s very energy efficient. The lockers are made out
of recycled materials. – [Steven] Functional,
clean, and it’s recycled. What more can you ask for? – Yeah. – I don’t need gold lockers. – I don’t know, you’re
kind of a fancy guy. – A little bit. (laughing) – There’s Eco-Water
downstairs to make sure that you guys don’t have plastic bottles you can reuse your water
bottle every time you come. – [Kate] Wow. More than
53 thousand water bottles and this has only been in for 18 months. I do like that they give
it at room temperature because I’m a room temperature person. – [Steven] Me too!
– Yeah! (bottle clinking) – Now that’s high pH. So what is this? What’s going on? – This is a treadmill that
doesn’t plug into the wall to get power, it plugs into
the wall to give power back to the building. So when you’re on it you’re
running, you’re actually producing power like a
big generator and the belt is kind of weighted. So it’s a great workout. – Eco-Mill, give power and gain quads. – [Connor] What we have
here is the ReRev system, when you’re on the elliptical
it’s actually producing power. – [Steven] So are all
of these 10 ellipticals producing power for the building? – [Connor] Yes. – Let’s try to get it up there. – Ready to get up? – Okay, yeah, let’s max this thing out. (upbeat music) – [Kate] We did it! We gave a little power
back while we were here. – [Ian] These are medical grade beds. You’re typically going to find these guys at a chiropractor’s office. They use heated water jets
under the rubber divider here to give you a heated jet massage. – I do like it. – [Steven] I wonder if you’re
baby is loving it right now. (Kate laughs) – Well, you gotta try it. – So I just lie down? – [Ian] We’re going to go
ahead and resume that massage. – Oh, whoa, oh, you know what that… (laughs) – [Laughing) You’re so ticklish. – I don’t know why my butt is so ticklish. – Wow. Steven fact! (everyone laughs) – That hydro massager. I don’t know what happened, okay. My body. – You even let the whole
experience wash over you. – I don’t know if I would do it again. – That is something I can’t
get in my own home gym. – Gym fact! Most gyms sell more
memberships than they can actually hold inside the gym. They count on people not
showing up at the gym. – That’s a real glass
half empty perspective. – Yeah. We’re going back to Los
Angeles and we’re going to meet at Downtown LA for a gym called the, Los Angeles Athletic Club. – Sounds fancy. – It is fancy, how’d you know? (Upbeat music) – I’m Cory Hathaway, I’m the
assistant general manager of Los Angeles Athletic Club. It’s a 12 story, 125,000 sq foot facility. Part of the purpose of the
club when this building was built was to train Olympic athletes. Our members helped bring
the 1932 Olympics to LA. – So, what you’re saying is
if I get a membership here I can become an olympian as well. – It’ll definitely get you closer. We showcase a lot of sports here. Swimming, basketball, squash,
racquetball, handball. – If a gym has a basketball
court, sign me up. (laughs) – [Cory] We have two pools. One right above us is
actually the first pool built above ground west
of the Mississippi. – [Kate] That’s so rare
to see gyms that have all this history and backstory. Do people come here a
lot just to hang out? Like, it feels like there’s
so many things you could do. – Some members will join
with fitness in mind and then will maybe get sidetracked
by some of the other floors. (Smooth music) – [Steven] Want to play some squash? – Um, I don’t know how, but okay. – I don’t either. – Alright. – Oop.
– Wait. Wait, it doesn’t bounce. – [Kate] Is this really how this ball is? (Upbeat music) Wow! – This is my happy place. This is my favorite part of any gym. – [Kate] This is a rare gym thing. I’ve never seen a
basketball court in a gym. Not in Los Angeles – [Steven] Yeah because there’s
just not enough space in LA. This is crazy, there’s
actually room around, there’s padding here for
when you go in too hard. This is awesome. – [Kate] Uh-huh. (upbeat music) Wow! – [Steven] I know, I’m happy. (Intense music) – [Kate] Oh, it’s counting my reps for me. What! – [Steven] Whoa, and it, Oh I see, it tells you how far you go. – [Kate] What, that’s great. – Want me to do some bench presses? – There’s no weights on there. – I know, but it’s still 45 pounds Annie. (Intense music) I’m going to put this away. (laughing) – The last floor of athletics
is what we would call more of the relaxation
locker room, lounge, spa. – This is very classy. Is this a hot tub? – [Steven] That’s a hot tub! In the locker room. – That’s crazy. – [Steven] Ooo.
– Wow! – Showers. – [Kate] Guess I’m going to
have a bathtub experience. – [Steven] What, what is this? It’s like a meadow. Is this a sauna? What is this? – [Kate] I think so. I feel like you could pay
for just the locker room and really get your money’s worth. – Yeah. (Laughing) What, where are we? – [Kate] I feel like I
entered a secret society. (Smooth music) I probably shouldn’t touch
this stuff, it all looks very old. – [Steven] This is not
a locker room anymore, this is your home. (Kate laughs) – I mean, it’s like 10 times
the size of my home, right. – That’s it for the LA AC. Next place, New York City. – I don’t see how it can
get better, I really don’t. – We made it to New York! – Oh, how lovely. (both laugh) – Puddles! Rain! We were just in the Los
Angeles Athletic Club. – [Kate] Uh huh. – It’s pretty great. – It was a club, so if
you don’t want to workout there’s a lot of other stuff to do. Gym fact! – The word gymnasium comes
from the Greek word that literally means school for naked exercise. – Oh, that’s more exciting
than I thought it was gonna be. You throw naked in there
and now it’s a party. (Steven laughs) – Alright, so we’re in New
York because we’re going to the final gym here. It’s called, La Palestra. – That doesn’t sound like a gym at all. – You know how you’re
pregnant and everything so, – I’m aware. – So I understand that
there’s like a stress test so I didn’t want to put you through that. So today, Ill be doing that. – Thank you, that’s nice. – You’re welcome! (Classical Music) – [Pat] Welcome to La Palestra guys. I’m Pat Manocchia, I’m the founder. This place is our first
facility opened in 1994 so this will be our 24th year here. – Wow.
– Yeah. – Congrats.
– Thanks. When we built it, there were
really two industries right there was the medical industry
and the fitness business. And they didn’t really get along so well. We’re both trying to do the same thing, which is take care of people. And I thought, I want these
resources in one place. So we built this place. What you’re going to do
today is go through what our process is. Evaluate, assess, review, program, oversee, and reevaluate. We take orthopedic data,
we take behavioral data, nutritional data, and
then you do an exercise physiology test. And we assess that data, meaning we look at it then we review it. Then we’ll design a program
based off of those test results and the program will have to do with what you’re weakest at. We have two types of facilities, there are these which are
the residential facilities that we designed, that
people in the building get to utilize. Now, they don’t have to
go through the entire process, they may just
want to come down and bowl or use the treadmill. Which is fine with us. – [Steven] Whoa!
– Yay! – [Pat] We think that
activity is activity. We’re not snobbish about
what that activity is. In here, in this place,
you’re all in, so you’re going to do the whole thing today. – [Steven] Wow. (ding) – [Pat] So the first
thing we do with anybody who comes in and what
you’re going through today is an evaluation. And when we say evaluate
that means collect data. – Come on in Steven. – So you guys are gonna go
through different processes but just for the matter of
today because we’ll only have today to do this,
we’re gonna focus on you and what you’re going through. – My role in the evaluation
is to just find out basic medical information about you. – Let’s do it. – And you’re young and healthy
so if you have any problems, I will be surprised. – [pAT] So the first thing you would do is you would see our medical team. The reason we do that first
is to see if there’s any underlying medical issues
that you need to really take care of before we start
doing an exercise program. – I had a major issue with my IT band, it just like, always kept
stiffening up and hurting to the point where like,
I just couldn’t run for like, weeks at a time. – [Pat] So then after that
you would see a nutritionist who’s an ordained dietitian
named Dawn Poirier. – Give me a day in the
life of eating for you. What is a typical breakfast? – Oh my gosh. Okay, I have to give you
context, I do a food show for the internet. (Kate laughs) – Okay. – Where I eat, for an example
we’d do an episode on steak and I’ll eat three steaks in one day. – Wow. – [Pat] Then you would
see our orthopedic team. You’re going to be seeing Dr. Destefano. – There’s a little limitation
in right rotation and some of the supportive
musculature of the neck that goes into the shoulder is tight. – [Pat] Then you’re
going to sit with some of our behavioral team. Either a psychologist or a social worker. – Can you delineate
goals that you would want to accomplish here? – I don’t know how to work
out given my travel schedule so, figuring out something
that works for me and keeps me motivated. – Okay. – I’m always on the road and
I eat whatever’s available. Just anything. I’ll eat anything. – That’s hard to do. – Yeah. – Then after that you’re
going to see Paul Knapic he’s one of our exercise specialist and he’s the guy that will do
all of your strength testing. – You’re gonna grab this dowel. Now straighten the arms
as best as you can. Now you’re gonna perform five deep squats. – Oh, that’s a deep squat. Okay, I think I get it now. – [Paul] Four more times. And five. Good, switch legs. You’re going to take your
right arm and left leg and extend out, pause at the
top, come back to the center and then you’re going to alternate. Good. Now let’s move on to the
strength test on the other side. Drive it up. One, two, three, good. I’m gonna fill out your
sheet with your numbers that’s pretty much it. You’re done. – That wasn’t as bad as I
thought it was going to be. – So, here we are after
all the rigamarole, now what you have in
front of you is a folder with you in it. – That’s my name, right there. I’ve never seen something written about me that has, you know, this
many pages of things about me and then you got this, my program. – And that’s for the next 12
weeks and there’s a series of goals which are stated
by a unit of methods on how we’re going to go
about doing those things. – So, you’re doing this
for every person that walks into the gym. – Everyone does this process, yes. It’s a program centric
model, it’s not a trainer centric model, it’s not
what I feel like doing to you today. It’s what the data says you need to do. – Based on the results
of that, you will go to a test which is relevant to
what you need to be doing. So, for example I know that
you ran cross country so running is something you’ve done before. So we’re going to do a
gain analysis on you today. That’s basically a
videotaped assessment of how you actually move. – [Steven] So you’re going
to physically record us, and we’re going to watch ourselves run. – Yep. And then we’re
going to take you off that and we’re going to do
some drills to try and increase your perception
of how you’re running and what running is. What moves you? – I take my feet and I walk. – This watch doesn’t
have a lot of muscles. What just moved it? – Gravity. – Right. In order to move you have to fall. Where’s your weight? – [Steven] All on my arms right here. – On your arms, that’s it. So, what they’re trying to
do is utilize that falling because you’re falling very fast. – [Steven] I do not
like the looks of this. – Right, you want to
be able to get yourself to the falling position
as opposed to breaking, stopping, pushing up, falling down. Quick, quick, quick. Don’t lean so much, stay up, stay up. Other foot, back to me. Quick, don’t put them down. Up, up, up, up. That’s it. There you go, do you feel that? – It is like the definition
of hitting your strides. – Yes, excellent. (clapping) Stop. Let’s go, come on back on the treadmill. From there we’re going to come back and look at you again after we
do some drills with you. And see if you picked it up. – This is harder than school. – Yeah, yeah. – [Pat] That’s it. Straight up. Straight up. I want to see the bottom
of your shoe behind. That’s it. Shorten your gate. Make more strides and quicker. Okay, take it down. (exhales) So now we’re in the screening
room which was originally a bank vault. We have lectures in
here, we do things like we’re going to do here, we do analysis. – I don’t really like being an on-screen personality, and now I have to watch myself, really. (laughs) – There’s a before and
after which is good so. This is the before. So, tell me what you see. What do you notice? – It feels kind of heavy. – Yeah, like stiff.
– Like heavy run, yeah. – Okay, let’s do this, let’s look. That’s your center of mass
relative to your support. – [Steven] Oh man. – What direction are you moving in there? – It looks like I’m going backwards there. – Right, so for this to move forward you want to land here. So, you’re landing in
a position where you’re already moving forward. – So, essentially I’m
working twice as hard to go half a distance. – Yes. So now, let’s look at
you after we trained. – Ah, ah yeah.
– Wow. – You see the difference in the position. – Yeah. I never looked at the
mechanics of my body before, now that I think about
it, it’s like something you should be doing before you run. Because then you can
make small adjustments, small adjustments. – Yeah. – [Pat] Okay, when you started landing. See how much effort there is in the land? You can see also you’re
landing with the heel. – [Kate] Yeah.
– Right. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Pat] Yeah, that’s better right there. – I see.
– Whoa. – [Pat] To be successful with this, you have to be committed to it. What we’re looking for are barriers. People will come in
and say, I just want to get rid of this. To me, that’s like
watching a foreign film. You know, the subtitle of that says, “I don’t feel very good about myself” Looks do not satisfy you. How you feel satisfies you. What you can do satisfies you. So we try to focus on
work and focus on process and empower people and then they do that and they’re like okay now
give me the pull up bar. Let me go. – I feel like I’ve been motivated. I feel like a new fresh baby. Which gym was the most worth
it to you at its price? – I’m gonna go with, La Palestra Which blows my mind because
I don’t want to be the person to choose the most expensive of something, but I’m a little older than you. So, I gotta think about
like how to keep exercising for like, the next 20 years, you know? And not always going super hard. – That’s fair. I loved all the gyms. What can compare to LA AC? Like, It’s massive.
– Yeah. – [Steven] But, I think I’m
gonna go with AC4 Fitness. Because of the value. It’s such a good deal. – [Kate] I never thought
that I could workout but also be green at the same time. – Alex what’s your worth it winner? – [Alex] La Palestra. – What? (laughs) There’s a fancy boy behind the camera. Thank you, I know I forced
you to do this video, Kate. – I did get forced into this video. – I think you did great. And I think you are the
perfect and the only person, who would’ve made this episode worth it. Aye! (laughs) – Thanks buddy that’s so nice. – Oh, no problem. Can you spot me actually? – [Kate] Yeah. – [Steven] I feel like I might die. This video is just going
to expose that I am not the strongest person… In the world. I guess that was already evident though. You can just tell.

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