A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at Vaping – SOME MORE NEWS

A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at Vaping – SOME MORE NEWS

(dramatic music) – This just news in. Here, is that news. Some of it. This is some news, more of it. People are awfully concerned about vaping, a thing that, much like
the new Joker movie, is mostly enjoyed by
insufferable young men, is vaguely but probably not harmful, and just exhausting to talk about. Like, even the word itself,
with all them V’s and P’s, makes it physically taxing to say. Vape. I hate it. According to the CDC, as of
the taping of this episode there has been a recent
outbreak of vaping-related pulmonary illness including over 1,000 mostly-young victims and nearly 20 deaths. And what seems to make that even scarier is that no one can definitively
say why that’s happening. A lot of these deaths
or medical emergencies are being linked to THC
products from the black market, while other studies are pointing out that perhaps inhaling oil is not great, and here’s another investigation
linking it with Vitamin E? But even before this specific
scare, this hip new way to inhale things not normally
inhaled has been the subject of much debate over its
attractiveness to teens, possible health effects,
and future in America. Should we ban vaping? Or should we celebrate it as a safer alternative to cigarettes? Is it even helping people quit? It is, objectively, a safer,
futuristic way to inhale drugs. And that’s like, some kind of Star Trek. The Final Blunteer. (dramatic music) And heck, roughly the
same amount of people have been killed by falling
coconuts as e-cigarettes, but the difference is that we at least know why that happens. We’re seeing the plane
crash effect where the death is so dramatic and horrific that we don’t care how
statistically probable it is. After all, even if you
don’t vape yourself, you probably know someone who does. Perhaps a sibling or friend or a son that you only remember
is biologically yours until halfway through a
sentence describing him. – And I’m hearing it and that’s how the
first lady got involved. She’s got a son, together,
that is a beautiful young man and she feels very,
very strongly about it. – Mmmm. Every word from that man is a gift. Except all the racist and sexist stuff and publicly threatening for a civil war when he gets caught for doing crimes. But all those other words,
mmm, golden treasure. A little more? – Especially vaping as it
pertains to innocent children. They’re coming home and they’re
saying, “Mom I wanna vape!” – Mm, yum. One more time. – “Mom I wanna vape.” – Mm, yum. Anyway, so is our vaping
fear merely a reactionary media panic over something
new and confusing and we’re pretty (beep) hypocritical about what we decide is and isn’t harmful? Probably, yes. But to be balanced, and
fair, but mostly balanced, but also fair again in
order to balance things out, which I guess would add an
extra balance and make me more balanced than fair and
therefore not as balanced as I hoped and I apologize. But to be all of that, I want
to take a moment to point out that while vaping is a far
better alternative to smoking, it’s not really being used to quit and in most cases just
replaces one addiction with another, albeit a healthier one. But it’s still an addiction. It’s still paying a company
lots of money for a dependence. And if you’re using nicotine e-cigarettes, that can actually get you
more hooked to the substance because of how easy it is to do. There are now people talking
about how they had to switch back to cigarettes to
ease their addiction. So no, it’s not a great
way to quit smoking, and has actually reversed
a lot of progress in getting teenagers to quit a dependence. According to the American
Lung Association, the best association to get
all your sweet lung facts, tobacco use amongst
teens peaked in the 90s with 36.4% of students
admitting to smoking cigarettes. As we tightened
restrictions over the years, that number went down to 9.3% in 2015. But don’t worry,
people-who-like-it-when-teens-inhale-stuff not-normally-inhaled,
because at the same time the use of e-cigarettes went
up, and according to multiple studies is currently at around
37.3% for teens who vape. You might recognize how those
two numbers are very similar, and in fact the current one
is the highest of the two. But to be clear, that’s
still healthier than smoking and not all vaping includes nicotine. But even if you’re not vaping nicotine, you’re still putting
something in an orifice that has no business
being in that orifice. And, as evidenced by the recent
epidemic, every time humans stick something new in
one of their orifices, there’s going to be a
chance your body won’t enjoy having that thing inside of
it and it will try to die. But again, better than smoking. But also, not good for you,
even without the nicotine. Like, if everyone stopped
drinking alcohol and instead had big parties where they
binged on gallons of maple syrup, that would be technically better, sure. But also, bad. Goodish and bad. Like a word between those two words. Bood, perhaps. We’ve created a device that
allows you to inhale any liquid you want smoke-free, potentially
creating an alternative to a much deadlier product. But we also didn’t regulate that device. Additionally we also created teenagers, a type of people who,
if they’re cool enough, are willing to inhale just about anything. Assuming they’re cool and not babies. There’s entire subreddits
devoted to DIY vaping, and here are some videos of
young folks inhaling everything from ketchup to hot sauce
to (beep) hand sanitizer. Here’s a forum with some kid
asking if they could vape soda and energy drinks,
the answer obviously being: yes, if you’re cool enough. Like, that kind of cool
misuse is obviously bad. But since we’re still trying
to figure out just how bad the commercial e-liquids
are, and why they’re bad, it’s become a tad complicated situation. Especially since we blew
the first couple decades of e-cigarette existence
completely ignoring the possibility of health consequences and in fact helped tobacco
companies profit from them. (dramatic music) Hey, did you hear about that time the FDA tried to ban kid-friendly
vaping flavors back in 2015? It was a proposal backed
by countless scientists and health experts pointing
out that vaping companies were using the same flavor ingredients in their nicotine products
as popular candies, and were clearly designed
to attract children. Then a bunch of Obama
administration officials met with tobacco lobbyists for 50 days, having a series of meetings
aimed at debunking the FDA rule. Altria Group, a company
heavily invested in Juul that was formally known
as Philip (beep) Morris, sent four representatives to help push an industry friendly
version of the legislation. When the FDA rule was eventually
passed, it had completely excluded any kind of
flavoring ban and wiped out 15 pages of evidence supporting the link between flavors and youth smoking. This is according to the LA
Times, who recently went through the early drafts of the FDA’s
rule as well as meeting logs detailing the insane and effective effort from tobacco companies to
influence the then-current administration to completely
sell out high school kids in order to protect an industry that’s literally manufacturing addiction. Thanks Obama! I’m not even sarcastically
being sarcastic. I’m legitimately non-sarcastically saying that sarcastic thing
people say thanking Obama when they really don’t like Obama because he really (beep) up there. That (beep) is a scandal and it doesn’t even involve
bombing a civilian wedding. Anyway, so now that’s
where we are, and instead of figuring out the nuance of
this issue we’re eyeballing the possibility of
banning vaping altogether. Like if you ignored your
car’s check engine light for 10 years before just
pushing it into a quarry, which of course is the
proper way to dispose of cars and appliances and chemicals and stuff. And as the panic ramps, people
are just gonna get dumber about finding solutions,
such as this high school that removed its bathroom
stall doors to combat vaping, which is silly, because
high school teens need bathroom doors more than anyone, you know, to hide from the shooters. Anyway, Mr. President,
any comment about how kids are getting shot all the time? – Vaping has become a very big
business as I understand it, like a giant business in a
very short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick and we can’t have our
youth be so affected. – Sure, whatever. I hate all of this. But also, he’s not wrong. We shouldn’t have our youth get affected by large companies profiting
off their sickness. No, not that youth, the other ones, with the mostly white faces. But seriously, if Trump manages to ban flavored nicotine e-cigarettes despite overwhelming industry
influence then he will have actually done
something better than Obama. And perhaps we should, for
the sake of a greater good, point that out to him a bunch. So that’s the plan. Get Trump to ban flavored
vaping, then like, I dunno, impeach him for the other stuff. Then we can dust off our
hands, turn off the internet, and enjoy a cushy Mike Pence presidency. Everything solved. Only, for the sake of
argument, let’s say that none of what I just said was good or true. I mean, yes, I believe
I’ve stressed that vaping isn’t healthy and should
ideally exist in a world where it’s used to curb the
habits of cigarette smokers. And failing that, at least not be made to appeal to teenagers. This is all true. But also true is that, since
vaping didn’t immediately fall under any specific regulatory category, the government spent nearly two decades just completely ignoring the
dangers, and in that time created a situation where
countless small businesses could be formed solely around vaping. Businesses often run by lower class folks living out exactly what the American dream and capitalism is supposed to be. And now that states are issuing
sweeping bans, those small businesses are going to
no longer have a product. Many of these businesses
are currently speaking up, even suing states over this. But none of that will matter,
because unlike gun violence and healthcare reform, vaping is something that actually affects
the people in charge. We must save Baron, you guys. You can already see
the dark irony forming. Because if we get a sweeping
ban of flavored e-cigarettes, the only businesses that would
survive are big vaping brands like Blu or Vuse or Juul, all of which are owned by
large tobacco companies. The same companies that
e-cigarettes are supposed to combat. The same companies that have
literally tried to fight against vaping to protect
their bigger product. In what is the hilarious
reality of capitalism, these large companies came in to lobby against a flavor ban long
enough to hook high schoolers, and then will have their
competition wiped out when that ban finally goes into effect. Another much-needed win for
gold-plated taints everywhere! Good job! Oh, fun bit of information: tobacco companies are doing great! When the government created
a bunch of regulations and they got sued and all that, they just raised their
prices and conducted a series of giant
mergers to counteract it. It’s a real rags to
riches to getting richer and staying rich and then
killing a bunch of people to getting sued and then
back to riches story. Two of those companies,
Reynolds American and Lorillard, recently merged into a super
company despite the fact that they were already once
part of a single company that our government forced
to break up back in 1911. Capitalism is just… aces. Thumbs up! So (beep) it, where do we go from here? On one hand, we’re selling
a product that is dangerous. But on the other hand, we
don’t know how dangerous it is, and banning it would destroy
thousands of businesses and hand more power to
the already powerful. It’s almost as if there needs
to be like, a third option. Like if banning vaping
was the color black, and not banning vaping
was the color white, there should be like, an area
between those two colors. Like a bl, bwhite, or whack. Because it’s not like
e-cigarettes are the only harmful product we allow to be
sold in the country. We have the right, as
consenting adults, to consume something that kills us
a little bit in exchange for a brief moment of shade from the blinding light that is reality. Most everyone has an addition. I’m on PCP right now, and
you don’t see the government cracking down on… Really? When did that? I’m not on PCP and never
have done PCP before and don’t do PCP now
and won’t do PCP later. (upbeat music) So what’s a better solution? I mean, we could maybe try doing better with the regulations we
already have, for starters. Because at the moment we’re
absolutely not doing that. Last year when “The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution” tried to figure out how many
inspections of vape shops were happening in Georgia, they were told by the Department of Revenue
to ask the FDA who told them to ask the state department
of public health, who told them to ask the
Department of Revenue again. They also found that, thanks
to the weird confusion and lack of enforcement,
most teens in that state could easily buy e-cigarettes
despite being underage. And that makes sense. If you don’t enforce the laws, then yeah, the laws won’t work. In case you need more proof of
this glaringly obvious fact, here’s a study in the journal
Pediatrics that also found teen vaping was a third more likely in areas where vaping laws were more lax. Because uhhh, no poop. Also in the yeah no
poop, ya dopes category is the fact that many
of the e-juice flavors currently approved by the FDA
have only been technically cleared for ingestion and not inhalation. You know, because if you can
put something in one of your organs, you can definitely
put it in all of your organs. That’s just biology. Oh and here’s a study in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives”
that points out the vape pens themselves could possibly
be releasing metal into you. Into your body. Specifically the part of
your body that gives you air. But hey, we probably don’t
have to look into that. (dramatic music) So it might be a good idea to,
before issuing a complete ban on something that isn’t
nearly as dangerous as guns or actual cigarettes, just try to enforce the laws better first? Maybe punch up those shoddy regulations? And do a few more studies to figure out how we can avoid inhaling metal? Do more crackdowns on
shady vaping manufacturers and make sure the retailers are complying with the regulations. I dunno, maybe that’s just crazy PCP talk. Talk, it’s just talk. Why would I? Why would I say PCP? I didn’t mean. I didn’t mean whatever it is I said. It just makes you appreciate
the marijuana industry for really having to walk that line, something the vaping industry
may or may not be able to do. There’s a fear that
legalized weed and regulation would create a similar
situation where big tobacco would overtake the
product and we would kill everything that makes weed awesome. And while that will happen to an extent, luckily the direction
the industry is going in more closely resembles craft
beer, where thanks to the laws being different in each state,
different marijuana strains are enjoyed as a regional product that encourages a lot of
locally owned businesses. Weed and vaping, while very
different in some ways, share a symbiotic relationship. A lot of people vape THC, not to mention that the demonization of
vaping and vaping as it relates to small businesses and the
working class is similar to what happened when weed
was first criminalized. Ironically, starting in California, a state that is 80% weed now. And the weed industry knows
this, and is currently asking that we open up
legalizations on both weed and vaping as a way to better
regulate both of those things. Which is probably the smarter route. Because again, we’re at a crossroads here. We can accept that vaping isn’t healthy, stop pretending it’s a magic
alternative to smoking, but also keep it available, in variety, and highly regulated. Perhaps we can allow flavored vaping only when there’s no
nicotine and closer scrutiny over the ingredients,
completely stop online sales, and hold businesses more accountable for selling to underage kids. Or, we can ban everything
that isn’t available behind the counter of a 7-Eleven,
snuff out the vaping industry, and hand e-cigarettes over to
the major tobacco corporations who can make money off of pretending there’s a healthy
alternative to cigarettes. It’s just so arbitrary, you know? The things we choose to ban
versus the drugs we approve and the terrible food we allow. And it’s all just tied to the status quo. Nobody panics when things
go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying. Like if I said that a
truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody
panics when they blow up, because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that, like,
one little old sick Baron will get sick, well, then
everyone loses their minds! Great quote, by me. The Cody. (dramatic music) Somebody stop me, I’m the Joker. It’s my favorite quote from the new film. Thanks for watching the video. Like and subscribe, the YouTube stuff. Check out our Patreon.com/SomeMoreNews if you want to support us. And we got a TeePublic if you like merch. And we got a podcast and
it’s called “Even More News” and it’s got a great
audience that’s super cute and we love you.

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    Saying 'we need to ban flavors because of teh children' is equivalent to saying 'We need to ban maragaritas because of teh children'

    Things that taste good are not the sole provenance of children. Being an adult doesn't mean subsisting on a diet of boiled goose and plain toast.

    If you do this, you're simply going to create a splinter and possibly grey market for "Flavor additives" or "nictoine additives" that will result in less regulation and more risk. The market, like alcohol before prohibition, is fixed. The consumers of these products, overwhelmingly, consider flavor options as a core part of the product. Look around anywhere where this stuff is sold. Specifically vape shops with strict ID requirements that ONLY sell to adults.

    The overwhelming majority of sold product is flavored nictone.

    While its easy to look in from the outside and say "AH HA! THINK OF THE CHILDREN" that fucking ship has passed. You're looking at an established 20 year old industry now that overwhelmingly serves adults drugs that taste like candy. That's no more inherently targeted at children than hard lemonade or zima or flavored vodka mixers.

    Should we regulate it better? Absolutely. Stuff like we did with cigarettes and should do with alcohol. Ban advertisments outside the point of sale. Enact strict penalties for underage sale or unlicesenced transfer to minors.

    If you're going to tell me my options are either not taking drugs or taking drugs that taste bad. That is logic that one would not apply to established drug industries like alcohol or caffeine and there is no logical standing for applying it to this not-new nicotine market either.

    I'm an adult and I reserve the right to enjoy killing myself a little bit at a time because it feels and tastes good now, like countless generations of adults throughout history.

  40. Vape fluid doesn't have oil in it. Propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring is all that's in what I use. It was bootleg fluid, mainly the kind with CBD or THC in it, causing the issues. Also, it was (in some cases) vitamin E acetate, not vitamin E, that was being used as a thinner in said bootleg fluid, which isn't something people should be inhaling. Plain vitamin E wouldn't have been even half as toxic.

  41. I quit cigs 4.5 yrs ago and switched to vaping. At that time I had been having serious COPD symptoms for 5+ years, was coming down with 5+ cases of bronchitis a year, which turned into pneumonia at least 2 times a year, and I has severe asthma. Less than a year after the switch, the COPD symptoms were barely noticeable, I'd lost my smoker's cough, I don't need an inhaler to control my asthma, and I've only had one case of bronchitis and no cases of pneumonia since then. Vaping literally saved my life. Banning it is only going to make a lot of people switch back to cigs and then start getting sick AF again.

  42. In NC vape stores require ID proving you're 18 to even be allowed in the store, and the legit online vape suppliers also require proof someone is 18 to purchase from them. Just sayin'.

  43. If birthday cake flavored vodka isn't something people want to ban because kids might like it, why the heck is b'day cake flavored vape fluid??!!

  44. Nearly a half million people in the U.S. die every year from tobacco-related illness. That's about 1300 people every…single…f*cking…day. Also, the very few deaths attributable to vaping are now being linked to black-market produced THC vape oil.

  45. Its also possible to vape vodka and get instantly drunk. Grab empty coke bottle, put 20ml vodka in then seal with cork attached to foot pump. Pump until cork blows, the decompression means vodka vape. Enjoy!

  46. Vaping for sure helped me quit smoking. When I run out of juice I don't freak out and need to get more, if my batteries die it's no big deal, or if I forget it when I leave the house for work u don't mind and deal with it. Its nice to know I'm not connected to it like I was with cigarettes.

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