A conservative black American weighs in on MLK day

A conservative black American weighs in on MLK day

today is the day that we celebrate the
birth life and and Welch who you wouldn’t celebrate the untimely
death but the memory over the reverend Oct Martin doctor martin luther king junior
arm how we done since then overt want blog a few there’s a holes such art such as fast in
the black unemployment rate has consistently been twice as high as that
of the white unemployment rate for fifty years that gap has not changed for the past 50 years black unemployment
has been well above recession levels the gap in household income between
blacks and whites has not narrowed in fifty years in fact the wealth
disparity between whites and blacks is even wider now than it was when ronald reagan came into office
black poverty rate declined dramatically in the sixties and seventies reagan came
into office since been flatlined ever since then since the nineteen eighties black poverty around 28 percent it was
26 percent when no to do is thirty it was 30 percent rating
came into office and it is 28 percent right now not good our schools are actually more segregated
now than they were in nineteen eighty this is progress I i think we have some some some work to do the majors minors
with this is a member the National Advisory Council project twenty one
blogger and former conservative talk show host Demetrious Emet Rius speaks dot com is website
metres welcome to the program school prom it’s
a pleasure to be with you and for having me on thank you for
joining us arm I I’ve read this the this blog that you
sent out and in it there’s a quote and I think you sent this long I it
you’re quoting Bishop now though I said doctor king was a bible-believing
pastor who understood sued scripture he would be doing precisely as the Bible
suggests rejoicing about all the good that has been accomplished is that a sitting around looking for
something to complain about um when when the average net worth over now
a white family in the United States is seventy nine thousand dollars in the
average net worth over black family as is i five thousand dollars isn’t it more than just complainin to point that out suggest we should do
something about it talk with just for clarification that that was not what I quoted I’m I
think you’re referring to a different individual 5 it a retrospect all the Spring Cup a right that doctor king let’s n and its
you compared to the hair that mean you currently live band I think that we both
can agree that there has been some progress now course I’m in regards to economics and there’s much work that needs to be
done a non-text experience ways to do that I threw up to jobs and growth and damp that appropriate economic
resources and in different states you know I that for
all children conversations I’m right there well let’s let’s have that conversation
not I’ve actually lived through both I was born in 1951 I I remember
segregated well water fountains I remember no in a
whites-only entrances when I was a little kid I remember a park that that was whites-only I you know I
would I remember segregated schools go and I grew up in the north and in
Michigan and and you know I remember the sixties I
remember that the war on poverty when lyndon
johnson launched the war on poverty not only cut
the overall poverty rate in the United States at more than in half over the following
six years but that he he really created a launching pad for up for a
black middle class that was just really having a hard time
getting off you know I off the ground with the
possible exception people who had been in the military throughout the fifties
sixties and seventies so you know then then you know basically Along Came reagan and said
we’re gonna stop all this stuff and clinton we’re gonna end welfare as we
know it most of the year many of the the Great
Society programs have been dial back and and basically ever since Reagan it’s
been frozen isn’t isn’t I mean how can as a as a black conservative how can you
justify that what Tom gonna have to respectfully
disagree with you Lyndon Baines Johnson intentionally said
if you go back in you listen actually LPGA tapes and how he referred to the black population
and the derogatory dark term but I would not usually a
radio show for basic reality will be using black people to vote for the
democratic party for the next two hundred year anything
degree i’ve i’ve heard that quote quoted by conservatives before and I you know I can’t find EA I can’t find any original source for
that can you provide me with one why I’m sure we don’t have it in front
of the affected well this is i mean the last I had this conversation with
the concert was about 45 months ago on my TV show and and he said that LBJ said that you know if he gave in if he gave
afro-americans enough for the a do a welfare that that they would
vote for Democrats for two hundred years and I didn’t have a response and so I
came back I started googling and all I could find was sites that’s either either you know white supremacist
a right-wing sites that said that and and maybe a dozen
different ways it was quoted are or debunking sites same LBJ never
said any such thing ike I cannot find a single original
source for LBJ saying that if you can provide it to me I would I would very much appreciated
but 52 time I will provide you with the the
great Ikea in detrimental to the black family what is gone is it is increased
dependency upon government programs I into welfare
programs which part which was intentionally used to be temporary me to live but not permanent several and in the
financing I am what I have seen up in my lifetime I have seen I’m different I left-wing individuals army use government programs as a way to keep the black individual
captive instead of promoting free enterprise
free-market it well you can’t be on welfare for more
than five years now since the since a clinton-gingrich reforms without
getting a job well what I’m telling benefits go away
I’m not just talking about I’ll welfare and i’m talking about. a
promotion a Peyton Manning government I’m with the
government would take interview instead of pop-up instead of promoting but the fact the matters that since
these so-called reforms that rolled back what LBJ did we have seen unemployment
remains stable and some cases get worse we’ve seen
poverty remains stable in some cases get worse and those numbers actually improve
dramatically in the sixties and seventies I mean dramatically black poverty fell black unemployment fell and and then Along Came reagan & and has been flat I
mean you can you can just look at the graphs actually I disagree with you tom armor
one is a I agree scorcher numbers black
entrepreneurship was during I the rating year now is as my understanding was that you wanted to up discuss I’m the legacy
of up Martin Luther King calloused unaware
that we is gonna compare and contrast economic policy to
previous press so what’s his legacy in your mind we have a minute well I mean I was free from the
conversation that we are having now in fact there needs to be worked be it
disrupts part that needs to be done and more into kink legacy will forever
live by me its peers peace I you know discouraged I the care to drain I’m to be to go from rags to riches and to
to our actual chat and what he termed racial bigotry to bridging that if I serving one
another I don’t see him as a rags to riches guy he was it you know when he was shot he
was asking for janitors to be able to unionize such riches well hand-painted it
inspires anyone to go from Iraq I’m too rich you know that you know 1
per it it’s free believe in their in their
heart that they can change the world and they can do it can be whatever they want
to be I’ll in that very from you know whatever your economic statically
current be poor you know I’m good middle-class you you can I got it be nature’s I’m sorry
we’re all the time demetrius minor to meet real speech dot com is what I
thanks for the news thank you for having

6 thoughts on “A conservative black American weighs in on MLK day

  1. It appears the plan is to create infinitely renewable energy by harnessing the perpetual motion from Dr. Martin Luther King spinning in his grave – to power Walmart.

  2. Typical conservative/libertarian argument…  Lots of simplistic feel good ideology, lots of demonization with zero facts and zero policy ideas.

  3. Martin Luther King was a man who took a stand for the common man in peace he walked in peace he stood never for wrong but always for good. He did not care if you were black or white all he wanted was to make things right.

  4. The war on poverty has had a lot of success, however what was driving poverty back when the war on poverty was launched isn't the same driver of what is causing poverty now (lack of job opportunities and more importantly good wage jobs).

    The right wing has used Martin Luther King to demonize Democrats, all the way to justifying some of their worst policies it seems. However this was the first time I ever heard MLK used as a rags to riches argument……

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