9 False Values of the Modern Society That Rule Your Life

9 False Values of the Modern Society That Rule Your Life

What was that one thing you simply couldn’t
wait for when you were a kid? My bet would be growing up. Because grown-ups always do exactly what they
want, right? Well, no…. In reality, many desires that adults have
are dictated by the stereotypes and false values of the society we live in. For example… 1. Am I worse than celebrities? Nowadays, psychologists have noticed an interesting
phenomenon which has to do with imitating the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In other words, ordinary people try really
hard to live like those who don’t have to worry about money at all. And, as you can guess, it doesn’t go well. Obviously, if you’re from a small town, you
probably won’t have a wardrobe full of designer clothes and hop from plane to plane traveling
all around the world. But constantly looking at gorgeous celebrities
and their fancy lives on social media causes us to make constant comparisons. I’m not gonna say that being rich isn’t fun,
but it does have its advantages, for sure. But never forget that you only get to see
a pretty picture, and no one knows what’s really behind it. Celebrities are still just humans, and have
different problems like you, me, and everyone else. That’s why comparing your life to the life
of those who seem to be more successful is a direct way to feeling disappointed in yourself,
and nothing else. Learning to appreciate what you have is the
most important thing that brings us happiness. 2. Social media craze
When was the last time you checked your social media? Yeah, we all do it more often than we should. But some people don’t just want to see what
others are up to; They also want to show what their lives look like. And, of course, from the most flattering angle. Because nowadays, a lot of people tend to
believe that the more beautiful photos someone posts, the more interesting their life is. And that’s how you end up seeing awesome-looking
pictures from that party that was actually such a drag. Or a picture of a happy couple eating out
at a fancy restaurant, but in reality, they didn’t enjoy the food. Or maybe the food was amazingly delicious,
but they were so busy taking pictures of it that they had to eat it cold. They simply want to brag about their lives
to others, and feel bad if their posts don’t get a lot of positive feedback. Such people think that capturing the moments
with a camera is more important than living in and embracing that experience. 3. Tough parenthood
I think you’d agree with me that being a parent is the most difficult job ever. And it seems like it just gets tougher and
tougher since so many people feel pressured to abandon their own strategies in the parenting
game. TV shows and magazine covers are full of families
with perfect kids, who never misbehave or cry. But as we all know, perfection is just an
illusion. Still, a lot of people constantly push themselves
to the limits when it comes to parenting, without realizing how harmful it might be,
both for them and their children. Such parents are so worried about their kids
all the time, they don’t have enough time for themselves; they feel emotionally exhausted
on a daily basis. And the truth is that a miserable parent probably
can’t raise a happy kid. As for children, having overprotective parents
is far from easy. Kids need the chance to be independent and
find out what they really want in life. 4. Is your profession good enough? Finding your vocation is truly important. Yeah, I said vocation, not vacation, guys! He-he! Having a job that’s fulfilling and important
in your eyes is one of the biggest sources of happiness. But for some reason, many people divide jobs
into good and… well, less good. Being a banker seems like a very respectable
profession in our society. But what’s the point of it if it doesn’t
bring you joy? Maybe that person would be much happier if
they worked as a hairdresser or a barista. Still, some people believe that jobs that
don’t necessarily require a college degree are less reputable. But having a college degree isn’t a straight
way to success. Some people go to college when they’re too
young to figure out what they really want to do in life. Later, some of them will simply change their
work path, choosing completely different professions. And that’s totally OK, because your job
is to find a job that you fully enjoy, without worrying if your parents or friends will think
it’s good enough. 5. Bring me my first million
OK, here’s a question for you – what would you do if you had a million? Let me know in the comments below! Being rich is definitely fun, but in reality,
people have to work really hard and long to achieve it. For some reason though, our society promotes
the idea of easy success that doesn’t involve tough work and comes pretty quickly. People who support it aren’t usually willing
to climb the career ladder slowly and steadily. They want it all right away. But unfortunately, life isn’t a fairy tale
where you get everything you desire overnight. To become a real professional, a person has
to learn their work field in-depth and dedicate a lot of time to building their work reputation. Still, some people keep changing jobs, hoping
to find one where money and success will simply fall into their hands without much effort. 6. A person can’t be happy without a nice apartment,
a new car, and the latest version of cell phone
Let’s be honest – buying new stuff feels nice. That’s just the way our brain is wired. It releases dopamine – the hormone that
makes us feel happy – not only after we’ve spent money on something but even before it. Simply anticipating the purchase puts you
in a good mood. Ever been in a situation when you came to
the mall just for one thing but ended up with a few extras? Yeah, definitely sounds familiar to me. “What’s so bad about treating yourself to
the new good stuff?”, you may ask. The short answer is absolutely nothing! Nothing wrong in doing things that give you
pleasure. Unless it breaks your bank account. What’s the point in buying the latest version
of cell phone if you have to take a loan for it? Or in getting a new car that you keep in your
garage since its maintenance is too expensive? But some people feel as if they simply have
to get those things just because everyone else does. What’s more, consumerism – this insatiable
hunger for buying things – has clouded the minds of a lot of people, and they don’t
have any other source of happiness. They’ve forgotten how to enjoy something
that doesn’t cost a dime, like walking in the park to admire nature, or playing with
a pet. 7. Natural make-up that takes 2 hours
We all want to look our best, right? That’s one of the reasons why people use
make-up. Thankfully, the make-up fashion has changed
a lot, promoting a more natural style. But still, it expects everyone to look flawless. Which means that they still have to spend
a lot of time in front of the mirror, because that natural look ironically requires a lot
of effort. Many people fall for the idea that being beautiful
means being aware of the latest trends, and being able to apply makeup at the level of
a professional makeup artist. But is it really? Others, who are able to look beyond this trend,
learn to feel confident about their actual natural beauty and save time (and money!)
not using make-up products. 8. What’s your next destination? That’s the question that I hear more and
more often nowadays. Where are you gonna spend your vacation? Are you going out of town for the next weekend? And so on and so forth. People feel awkward telling others that they
didn’t plan any fantastic trip. Somehow traveling has become the new big thing. As if everyone should be obsessed with the
desire to see the world. Don’t get me wrong – I think traveling
is a great way to explore the world. But there are also people who don’t like
leaving their home, or think it’s not the best way to invest money. They’re pretty comfortable without changing
their location and scenery. But with this new trend for traveling, some
of them feel as if they’re missing out if they don’t travel a lot. And others take an active part in a silent
competition: who’s visited more countries. Whichever you are, the important thing is
that you’re happy where you’re at. 9. It’s all about your comfort
Modern society keeps promoting the idea that a person should do everything possible to
fulfill all their desires and goals. Seems pretty harmless, right? But in reality, quite often it means not paying
attention to the needs of others. Because everyone’s fighting for their own
comfort. While this philosophy does make sense in some
way since we only have ourselves to count on, it seems alarming that so many people
refuse to spend their precious time on helping others. It feels as if a new trend has taken over
– a trend for indifference. But in so many situations, giving a helping
hand to someone who needs it isn’t difficult at all. So, hey, why not do it? My bottom line: strive to be a “people”,
not a “sheeple”. Don’t worry about trends, and being like
everyone else. There’s no one else like you on the planet,
so polish you – make you bright and shiny, because you can only be a 2nd best someone
else. So what usually helps you make a decision? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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100 thoughts on “9 False Values of the Modern Society That Rule Your Life

  1. Your job is to find a way to pull your own weight; Much better yet (for character's sake), if it is a hinest way. If you enjoy the work you need to do to support yourself isn't the main thing. That "work only if you enjoy what you do" is another false value of modern society.

  2. If I get 1 million, I would buy a small farm land with 60%. And remaining money, I will invest in share market and the profit goes for the education of children who don't have money for that.

  3. With $1M I’ll buy all possible and suitable assets, interesting businesses. Run my own companies and make sure that money works form me all my life along. And for other generations.

  4. I am a hairdresser and the enjoy going to work everyday. I'm super busy, love my clients. If I work hard, I earn good money and I also get to to know lots of people from all walks of life on a personal level.

  5. I don't try keeping up with the Joneses. I reject the worldly values that the secular world pushes. I am content with what I have since most of the world has less than I and if people do not accept that I am not hip or fashionable then, oh well, sayanara.

  6. Once a great person said, to be happy and successful..
    You want to be you, but entire world try to make you everybody else.

  7. If I had a million, I would save it up and try to get more so I can buy stuff I want and help a poor country that has orphans who have bad sicknesses and hunger.

  8. I dress stuff that are from todays trend because it's so clean looking. I also try to dress 80s sometimes because it's different. Michael Jackson and Madonna are the reason. I am a teen. Lol

  9. My life: Single parent, Full time Carer, Rent my home, Own a $15.000 car, Help family and friends without hesitation, Use cash rather than card, Don't spend a lot of time on social media, Not glued to my phone, Not into fashion, Don't wear make up, Don't have the funds to travel much yet with all this I am still happy with life, because I enjoy and love the people and things I have around me and am truly greatful for all of it.

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  11. When I go at any restaurant or cafe I see at least one girl trying to get good picture of the food and her boyfriend is bored and hungry and just wants to eat.. Well in my case is opposite I m tje the that dig in the food the moment it arrives and my boyfriend stops me to get pictures.. Once I looked so bored and hungry that the waitress was laughing at this usual situation… 😅😅

  12. $1M: pay off the house, pay off or buy new cars (2), put money aside for old age, then visit friends in other states, visit national parks, and vacation on the money I'm saving by not having car or house payments. If it was $10M, there would be many other things, including more for charities and treating family to vacations.

  13. Since I come from Africa where poverty is rampant ….if I get a $1.000.000 million ..I build a school for the orphans and the poor at large …….and promote the gospel of God

  14. Hmm if I had a million I'd just move our of the country I live in and refuse the rest, cause it wouldn't be interesting to have everything you desire

  15. Its not 'indifference' (as you call it); its 'me, me, me'. No other way to put it – and there's a difference! Lets be honest here…

  16. I completely agree with number 8 – the travel part. The majority of people that I know, regardless if they have the money or not, seem to travel whenever they can and then ask me why I don't travel. I try to explain to them, that I am perfectly happy staying in town for the weekend, simply visiting a cafe shop with other people like myself. Thanks to my parents I've visited many countries when I was young and feel most comfortable where I live.

  17. The last one hit hard … The trend of being indifferent. It's actually considered cool. Kindness is not vogue. Good work.

  18. Doesn't affect me. Couldn't care less anymore. Don't care about social media, nothing. Blah, blah, blah. Bored Now.

  19. Now, that I haven't a million, I think, I would spend half of it, and than pay the house off, do a some renovation, buy a new car and save the rest for college for my kids…

  20. Yep now everyone's obsessed over lip fillers and cosmetic surgery, quite sad really, anything to keep up with others to blend in

  21. Because everything has become competition. We have to compete with everyone and everything.
    Every little aspect about life has become competition.

  22. If i have a million dollars, I will build a huge house with a huge garden and i will pick up all abandoned/stray/mistreated dogs all over the Philippines and I will be their furparent til i die!

  23. This video is exactly right for this era. And i more agree with the advice. Be your self. And dont compare with the other. No one is going to love you. If you cant love your self.

  24. If i won a million … first I'd pay off all my debt, next buy a condo close to work, and keep working (but now without stress)

  25. Really very much needed for everyone's life to stay away from show off and look at the reality. Helping hands are important in today's insecure world

  26. If I had a million dollar, I'll buy me a farm or a cabin in the woods somewhere and live the rest of my life all alone.

  27. That's why instagram has finished showing how many likes has the person got. I don't like the society nowadays that depends on only social media, to meet lovers, to have communication,whatever.We don't need to obsess what others are doing. Just being who we are and being satisfied with it makes us happy. So let's be happy shall we?

  28. Wow! So limited! Who made this doesn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction going against the essence of themselves and all the Universe! They must be paid by the socialists governments to make those videos… what a shame!

  29. $1mil. After investing and buying a practical & humble home, I would invest as much as possible, I want passive income and my money to work for me.

  30. I never cared about expensive clothes, the newest phone or the biggest house and even though I'm just a teenager from a broke family I don't fantasize having everything that on trend

  31. I really dislike make up in this days, you just wearing mask on your face. It's okay if you like it, but if you doing make up only because everyone does maybe rethink your decision

  32. If I have a million I will invest and save it, life is not a race. You should know how to be contented. Think if you really need it and do you have enough money for this

  33. If I had a million dollars I’d probably be doing the same thing I’m doing right now, just in a nicer house 😅 (maybe one close to the beach)

  34. i have very very very very very VERYYYYYYYYYY overprotective parents and i hate it i miss out on so much and they never let me go anywhere without them and now my big sister is struggling to find a uni cos they wont let her go like after school they dont even let me walk in the streets alone or do anything im nearly 14 and their still not letting me a phone like EVERYONE HAS ONE and im old enough now i cant even go to the second floor of a shop without them getting worried uhg i have no freedom and for some reason i HAVE TO go into medicine 4 a job when i really dont want to and they expect me to do all the chores and not get 'rude' when im frustrated and get full marks on all my exams and a stars and all that and they dont even help me:(

  35. Perfection is just an illusion. Live for yourself and stop being a people pleaser. You can't make everyone happy. Being happy and content with your life is the greatest achievement.

  36. If I had million dollars, i"ll be travelling the world, visiting and learning about other cultures and gaining knowledge and experiences on the way.

  37. I am feeling proud of myself aftwr watching these as I do not follow any of these trends. My career is of my choice and influenced by peer pressure.
    I use social media very less
    I do not waste much tume in dressing up
    I travel sometimes not because others are doing so, but because I feel the need to do so

  38. Who knows what ill do$. Probably waste it on pleasures for my loved ones🤪 but would I truly do save some like invest and donate and pleasures much needed…

  39. About consumerism, yeah, most people think if have a car that could be make anything easier to bring some people, or more secure, or looks so fabulous, I don't know why. My parents also have an opinion that have a car makes me secure as a woman, but I don't want a car. What's wrong if I'm more comfortable with a bike or a scooter? Except if soon I have a big family, or have kids. In the city I live, there are so many traffic jams because lots of people use cars.

    If I had a million, help the orphans, or raise kids who abandoned by their parents, help my family, study until have a master degree, have an own shop and have a small farm like my parents did on backyard when I was 9 y.o.

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