A Heavy Metal Civilization – Official Documentary Teaser

A Heavy Metal Civilization – Official Documentary Teaser

Yes, Finland is a metal country. It´s amazing because, I remember so many times coming from the airport and getting a taxi
and then you go into the taxi and it´s not playing
Justin Bieber or I don´t know, Katy Perry. It´s playing Dio,
Scorpions. When thrash metal was new in the St. Francisco
Bay Area there was never anything like this. It was
a bit more like too scattered, you know… Kids! And I wasn´t seen that really in a
lot of other places on the planet at that time. Because
thrash metal hadn´t made a big, let´s say, come back
yet but here it already seemed to have done that in
the late 90´s early 2000. Something in Finland, something
happened. The scenario of heavy metal in Finland that
was there was like a child play I think. It was like
very, very… guys wearing tight pants and long hair and
some, some how do you say, scars and everything, tattoos
and everything I did see some videos of David Lee Roth making moves on the stage and it was like: Wau! for me and I was like: I want to be like him. Then we were friends with Marco and in the same studio we made music and Marco
was mixing there and learning about the mixing. We got a little bit closer there. And if you could name your first references
when you think about Finnish heavy metal musicians regardless of what they do but heavy metal
musicians who would they be? Who are the first people who come to your
mind? Of course Marco Hietala and Tarot Tarot is maybe the first heavy metal band
from Finland that I remember hearing. -That´s like Stone and… – Yes, exactly. – Well I say this: Tarot, that kind of bands -Exactly. Yeah it started with Tarot, it´s
true. -They had the first metal gigs in Finland. Amorphis of course, Stratovarius… So would you say that Stratovarius is one
of the bands that was more significant to take Finland abroad? Finnish bands abroad? Yeah, I mean Stratovarius was the first one to do Latin America for instance Stratovarius sort of, was a very big part
of building the whole infra-structure of taking bands like Nightwish or Children of Bodom
or bands that came after. So in this way I would consider, maybe, you know, Stratovarius and Amorphis, they would be like
very significant as the trailblazers. From very early on in the 90´s you had bands
like Amorphis obviously, Waltari and… But then by the end of the 90´s that´s kind
of when it all kind of exploded into a bigger
thing with bands like Children of Bodom and Nightwish and this kind of like, Him also. Even if it´s not really a metal band you
know, their impact is still being huge. It was acknowledged quite quickly also globaly
that wait a minute, there´s this small country
that people didn´t know that existed. All of a sudden there are these bands like all the big metal medias in Europe start to review their albums and, you know,
give them you know, 10 out of 10 and stuff like that
so, so definitely something happened. We had Him, we had Children of Bodom, Nightwish. They were born, most of them, in the later
part of the 90´s so yeah, things definitely started
happening. We had all kinds of genres also appearing, and you know, we didn´t, you know we never had it in Finland before At there I was at a different level I was
used to But then of course the biggest thing happened with “Once” and “Nemo” single which like put us bigly forward. That was already when I was part of it. There was a lot of shared pride and joy in
that. Rock music was a big thing at that time. Even our Prime Minister did this with Lordi in 2006 or something like that. So that´s when, that´s when rock n´roll
died. Buy these records, metal is awesome Let´s see our Finnish Prime Minister doing… “How should I do it, like this?” “Yeah I´m doing like this, I´m a metal man!” And they were making copy bands of Stratovarius, Children of Bodom, Him just trying to get in with the people, in
with the money. So then, you have to take away all these. You remove all the money, all the bars, all
the fame, all the business and what you have left is
real people making real music.

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  1. As a finn I can say , Metal is not "mainstream" even here. There´s may had been a little short metal mania after Eurovision win of Lordi and at same time was Finlands Idols Winner Ari Koivunen. But Heavy Metal is not mainstream anywhere. Maybe luckily so.

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