100 thoughts on “5 Things That Gave Me CULTURE SHOCK in UK as Korean [Korean Billy]

  1. Ive never paid for the toilet in the uk- is it a London thing? If you go to a cafe or restaurant they tend to allow you to use the toilet for free. Sometimes you have to buy something but

  2. Hey, Billy. Are you from the UK? Because you sounded like you have a British accent. And you seem like that it was your first time being there.

  3. Most public toilets in the UK are free.
    The UK actually has a very low level of smoking now – lower than many European countries.

    It is NOT illegal to smoke in the street. It is illegal to smoke in most public buildings.

    Debit and Credit Cards have been PIN operated for over 10 years now. We also have "Contactless" which means that you don';t even need to insert the card and type in a PIN. Contactless payments are limited to amounts under £30.

  4. Billy no it’s not illegal to smoke on the street , and billy there are cars passing you by , smoking ain’t making any difference to your personal health but fumes from vehicles could damage you

  5. Who the hell pays for using toilets in the UK – I know I don’t. I just go into a cafe, pub or restaurant and ask! I know that in France you have to pay. There is always an assistant like a cashier just standing there. Weird!

  6. In 2002 when in UK, I was really shocked to find that people were still smoking in indoor restaurants. In my friend's case, his workplace had colleagues smoking in the office! This is because in Singapore and Australia, everyone knows how second hand smoke is really as bad for health. So smoking in public places had already been banned since mid 80s. It just seems surprising that UK was so backward in this area, whilst then making workers attend HSSE classes and having Health and Safety inspectors come round inspecting workplaces.

  7. Ok ppl when he said u have to pay for toilets he might of ment in McDonald's cause u have to buy something to use the toilets (obviously not just McDonald's but u get what I mean)

  8. It is not illegal to smoke outside anywhere walking or sitting . We wouldn’t pay for the loo unless you could not wait ,normally go in a shop or ask in cafe. Yes that’s a contactless debt card but that only works for sales under thirty pounds

  9. paying for the loo are in tourist heavey areas, if ou live there youll know how to get around those stupid things lol

  10. In olden times. People had to pay for the toilet the sum of 1p. Ever since, we've had a saying: 'going to spend a penny.' As polite way of excusing oneself to use loo. Reintroducing paid for toilets once again (they always used to be feee) is a swirly new development again.

    Interesting how you noted the amount of smokers; it is actually a tiny fraction of what it used to be.

  11. Really? Using a debit card is a new thing for a Korean ? the paid toilet ? Smoking outside the building…. really? I guess he was just living in a school building.

  12. Don't pay for the toilets, most have free ones. I've only seen paid ones in train stations. You can also go in a shop and use theirs

  13. I think the fact they make you pay for the toilet is bad, it takes advantage of people who visit as they may not realise that there are many other places you can go to for free, if you ever re visit please remember you can go in any shop or coffee place and use their toilet without having to pay 🙂

  14. I was born in England and live there and have never had to pay to go to the toilets? All the towns and most of the shops have toilets like Asda and are free

  15. 어? 다보고나서 내가 자막없이 봤다는걸 깨달음… ㅇ0ㅇ 댓글들도 보면 재밌는이야기 많네요ㅋㅋ

  16. As a British person coming across those toilets shocked me as well, would they rather I just pissed on their stupid gates? I think I've only ever seen two though.

  17. You should have come to my small town our public toilets are free!! And what about Pedestrian crossings, the strippy black and white areas, you are even more in charge of those, put your foot on them and the traffic is supposed to stop. I want to stop Vapping in the street as well. My daughter went to Korean recently and all the shops in the commercial district where her hotel was everything was closed at the weekend. For less than £30 you can tap your card and go.
    She certainly had a culture shock in Korea. She was training people, but no one asked any questions, none said they had a problem, but only a very few people actually did the interacting exercises.

  18. Totally agree on the change thing for loos, I never carry change and it's always some awkward combination of different coins :/
    Shops also shut way too early except for in the larger cities…things are slowly improving but still can be a pain at times…

  19. i think its only like the major city’s where some places charge for using toilets, most of the time in the rest of england the toilets are free

  20. Paying for toilets can be such a pain in the arse like if you're driving though a village and are desperate for the toilet, you see a sign saying pubic toilet , thank God you think to your self. You find a space to park the go over to the toilet only then does it say you have to pay and because it's the 21st century you don't carry coins on you. So then you have to find somewhere else to pee.

  21. Im British and I've never needed to pay to do to the toilet, public ones are free and McDonald's is always a good place

  22. Hearing about you talking about traffic lights really amused me I wonder if you got even more excited when u walked along a zebra crossing because then they have to stop😂😂

  23. Honestly can't remember the last time I saw a public toilet that you had to pay for. Maybe it's a London thing? I'm in Manchester.

  24. I lived in Korea from 2013-2015. When I first arrived I was shocked that people smoked (a lot) in bars. Most bars were a haze of smoke, whereas this had been made strictly illegal in the UK in 2007. They changed the Korean law in 2014 so that people could no longer smoke in bars but many didn't enforce it or if they did, they simply built in a 'smoking room' that had an extractor fan but, of course, that smell would leak out into the main bar.
    I guess in Korea, there's more judgement about smoking out in the open (especially for women because there is a double standard with smoking) but it happened all the time in bars despite being illegal. I wonder whether this has changed now?

    I don't think it's ever okay for someone to smoke over a baby in a pushchair though. That's just gross.

  25. My theory is that the white button on pedestrian crossings are a con – they don't actually do anything except give crossers a sense of control.

  26. I'll give you a tip. The control button on pedestrian crossings in the UK are just cosmetic. They make you think you're in control but you're not. The lights go through a natural cycle regardless of who presses the button.

  27. On my I'm From Preston and it's true a lot of places close early but they have started changing that as it becomes more popular

  28. This was really enjoyable to watch, the traffic lights were a culture shock for me too when I first moved here that gave me a nostalgic lol. Great content dude 🙂

  29. Your command of English is terrific, congratulations! At least there are public toilets in UK, whereas there are none in the USA.

  30. The only problem with the traffic lights is the facts there’s always dumb kids who just press the button then run away, they come back and press it again.

  31. OMG this is sooo weird because of ur british accent and i’m a asian british but ur korean and the british accent just slapped me in the face LOL its my first time on ur channel too🤗

  32. I’m Scotland (were am from) the reason u had to pay was so junkies didn’t do anything illegal there

  33. Having lived in the UK for 18 years I've never once seen anywhere that I had to pay to use the toilet?.?

    Only ever seen it in Europe.

  34. All the public loos used to be free but they are slowly beginning to either be closed down or cost money depending on where you are in the UK but yeh, i just go when I'm in a cafe or hold it in until I can go to one for free (like at home)

  35. I think paying for toilets is actually not that common in England. I've only ever seen one instance of it but it was years ago

  36. I’m from the UK, and I’ve never payed for the toilet, is that even a thing here because it’s my first time hearing of it.

  37. Those wait buttons actually don't change the behaviour of the lights, they are there to make you think they do, It's our government's way of controlling your behaviour at the roadside. The light's have timings and change regardless of the button being pressed. There is a thing about them that many people here still don't know and I'm not sure why. Underneath those wait button boxes is a textured metal knob that begins to rotate when the light have changed to cross so if you are blind and can't see the lights and/or you are deaf and can't hear the beeps you can feel this little metal thing spinning so you know when to cross. Also the slabs or tiles on the floor have specific raised patterns so a blind person can easily find the crossing. I find it strange that so many people are not made aware of these things. I only know this because I'm very observant and I like to know how everything works. Thank you for your coming to our very rainy country and thank you for visiting places like Preston. Most people who visit only see and talk about London which is very different to the rest of Britain. It's so culturally diverse I'm almost sure London isn't even Britain anymore XD

  38. Toilets used to be free decades ago. There also used to be many more public toilets, but local councils closed most of them down and charged for the ones left open. The first charge made was one penny and that was only for lockable cubicles and not for urinals, but now places like train stations charge a much larger amount for just entering the toilet.

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