5 Most Advanced Alien Civilizations in Star Wars Legends | Star Wars Top 5

5 Most Advanced Alien Civilizations in Star Wars Legends | Star Wars Top 5

Hey guys that crowd slaughtered here bringing you a fun star Wars top 5 video I know I’ve really been on a star wars versus kick for quite a while I think it’s pretty likely that many of you Don’t actually know that I do lore videos and top 5 lists and other things besides the actual Matchups nonetheless I really hope you guys will give this video a chance anyways check it out Let me know what you thought down in the comments So today, we’re counting down the five most advanced races in Star Wars Legends when I say advanced I’m not referring to a biological power or a strength, but rather a species technological or scientific Achievements, there are a few rules associated with this list first of all I’m going to exclude any purely machine races like the Silentium I’m also going to exclude any purely interdimensional beings like Waru, just because it’s really hard to actually determine how advanced They are I’m also going to exclude one-off powerful beings because the focus here is on civilizations rather than Powerful or Advanced individuals Finally, I’m not going to be counting groups like the Republic or the Empire. I want to focus on homogeneous Alien civilizations before we really get into things I just want to give a notable shout-out to some entries that just barely missed Making the list. First is the Kwa, one of a few ancient Civilizations for me to be talking about in this video, the Kwa invented their own version of hyperspace gates Allowing them to traverse the universe almost Instantaneously worried not for other advanced races which actually resided in the Galaxy at the same time the Kwa will most likely made this list there’s also the Yakka who enhanced their newborn children with Cybernetic implants, and these implants allow each member of their species to operate at a genius level unfortunately as a civilization They don’t really have any technological feats to point to so they’re left off this list There’s also the Kathol, one of my favourite weird species in the Star Wars universe The Kathol stored themselves within a large crystal known as the “Lifewell” and were guarded by the DarkStryder The DarkStryder was one of the many biological creations of the Kathol and I love him because his design is really unlike any that we see in the star Wars universe Finally we have the Ssi Ruu a race of militant Dinosaur creatures who had mentioned in a few previous videos, the Ssi Ruu don’t make this list because well they do seem to be quite Advanced they only have one really remarkable bit of technology And that is the “Entechment” tech that they use, “Entechment” is pretty cool, though, And it allows them to convert the life force of a living being Into pure energy for their use and again while that is impressive I would want to see more Scientific achievement for them to actually make the list so let’s start at number five and this one was hard for me you guys know That I love the old Lando Calrissian Trilogy Just because it’s so campy and it’s totally fun during that trilogy Lando actually encounter Several advanced Civilizations throughout the Trilogy he’s with his friend Vuffi Raa, who is actually a young Silentium, which are a very advanced civilization although totally droids So not eligible for this list and he also meets the Sharu and the Oswaft Ultimately in my mind the Sharu are the more impressive of these two species So they will take the number 5 spot on this list But I do think the Oswaft are interesting as well, the Oswaft are essentially a race of very Intelligent flying Manta rays. I think the most notable thing about them. Is that they’re able to travel through hyperspace Organically however besides for that it’s not really clear to me that they have any real impressive Scientific achievements, the Sharu, on the other hand were quite impressive like many ancient species within the Star Wars universe They created these massive Pyramids much more notably than that though they created the Mindharp of Sharu long before the main events of the Star Wars Saga, the Sharu encountered a race of extraterrestrial attackers we don’t know exactly who they are but they were dangerous to hide themselves they essentially went underground and Devolved their race turning themselves from the advanced Sharu into the primitive not advanced Toka, upon the activation of the Mindharp the Civilization returned to its former glory and the Sharu removed all human settlements from the planet the fact that this Sharu had the ability to Transform their species into a lesser one and then Reactivate themselves when the time is right is really impressive to me and is why the Sharu are number five on the list Coming in at number four is likely going to be a controversial one It’s the Yuuzhan Vong, the Yuuzhan Vong were Technologically advanced in a quite different way than every other member of this list instead of improving or furthering classic mechanical based Technology they instead innovated becoming masters of biological weapons and biological tech generally the using long bread countless biological entities Solely for the use of furthering their civilization and they created everything from organic ships To brains which would coordinate their war efforts to unique and deadly weapons And what’s probably most interesting about their creations? Is that they’re each made perfectly while still maintaining Biological individuality, the Yuuzhan Vong are so advanced that they managed to wipe out or expel every race within their own Galaxy that even includes the Silentium which I mentioned just a couple of minutes ago They also came very very close to defeating a united Star Wars galaxy Number three is the Gree, an advanced civilization And you should get used to this because actually the rest of the civilizations on this list are from a very very long time ago The Gree utilize technology the likes of which is not otherwise seen in the star wars Galaxy including even in the modern era The Gree visited other dimensions could actually interfere with stars and planets and unlike most species and civilizations in the Star Wars universe Actually developed their own artificial intelligence, like the Kwa that I mentioned earlier the Gree also used hypergate Technologies such that they could travel throughout the Galaxy in just an instant rather than going through hyperspace you step through this gate And you’re at the other end immediately notably the gree also invented their own hyperspace technology. They didn’t just get it from another civilization They actually developed it themselves And this may have been one of the first faster-than-light travel technologies invented in the star Wars universe This hyperspace technology from long ago was actually more advanced than most modern systems and allowed the gree to travel through even difficult Parts of the Galaxy not having to worry as much about potential hazards The Gree would eventually become enslaved by the Celestials and they weren’t very prevalent in the modern Galaxy however their technology was still very advanced and people would often plunder former Gree planets trying to find advanced tech to use for themselves number two is one of the contemporaries of the Gree, the Rakata, and the Rakata formed the Infinite Empire one of the first actually Galaxy spanning civilizations in history The Rakata were initially introduced to the Force by the Kwa, who I have continually mentioned throughout this video, however unlike the Kwa the infinite empire Was not at all good friendly or civilized and they immediately began expanding throughout the Galaxy fueling their technology with the force although they never mastered the use of Hyperspace gates the Rakata had very interesting and very advanced technology Probably the most notable creation of the Rakata was the Star Forge, the Star Forge was essentially a giant factory that would use power from a star or some other energy source to create an almost endless stream of Starships however It wasn’t just ships that the star forge could create we know for a fact that it could make battle droids And I really don’t see how its production could in any way be limited We don’t know a whole lot about the Rakata And the technology they use most of what we know comes from the game knights of the old republic and its associated Media But in my mind it is very remarkable that they actually used the force to power their machines And I really think that’s unlike any other species in the star Wars universe interestingly enough this connection to the Force however Actually, led to the downfall of the Rakatan Empire after a virus caused the Rakata lose their connection to the force They stopped being able to work their technology that led to the quick decline of their Civilization anyone who’s a fan at the more esoteric or weird parts of Star Wars Legends? Or is really into the deep history of the star Wars universe probably knows what number one is the Celestials are a race of extremely powerful perhaps even Unimaginably powerful beings who existed very early on in the Star Wars universe the Celestials created countless of grand works Which existed in to the modern Star Wars age and this is everything from ancient machinery to the Sinkhole Station to Possibly even the Hyperspace anomaly that borders the edge of the Galaxy more than that It’s actually believed that the Celestials formed and manipulated individual star systems It’s pretty clear that they impacted the Galaxy on a grand scale The true Nature of the Celestials has never been fully revealed we know that for example The Ones are actually Celestials But we don’t know whether they’re gods just really an extremely advanced race and maybe something in between we do however know that with Creations like Centerpoint Station this race was clearly the most powerful in Star Wars Legends And that’s that that’s the top five most advanced most Scientifically Brilliant species and civilizations within the Star Wars universe at least according to me I consider myself a pretty big star wars, and I’ve read pretty much everything in Star Wars Legends But you know what I don’t know everything so if I forgot a race or a civilization that should have been on this list Please let me know down in the comments also let me know what liked this video whether you want me to go back or heavily to top 5 lists and more videos or if You prefer just me to focus on versus Matters I really hope you guys did enjoy this and I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions for future videos Anyway, thank you so much for watching guys as always may the force be with you

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  2. What about the Iokathi? While we know shit about the species itself, their technology was impressive. Most notably the artificial world, or Dyson Sphere, of Iokath, but also the Eternal Fleet, a fleet of warships fast enough to outrun any ship in the old republic era, with very advanced weapon systems and cloaking tech, a large amount of very advanced droids (most notably SCORPIO), the Old Gods superweapon, a number of very large, and VERY powerful droids, most notably Tyth

  3. I love star wars legends lol, and I'm doing my best to get through most of it but wow I can't even imagine reading almost everything. Respect lol cause that's a looooot of stuff.

  4. the thing with the star-forge is its no were near as impressive as the death-star it uses a sun to power a factory the death-star PRODUCES the energy equivalent to multiple stars in hours

  5. Tech in star wars is weird.
    They are super advanced but have only really made maybe 50-100 years worth of advancements in the last 6000 years.
    They are using the same weapons and transportation that people used in the old republic days
    Why bother devolving your species if your not gonna put a timer on it to go back untill someone presses a button 7k years later

  6. I've always wondered when the Star Forge built "endless starships," did the Rakata manned them or were these ships remotely controlled? Did they have pilots and crew members at the ready for every ship and star fighter?

  7. 9:12 What about the Umbarans?
    Pretty much all of their stuff seen in the Clone Wars was literally unknown to any but their own people

  8. Rebels haters: "space whales?? That's the dumbest thing ever!"
    Legends: 3:03

    Maybe Legends and Canon aren't so different. They can both get really damn stupid.

  9. u do great vids… i like the kinda doc episodes more than VS episodes with ships from completely different universes… some are ok but one sci fi universe is usually way to different to compare on ship vs another one based on utterly different sci fi

  10. 1 nitpick is that the Rakata fueled their own selves and also the Star Forge itself with the Dark Side of the force.

  11. God I hate the Yuuzhan vong, that whole series was a travesty and I'm glad that they're no longer canon

  12. Honestly. the Celestials weren't the only ones that really impacted the galaxy. Look up The Dawnstar Pact. It's basically the 5 oldest most powerful races that ever lived and controlled the galaxy eons ago. They were The Kathol, The Celestials, The Icarites (a.k.a The Astrals), The Xaxax, and The Vhas'Ni. Also, The Kathol's was the oldest out of all of them and was far more impressive in their technology (only rivaled or outdone by the Xaxax). The Astrals were also far more powerful in the Force than the Celestials.

    P.S. I hated that episode of Anakin fighting the Celestials. I really don't like the idea of Anakin being on the same power level as an all powerful force race that's been around for eons. Not to mention he's mortal which could never compare to the might and power of the immortals from long ago from which they would know all of the Force while he'd only know a fraction due to his short lifespan. (as apparently by lore) Also, they messed up the lore of The Father, The Son, and The Daughter because they never mentioned Abeloth at all (which is why the family was bound to the world of Mortis because they created one of the greatest threats known to galaxy and would have to constantly fight her until a final duel happen which resulted in all 3 being killed and Abeloth being freed and the only reason the Mortis blade came into play was to kill Abeloth not the Celestials.) The episode also misrepresented the power of the Celestial's to a bad degree so I'm not okay with it. I'm also sick of people making Anakin and Luke these overpowered mortal gods who can't be defeated. They are just human! They didn't spend thousands of years learning the force! They aren't the only powerful jedi's either in the known galaxy. That's why people were unsure if they were the chosen one's.I mean George Lucas even said that there were other powerful Jedi. It wasn't just those 2…..

  13. I dont think they should be on this list, but the Celegians should probably be mentioned. They dont have any majorly high tech equipment, but their mind-control ability can get them it. They can "broadcast" their thoughts to other living beings and make them do what they want without the force, and without a set language needed. Theyre from Part 2 of Knight Errant.

  14. Wait, did the Sharu basically commit ethnic cleansing against human settlers on their planet, or was it an accident?
    Anyway, it's theorized that the Sharu did it to escape the Rakatan invasions

  15. always wondered why there was that hyperspace anormality around the galaxy.. must’ve been created to keep everyone in and the rest of the universe out

  16. I haven't seen the clones show but if that's Anakin force throwing two "God's" then i can die happy.

    If only he never went robo.

  17. Aing-Tii Monks, not much is known about them except their extraordinary ability of the force and to use it to transverse entire starships across the galaxy instantaneously. Rendering hyper drives unnecessary.  The could use the force to fold space.

  18. What would our night sky look like if we lived in a galaxy like the star wars or Star trek galaxy, by were totally not contacted up to this point? Would we be able to see the activity of interstellar civilizations, or hear their FTL communication?

  19. Wait, if the Ones are celestials, and Anakin was able to subdue the Son and Father (something only Abeloth had done) and Luke was able to beat her… does that make Anakin and Luke the most powerful being in Starwars?

  20. There is a theory that states that the Rakata lost their connection to the Force on such a large scale because they were causing a massive imbalance in the Force and because the Force always seeks to achieve perfect balance, it created a virus that cut off their connection to it so it could achieve its balance once again. The virus was not a naturally occurring thing, nor was it a biological weapon used by another race to employ against the Rakata. It is stated that the force has a will of its own and that it always seeks to bring itself back to a state of perfect balance. Because the Rakata had been upsetting that balance for centuries and nothing was being done about it by other sentient races, the Force acted on its own to create something that would bring back the balance it so desires.
    They brought about their own demise by massively overusing the Force without fully understanding how it works in the long term. Just a theory, though. I'm not saying that's what actually happened, but it's an interesting theory that can be applied to many different situations.

  21. I thought you were going to include the Money Calimari, cuz they are very advanced.Did you know that the M-C80 can go under water

  22. Another way to rank them would be to use the Kardeshev scale.
    The Rakata would probably register as a Kardeshev 2 civilization, being that one of their greatest achievements was the Star Forge, which employed Star Lifting tech. But, it’s possible that they might have “ acquired” some of their tech, like Hyperdrives. Add I’m not sure if some of their stuff in “the Old Republic” mmo.

    The Celestials on the other hand would be a Kardeshev 3 civilization. They could create and collapse stars, create planetary systems, moving star systems, create and move black holes as well as harvest them, oversaw to some extent the Balance of the Force, were behind the Tho Yor and the Mortis Monolith, had some influence over the cyclic raise and fall of galactic civilizations going back untold eons, found someway to allow a few to live just as long, and were quite possibly responsible for the Great Hyperspace Barrier.

  23. What about the Force Users that have those giant, spherical ships also powered by the Force? I can't remember their name right now, but Jacen Solo trains under them. They are super reclusive, and most of the Galaxy keeps a wide berth because their ships are no joke and they really don't like outsiders.

  24. It's just puzzled me….how could, you engage in a civil war, while threats from outside worlds are looming? I'm starting to agree on Palpatine plans for securing the outer rim by expanding the armed forces.

  25. The celestials are really interesting I hope they appear more in future SW content, they have parallels to the precursors from halo imho

  26. This list is perfect I wished you mentioned the aing-tii tho as an honorable mention. To be able to use the force to transport star ships to any part of the galaxy is pretty crazy.

  27. Starwars tech is so adavanced they still use toggle switched on space ship consoles. lol watch the Solo movie

  28. Dude. Playing the outro music at that volume while you're talking at the end makes it harder than it needs to be to understand what you're saying.

  29. 7:34. It’s very heavily implied in the Jedi star fighter game that the delta 7 has some systems that feed off a force user in the cockpit

  30. In the Legends lore, the Gree actually built the ecumenopolis of Coruscant, which I feel should give them some brownie points…

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