60s Hippie Fashion – How to Dress Like a Sixties Hippie Girl

the decade of 1960s is a politically and historically fascinating decade which in cross countries is prevalent while other protests to attain the so promised Great Society it is within this decade that clamored for social change liberation and peace is at its height it is also in the 60s when feminists strongly advocate recognition of women’s right and status in the society philosophies and theories were also on the rise these streaks of events have perhaps strongly influenced women’s fashion and makeup this manifests that the swinging 60s hippie fashion is strongly influenced by the swirl of events that happened over the decade the 1960 is popularly known for the mod look the mod look best describes the use of natural colors for the lips cheeks and face the accent is on the ice which are painted with pastel and cool colored eyeshadows with shades of blue green and a bit of white the eyes are also designed using thick mascaras and dark eyeliners the hairstyle also varies the 1960s hairdo is influenced both by curl and straight hairdo the inclusion of small puffs on the side and the top part of the head is a sophisticated modification as for the fashion the 1960s presents a diversity of trends it transgressed old fashion traditions and dresses for women come in various lengths designs and colors 1960s fashion range from elegant covered up fashion to minis the early 60s hippie fashion is characterized by elegant dresses and pillbox hat there are also the ball dresses with oversized buttons skirts and dresses at this time are at full length for these dresses stiletto heeled shoes is a fantastic addition the mid-1960s slightly changed the 1960s fashion it is in this quarter that miniskirts and body hugging dresses were introduced style and elegance remained but dresses were trimmed with a lesser length kurz and dresses are in a line shape there is also a jump from covered up clothes to sleeveless fashion the mid-60s hippy fashion style is largely influenced by British designers young people love this fashion because it feels more liberating and comfortable the oversized buttons were then replaced by colorful and shimmering sequins glossy fabrics and bright colored fabrics the use of lace was also highlighted through the 1960s fashion hairstyle in the mid 1960s fashion also changed young people preferred shorter hairs let loose makeup or the mod look however remained to be in style for casual attires women wear Capri trousers and fluorescent colored clothes the modern look of the mid 1960s fashion brings about a playful side this is why the 1960s fashion is highly patronized and hippie to this date the late 1960s fashion is characterized by bell-bottom trousers vests lounging pants or pajamas and flowing caftans both men and women hover over shirts dyed in vibrant colors of red green and yellow dresses at this time became more daring as the tops appear hall tiered and midriff sections slightly opened the use of oversized belts animal skin leather animal prints and fluorescent sleeveless shirts were also trendy the highlight of the late 1960s fashion is the use of colorful headbands leather boots vibrant sandals and other accessories for women ankle bells and lockets are commonly used the late 1960s fashion also became controversial as women began wearing halter tops braless hairstyle is straight and long hair let loose accentuated by braids and headbands resembling the Native American look for dresses the waist lines are almost unnoticeable this is in contrast with the fashion in the early 1960s where dresses have tight waist the 1960s fashion is truly controversial enticing and undying highly patronized is the 1960s fashion because of its excellent color and design and utmost comfort ladies who feel inspired by the 1960s fashion can invest for a colorful wardrobe nowadays it is easy to find haul tiered and patched blouses online and on stores if not try to dye old shirts or put on colorful patches to achieve the 1960s look match it up with colorful and flowery sandals or shoes accessories may also be added to accomplish a 1960s look the 1960s fashion is great for teens and young girls the 1960s fashion can’t go without the mod look despite the swinging 60s hippie fashion the mod look sustained its Fame and patronage presently both the 1960s fashion and makeup inspire Hollywood artists and common people in setting up their wardrobe and makeup to achieve the mod look it is best to invest in high-quality makeup however for the wardrobe it is ideal to reinvent old clothes simply match up colorful trousers and blouses to feel the 60s fashion it is not essential to spend for new clothes because fashion trends changes from time to time

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