7 Civilizations that MYSTERIOUSLY Disappeared

7 Civilizations that MYSTERIOUSLY Disappeared

How does a whole civilization of people living in towns and cities simply disappear? Where did they go? What caused their destruction? Will they ever come back? And if so, did they bring us a souvenir? Many societies over the ages have mysteriously disappeared. And strangely They often seem to have one thing in common… Suspiciously advanced technological abilities. From the Mayans of South America To the Indus people of India. So many of the world’s missing civilizations Seem to just… Pick up sticks and leave at the height of their powers. So lets see if we can figure out where they all went to. In our list of: Seven Mysteriously Missing Civilizations. [Intro Music] Number 7: The Mayans. The Mayans are the perfect example of a flourishing nation With so much going for them, who simply cease to exist… They’re the Heath Ledger of civilizations! Dying way too young, after burning pretty darn bright in their early years. So what happened to them? This is very much up for debate. And whilst some vestiges of Mayan Culture and blood lines Still remain today It is nothing compared to how important to the world they could have been. Parallels have been drawn to the Ancient Egyptians When analyzing how intelligent the Mayans were. Because their understanding of math, writing and architecture Makes them astonishingly advanced compared to their peers. At one point, Mayan cities had a population density comparable to Los Angeles! But whilst many accuse the invading Spaniards of the Mayan decline. The truth is, the rot started to set in much earlier. Political collapse. War and climate change have all been blamed for destroying the Mayan way of life from 900 A.D. onwards. But we really have no concrete evidence to say for certain what the primary cause of their decline was. What could possibly be so destructive that it could wreck an entire nation? Whatever it was, by the time the Spanish rocked up in the early 16th century what remained of the Mayan civilization, was ripe for the picking. Number 6: Ancient Arsonists. Between 6,000 and 3,000 B.C. A strange civilization existed in the regions of modern day Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. These people are known as the Cucuteni-Trypillians. And whilst potential reasons for their disappearance include: Climate change or the expansion of the nearby Kurgan culture. It may also have something to do with the weird habit of burning down their own houses! Every 60 to 80 years, the people of this neolithic society would raise their entire settlements to the ground. Before rebuilding every last one on the ashes of the old buildings. Everything inside their homes was made of perishable materials. Allowing some kind of ritual cleanse and rebirth to take place. It sounds a little bit like a juice detox program. Except somehow more..uh..Earthy! At 5: The First American Metropolis. You may think densely populated cities only came about after the arrival of European settlers. But before that, there was actually a major Indian settlement of around 40,000 people. Located close to the Mississippi River. We call this place, Cahokia. And the remains of this 6 mile wide city can still be found around Illinois today. Cahokia was founded around 600 A.D. By an unknown tribe hailing from the Mississippi culture. And was the largest settlement North America had ever seen. Until the growth of Philadelphia in the 1800’s. It was an interesting city surrounded by huge mounds of earth. And even a section of the Mississippi River diverted to help with irrigation and drainage. This is wildly at odds with the nomadic existance of many other local cultures at the time. So the people who lived here clearly intended to stick around. But.. Stick around, they did not! As by 1,200 A.D. this city started to decline. Even before Europeans came poking their noses around. So, why did everyone just up and leave? Where did they go?! Were there even more Native American cities than we know of? And would the indigenous people of North America have stood a better chance at resisting the European invasion if they hadn’t abandoned these settlements? Number 4: The Home of the Minotaur The Minoan civilization existed on the Greek island of Crete. From as early as 5,000 B.C. And was the purported home of mythical King Minos and his half-man, half-bull stepson The Minotaur. Who was born after King Minos’ wife was apparently… Seduced by a bull! The palace of Knossos is believed to be part of the labyrinth in which Minos, the world’s WORST stepdad supposedly kept his bastard, Minotaur. And as a major city of commerce this was just one of many elaborate buildings built by the Minoans. But whilst they began to experience a boom period around 1,600 B.C. The Minoan society mysteriously collapsed 150 years later… Earthquakes and volcanoes frequently struck the area so many believe this to be the cause of the Minoan downfall. But there is no documented evidence of any geological events occurring at this time. The famous Linear A script we’ve covered previously is an undecipherable Greek writing system know to be from the Minoan period. So perhaps when we manage to decipher this it might reveal the mystery of what caused the end of the Minoan people. But if you ever play the game Civilization, and you start on Crete you might want to move a few squares over. Because when it comes to destroying societies this place seems kinda cursed. Number 3: The Mycenaean Mystery. When the Minoans packed up and moved out of Crete the Mycenaean people of the Greek mainland decided to head over to the island and squat for a while. And when I say a while, I mean about 350 years! Which is a pretty short stay for a whole civilization of people. Unless they’re sleeping on your couch then it’s a long time. But despite founding several large settlements on both Crete and mainland Greece the Mycenaean people also disappeared mysteriously, like their Minoan cousins sometime around 1,100 B.C. Once again, natural disasters or war has been blamed. But their collapse came just before the Greek dark ages. A period of time when historical records were not kept. This is a shame. Because evidence left behind of Mycenaean society reveals them to be highly advanced in engineering, military infrastructure and architecture. Advancements, which may now have been lost forever. Thanks to whatever disaster befell the Mycenaean people. At 2: The Clovis Culture. The earliest people to settle North America are believed to be the Clovis. Who lived there more than 10,000 years ago. These were a typical hunter-gatherer group. Who hunted mammoths, mastodon and many other species which are now extinct. So thanks a bunch, you Clovis jerks!! The only evidence we have for their existence is limited to a small number of artifacts such as bones and stone blades, known as Clovis Points. Which were often found embedded within mammoth skeletons. But if we could find out more about the Clovis people we may finally start to understand how the Americas first came to be populated. By studying the DNA of an infant Clovis boy named Anzick-1 researchers have discovered a genetic link to the later Native American tribes who the Europeans encountered. And, mostly wiped out. When you also consider that Native American DNA shows that their genetic ancestors were Asian. This lends credence to the hypothesis that humans first settled North America by crossing from Siberia. Over a now submerged land bridge at the Bering Strait. A fascinating piece published in the Journal of Science in 2014 further claimed that these people were stuck on the Bering Strait for 10,000 years! Before finally reaching their destination 15,000 years ago. That’s a long way to wait in the departure lounge! Gee, I wonder if they brought a book? So it seems likely that perhaps the Clovis people didn’t disappear after all. And that they simply developed to become Native North and South Americans! Which, technicality means the Clovis don’t belong on this list. But guess what? This entry took way to long to research and it’s far too interesting to leave out. So suck it! Number 1: The Indus Valley People. We recently covered the disappearance of the Indus Valley people in our video of The Top 7 Historical Mysteries. But lets take a more detailed look at this amazingly advanced group. Who it seems got bored of existing one day and decided to give up! At their zenith, the Indus Valley people were known as the Harappan. And having settled huge swaths of Asia in 2,000 B.C. This civilization of 5 million people was gone just 1,300 years later. European tribes and climate change were both blamed for the destruction of the Indus Valley society. But as well as having a mysterious ending these people had an equally interesting beginning. We know nothing of how this society came to be. What there dialect was. And we also can’t decipher any of the writing they left behind. Unintelligible handwriting?! They must have been doctors! ..ehm.. Which actually isn’t that inaccurate. As they did understand many complex medical techniques. As well as having a great eye for city planning. Their sophisticated settlement designs were flourishing at a time when Europeans were still trying to figure out which hole in the ground was for food and which one was for pooping. The Indus Valley people were also pretty big on equality, by the looks of it. Their cities had no religious buildings or iconography. And a study of building materials and property sizes indicate there was no class divide between rich and poor. The Indus Valley people were perhaps the original communists. So was that why they failed? Or did another civilization of jocks come along and wipe out this race of ancient geeks? [You are now smarter:)] So that’s our list. Why do you think smart civilizations keep getting destroyed? What happened to the people of Crete? And which will be the next civilization to mysteriously disappear? Well.. If our video on The Top 7 Scary Future Space Events is any indication… We’re all royally boned! So why not take a look and brighten your day by realizing the futility of all human endeavor.

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  1. Correct that… Indus valley is in Pakistan not in India.
    you missed a lot of them, i heard one about that homosexual civilization and the thamud.

  2. This bull$hit version of history is so full of multiculturalist tripe. The American Indians were not civilized, a few earthen mounds nonwithstanding.
    As for The Anasazi Culture, they disintegrated thru war and cannibalism

  3. Clovis wasn't first in North and South America, that distinction belongs to the original stock of people that first radiated across Asia and the South Pacific, or it was another species of human-like hominid, if you take the the most recent archeological discovery in California into account

  4. If we believe the views of extremists like Greenpeace or Al Gore, then none of these civilizations could possibly have been wiped out by climate change.
    There were no fossil fuels that long ago.

  5. the next one is the human race, 😈😈😈😈until we rewalize the amount of power the human race contributes to thi world you would understand why god favored us over angels 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  6. I'm glad you mentioned the game Civilization. Although not historically accurate, the game does reasonably well depicting the factors that define what is civilization.

  7. They all went to hell and you're the next to follow.
    Simple, but you need to be not blind to learn from it.

  8. All it takes is a virus or bacteria to kill most of them, those that remain, flee so they don't catch it and die.

  9. Europeans are blamed for everything smh grow up it's never just one factor., Europeans are not the only people to conquer and enslave people. Humans have been doing it to each other regardless of race. We enslave and conquer those who are weaker it was survival of the fittest.

  10. The Mayans…Mexico Has Had Some Legendary Tribes Alright And The Mayans Were Very Well Known…So,Heres My Theory:The Mayans Were Very Intelligent,But That Just Prooves One Thing,They Predicted The Future, The Last Date They Put In The Calander Was December 21,2012 or 12/21/12…The Pyraminds They Built In Mexico Were Not As Complex As Those In Ancient Egypt, But They Had Set Them Up In A Straight Line Through Mexico,In December 21st 2012 NASA or The National Aeronautics And Space Administration,Reported That All Of The Planets,Have Been In A Straight Line, Exactly The Same As The Pyramids,12/21/12 was the Date the Mayans Predicted Was The End Of Times Or "Judgement Day" The Mayans May Have Dissapeared Through Climate,Or Disase,Though The Fact That The Mayans Predicted The Future Implies That Extraterrestial Life May Have Been Present On Planet Earth…The Mystery Still Remains As Of Today.

  11. Lol ppl forget that humans really lived the same until 1950s. So would it really be any surprise that humans (knowing human nature) destroyed themselves by bombing themselves. I mean we really have gone into 21 cent. Last 100 years. And this is 10000 to today. Lots of time. And need only 1 button

  12. They increased their vibrational frequency, completing their spiritual journey on this planet. We on the other hand, are not. We're stuck, or to be better put, going in the opposite direction :[

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  14. I think that white people are the reason a lot of these civilizations fell.also because they denied the religon that was trying to be forced on them thats just my thought tho

  15. Indus people are not Indians. The valley exists in pakistan. the natives of the land are still over there. there aint no indus valley of india.

  16. the Mayan, Aztec, and Incans had been taken out by the Spanish due to the thought of gold not really a mystery maybe try the Olmec

  17. Smart civilizations tend to specialize, specialization leads to dependencies, if soemthing goes wrong then the society sim,ply collapse. Today what keeps us up is that we communicate worldwide.

  18. Smart civilizations only get wiped out cause they are at peace with themselves and us primitive arseholes took that as weakness. If only humans learned

  19. Modern religion claims to be the cause of Egypt´s downfall:

    Isaiah 19:1-25:

    An oracle concerning Egypt.

    Behold, the Lord is riding on a swift cloud and comes to Egypt; and the idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence, and the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them.
    And I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight, each against another and each against his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom; and the spirit of the Egyptians within them will be emptied out, and I will confound their counsel; and they will inquire of the idols and the sorcerers, and the mediums and the necromancers; and I will give over the Egyptians into the hand of a hard master, and a fierce king will rule over them, declares the Lord God of hosts.
    And the waters of the sea will be dried up, and the river will be dry and parched, …

  20. They were smart, for a while!
    Then fear mongering led to them spending far more on defense than education, xenophobia set in, inbreeding led to a shallowing of the genepool which left them open to a host of diseases, a few generations later the last of the mad, sick idiots wandered off to die in the scrub.
    But nothing like that is gonna happen to you, USA.
    You've got nukes! Right?

  21. I don’t really appreciate this video.

    They keep reintegrating these civilizations were on decline before white people and I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT 🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. Linear A is not a Greek writing script. We know for a fact that it isn't because the reason we could decipher Linear B is that (unlike Linear A) it turned out to be written in the Greek language. The problem is that we don't know what language Linear A was written in and most likely it was written in a pre-Indoeuropean language with no surviving relatives which makes deciphering it most likely impossible unless we can find some kind of Rosetta Stone for it.

    Also the Myceneans conquered Crete, the previous Inhabitants were very much still there. Many ancient Greek writers talk about the non-Greek speaking inhabitants of the Island that were still living there at the time. The Mycenaean's didn't disappear either, they were very much the direct ancestors of the Greeks of Antiquity. That said, there is the whole issue of the Bronze age collapse and what appears to have been something of a migration period but while in some sense the Mycenaean civilisation collapsed the people didn't go anywhere and some cities even continued to be inhabited throughout the "dark age", such as Athens. Though again, there does seem to have been some influx of mostly Greek speaking peoples (possibly the Dorians) during the period.

  23. I have a feeling the Indus Valley was attacked and seized to exist because of the lack of an army to defend themselves

  24. 1. World's oldest religion is Hinduism (sanatan dharma).
    2. World's oldest religious book is rig ved.
    3. World's oldest language is sanskrit and tamil.
    4. World's one of the oldest civilization is harappan ( mohenjo daro) on the name of mohan (krishna).

  25. The game master just closed the game. Every such " civilizations" were created by a master game creator who got bored with them, so ended the game. They go on to create another game with a new civilization.

  26. …some went to Wal-Mart, some caught a greyhound to Bakersfield, others went to Ohio and opened up a chain of muffler shops…

  27. Indus valley civilization oldest one (Sanatan Hindu Dharma) is very much in existence and solidly practiced in India.

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