99 thoughts on “5 Things Every Content Creator Needs to Know about Making Money

  1. this is all great news! stoked that you teach this invaluable info!! i’m looking forward to growing my influence!! BIG THANKS 🙏

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  3. It was great pleasure being part of your premiere. i look forward for live stream. See you again soon. I am doing acting by the way. Thanks a lot. OD

  4. Hey guys I recently created a health and wealth channel. Sub if you like and I’ll sub back!! Edit: thanks for the content Sean!

  5. Great video! Thanks for your information! 💯💯💯

    I am currently focusing on YouTube. Facebook is getting boring.

  6. You have really helped my channel. I love your videos and they are filled with tips. From Doing some of the things that you have suggested, I have grown my channel from 0 to almost 7 thousand in 2 to 3 months! People asked, what did you do? I said, research! Watch you tube! Thanks so much for all of your videos and info. Hope to continue to make this more and more successful in the upcoming months.

  7. Great video, thanks! I've been watching your videos for a few months and steadily growing here on YouTube. My goal is to be gone from my 9-5 by the end of this year. Appreciate all your insights!

  8. If you love learning about cameras and weekly vlogs, give my channel a look, let’s help each other out! If you sub let me know! I’ll sub back!🔥🔥

  9. Hi Sean. yes. I love that Meyer's stuff. I by it all the time. Sean, this is amazing. I am just blown away. I'm making about $150 a month on YouTube right now, just started, only three paychecks, but….. Oh, my goodness. My eyes have been opened.

  10. I always say that Sean from @thinkmedia is one of the best YouTube Gurus out their…(hits to the book) and I loves videos like this one… its educational, entertaining, helpful and motivating… what else can you ask for 8)

  11. This channel just keeps getting better and better. I love the deep diving into topics. No one else does it. This has helped my channel solo much. You are a true mentor.

  12. Micro influencers is where it's at! woo woo! Really encouraging and makes so much sense. Small, strongly engaged audience is great!

  13. I really use Facebook and I am barely getting into the YouTube world. I regret not putting more work into my channel but it is not easy and is a lot of work for blogs. I totally respect the YouTube bloggers and hopefully one day I can reach that status. Love you blogs and watch them and really take the advice for my channel and business. Saludos from Dj Flex 💪🏽 of Mundo de Dj Flex 💪🏽 from West Texas

  14. Great video Sean. We are always looking to collaborate with influencers for our brand and our client's brands. We acutely just dropped a video on 3 strategies to grow your channel. We would love some feedback on what you or any Think Media Fam think of the video. There is even a surprize at then end.

  15. Love your videos. I don't know if you speak any other language but, would you look at my video about learning Spanish and tell me what you think 💖

  16. Very encouraging. I've been on YouTube for about 3 months now… I have made a total of 43 cents 😅

  17. I am going to "major" in youtube and "minor" in instagram I think. Of course not able to for a month or 2 until I get home from overseas

  18. I think with micro influencers, I totally agree that my trust is more with them. I watch a food review channel that's under 1000 subs at the moment, and I think I trust their reviews because I know they're honest, since they have no reason to lie to their viewers.

  19. Thank you so much for this, Sean! Hugely motivating for someone like myself who has a small bit of momentum to keep on pushing

  20. Thank you Sean for posting this! I didn't know you had a longer class on this!! Thank you! I've been watching you and learning so much in a SHORT amount of time! Education and Efficiency is exactly what i'm after right now! THANK YOU!

  21. Sean, I cant thank you enough for all your amazing info. I had a small aquarium channel but branched out to do a gaming channel that I just started yesterday (this channel) I know that this side hustle will work with all the information you have provided me over the years. Maybe one day I can turn this into something bigger, with consistency, ever improving content and an awesome community. I also love that you are talking about your faith more. Keep up the great work brother! The man in the straw hat – HiTR.

  22. Dang, that video is soooooo inspiring and gives us artists and influencers hope that we may be able to find the funding for doing what we love and following our passions! Thank you so much, I’m def a subbe4 for life. Just when I’m kinda getting lost a bit you crank my hustle back up, I sure appreciate it 🙂

  23. Thank you Sean for the great advice. I have a Fragrance Review channel on YouTube with 21,000 subscribers and an Instagram with 6k subs.Your videos have helped me see that this can go from a hobby to a "side hustle" to a second career and may be even a main career someday.

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  25. Sean you always give great advice and guidance. From this very small creator I say thank you for the Hope you give me. God Bless

  26. another awesome video packed with tons of info, seriously why arent you at a million subs yet?

  27. Cannell is the man. Think Media has helped our church techs so much and inspired me to start a review channel.

  28. can you please tell me sir which slide in power point you are using i am following you long time i wana known about it please tell

  29. Thanks for the tips and it's a huge confidence boost to keep grinding on my YouTube and Instagram all year. My goal is by 2020(exactly as you said) be in position for the W. Thanks keep up the greatness 🤙🏽🌊

  30. Sean, great advice…Already on it: The Self Reliant Roadshow. An entire adventure to help others and to promote products that appeal to a niche market. 😎👍

  31. Thanks for the video and advice!! I'm uploading my FIRST EVER video on Youtube in 21 minutes. I’d really appreciate feedback and support!

  32. I like this guy he madr me to create a new music channel thank you very much i will chase your steps and i hope that there is a chance to promote my channel thank you very much

  33. Thank you these are great tips.
    I just created my youtube channel the previous week.
    Your videos were very helpful for me.
    I am focusing now on Facebook and youtube.
    In my country ,Egypt , Facebook is widely used almost by everyone.
    But I want to build my youtube channel as my main platform but it is growing slower than facebook.

  34. Man , I love the tips you give , I’m a beginning filmmaker , I don’t have any equipment just my camera and editing apps , and I lve been making videos since I was 11 I’m now 23 , and I just started uploading to my channel a week ago , I’m about to upload my 2nd video today , I work really hard on each one , I just need to figure out how to gain subscribers now

  35. Thank you for helping others and all of the consistent content that you have been putting up . You are definitely helping and mentoring so many people God bless you

  36. Hello!
    Thank you for the video and all the tips, I am simply starting YouTube, but having informations is always useful! 😊
    I focus on YouTube right now but I will create an Instagram for next month 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  37. The social media platform I am focusing on to gain growth on youtube is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the Leeds Beckett Vlog Generator (local university vlogging network – direct link). I find however that each platform appeals to different people so, for instance, my PT Company Adam M PT and Performance to which Immersive is a part of seems to promote more people who are just into fitness. Whereas Twitter page of the same name appeals more to academic types, YouTubers/content creators and local companies. On a side note, it has got me really thinking maybe I should create a separate Twitter account for Immersive as the people on Twitter are more interested in Immersive and sports Science rather than fitness.

  38. Love your channel Sean! You are definitely such an asset to You Tube content creators! I've learned so much from you! Still learning and trying to "crush it" lol thanks again for all of your valuable and much appreciated information! 👏🤗

  39. For me, Twitter is where I have the largest following. This was my early networking focus and now I help influencers, speakers, executives, and thought leaders grow targeted audiences online. I'm looking to dive into Instagram and Youtube this year. I have made lots of money as an influencer for brands and picking up clients running influencer programs. It is real and it is amazing what your network can do. I have a college degree but I am teaching my kids more importantly how your network can change your financial future.

  40. This honestly surprising and amazing information. Would never of thought that the market for influencers has so much to offer.

  41. These tips absolutely help my channel out and my content. Can’t wait to get up there where I can monetize my content

  42. Just Youtube and Instragram at the moment, but playing the long slow game…

  43. I really appreciate all the information that you provide! It's helping me huge with developing my brand!

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