5 POWERFUL Ancient Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

5 POWERFUL Ancient Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

Before the world was properly divided into
countries and cities; before ships and airplanes allowed us to easily travel from one continent
to another; there were ancient civilizations that thrived in ways none of us could even
fathom. But for reasons still unknown, they vanished. And archaeologists the world over are still
scrambling to find out why. So in this video we’re going cover the
the top 5 civilizations that mysteriously vanished Number five, the Indus Valley Civilization. It was the most widespread of the big three
civilizations of the Old World – along with Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. It had a highly-urbanized territory, with
at least 100 cities that were so well mapped out – it was considered more superior than
some contemporary civilizations. And yet, no one can confirm what happened
to its over 5 million people. The Indus Valley, or Harappa Civilization,
was first discovered in 1921 in Harappa, at the Punjab Region. Its territory is said to span across parts
of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. Excavations show this civilization existed
as early as 5000BCE and rose to its peak at around 2500 to 2000 BCE. They enjoyed
advanced city life – with communities well-equipped with bathrooms, wells, and underground
drainage systems, among others. Although self-sufficient, academics found
Sumerian documents proving that they had some sort of commercial and religious contact with
the Near East, which is said to have stopped around 1800BCE – the estimated time of their
decline. One theory says that the Indus Valley’s
decline was caused by a massive Aryan migration, which was then considered an invasion. Archaeologists never found any evidence to
say that the peaceful Harappans ever had a military, or even arms to defend their cities
– and so they might have easily been overpowered by the Aryans. However, one glaring fact disputes this claim
– the Aryans are estimated to have arrived at the Indus Valley around 1500BCE, 300 years
after the Harappa Civilization is said to have disappeared. Some historians argue that the more possible
cause was climate change. They say continuous rains caused the Saraswati
River to overflow and flood the surrounding villages. Yet others believe the opposite – that the
river actually dried up, removing their main source of water. Researchers have yet to confirm which theory
holds true, or if there might have been other reasons for Harappa’s decline. Although widely found on pottery, amulets,
stamp seals and copper tablets, historians are yet to understand their language. And until someone gets to decipher these symbols,
the reason for their decline will also remain a mystery. At number four, the Khmer Empire. From 802 CE to 1431 CE, this great empire
ruled over most of Southeast Asia. At its peak, it spanned much of Cambodia,
Laos, Thailand and southern Vietnam. Back in the 7th century, the great Mekong
River, the seventh longest in Asia, was surrounded by various territories and small kingdoms
that were always at war against each other. That was until a man named Jayavarman II led
a series of campaigns that vanquished these petty kingdoms and united them into one powerful
empire. The empire built its capital in Angkor, and
continuously expanded throughout the years. They were great builders and are widely known
for creating monumental temples, the greatest of which still stands today, and is a popular
destination for tourists from around the world. The Khmers are also known as genius engineers
after successfully creating an extensive network of water control systems to sustain its vast
farmlands. That’s approximately 3,000 kilometers of canals
and reservoirs, that took advantage of the Mekong River and the monsoonal climate in
the region. Angkor’s original name was Yashodharapura,
literally glory-bearing city. And at its height, it was the biggest city
in the world, close to the size of modern Los Angeles. So why did it collapse? No concrete evidence has ever been found to
factually answer this question. But researchers believe that interrelated
political and natural factors ultimately brought the empire down. Studies show that the empire was constantly
concerned with putting down rebellions, mainly from nobles conspiring to take over the crown. It is believed that this internal unrest weakened
the empire. On third spot, the Clovis Culture. Named so after artifacts found near Clovis,
New Mexico, they are believed to be the first human inhabitants of the New World, who lived
around 13,500 years ago. Their remains were first identified in 1932. Since then, archaeologists have found numerous
Clovis sites across the United States, Mexico and Central America. The most common artifact found representing
this culture is the Clovis point – distinctive spearheads used to hunt large game. They are indeed regarded as skilled big-game
hunters and foragers. And archaeologists have actually uncovered
several mammoth remains mixed with Clovis points. More than the meat they got from these animals,
which could have fed them for weeks, their various parts were very useful to this ancient
culture. The hides, tusks, bones and pelts were most
probably used for clothing, shelter, and household tools. It is widely believed that mammoths, ground
sloths, and giant bisons were already dwindling in numbers during the time of the Clovis Culture. The question is whether the people were the
actual cause of their total extinction or something else. 12,800 years ago, the Earth underwent an extreme
cooling period called the Younger Dryas, which coincided with the extinction of large game
animals and the demise of the Clovis people. This is a fact. But what caused this phenomenon is the real
mystery. The theory is that a 4-kilometer comet crashed
on Earth and ultimately resulted in a huge climate change. This was based on a carbon-rich black layer
found on several sites across North America. Number two, the Olmec Civilization. It is Mesoamerica’s first great civilization,
which thrived along Mexico’s Gulf Coast from 1200 to 400 BCE. They had an organized writing system and a
calendar that were later adapted by succeeding cultures – such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. They were traders, and were able to establish
connections with contemporary civilizations across Mesoamerica. Above all, they were excellent stonemasons
and sculptors, widely known for carving colossal heads out of huge basalt boulders. Buried for nearly 3,000 years, for reasons
still unknown, 17 of them have been unearthed from the 2 most important cities of the Olmec
Civilization – San Lorenzo and La Venta – which can now be found in the modern day Mexican
States of Veracruz and Tabasco. San Lorenzo is believed to have flourished
on a large island by the river from 1200 to 900 BCE. As it was declining, it was then replaced
by La Venta, which prospered for another 500 years. In 400 BCE, La Venta collapsed, and took the
whole civilization with it. What happened? Scholars have theorized a number of causes
– disease, war, famine, natural disaster, and relocation, among many others. Their greatest hypothesis is that human actions,
combined with natural ecological changes, ultimately caused its demise. But since no records or even graves have ever
been uncovered, researchers could only theorize. On first place is the Minoan Civilization. Some 2,000 years ago, Plato wrote about Atlantis,
a mysterious civilization swallowed by sea, never to be seen again. For two millennia, we all thought that was
a myth. But archaeologists have uncovered evidence
that might answer this mystery. Around 3,000 BCE, the Minoan became the first
great European civilization, and created the first ever written European language now called Linear A. This advanced society of artisans, merchants
and engineers thrived at the Greek island of Crete. They invested highly on maritime trade and
defense, and had a great troop of shipbuilders and sailors. The Minoans are said to have been very enigmatic
people. They worshipped snake priestesses and engaged
in human sacrifice. Their most notable king, Minos, ruled at the
peak of the Civilization. His leadership, though great, is clouded with
controversy. It is the basis of Greek mythology’s minotaur,
a half-bull half man that ate human flesh. Historians say that little girls and boys
from Athens were often offered as sacrifice. Distinguishing the mythological King Minos
from the real one has always been a problem for researchers. But what they find more mind-boggling is how
this powerful civilization came to an end. Around 1600 BCE, the most powerful volcanic
eruption ever witnessed occurred around 100 miles off the island of Crete. Mt. Thera’s explosion was felt all the way
to China and changed weather patterns in Greece and neighboring countries for years. Historians believe that this explosion caused
the sudden demise of the Minoan civilization. The only problem was, very few volcanic ashes
from the explosion were discovered in Crete And the more glaring fact is, the Minoan civilization
disappeared only some 50 years after Mt. Thera’s eruption. However, recent studies show that while the
explosion did not cause the Minoan Civilization’s downfall, the aftershocks did. Uncovered soil sediments could prove that
the eastern and northern coasts of Crete were swallowed by waves and waves of 50-meter tsunamis
that followed the eruption. Soil samples showed deep sea microorganisms
and species that have no way of making it inland, unless a massive flow of water brought
them there. As to why the Minoan culture only disappeared
decades later – Crete is a big island, and historians say it is highly possible that
the tidal waves only eradicated the eastern and northern shores, leaving the rest of the
island intact. However, with their maritime fleet gone, the
Minoans became easy prey for the invaders who took advantage
of the island’s weakened defense to finally take over. Now archaeologists are desperate to know whether
these new findings have anything to do with Plato and the mythical Atlantis.

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