A HINDU PYRAMID in Cambodia proves Origin of Mayan Civilization? Baksei Chamkrong & Tikal Temple

A HINDU PYRAMID in Cambodia proves Origin of Mayan Civilization? Baksei Chamkrong & Tikal Temple

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a
very strange place called Baksei Chamkrong in the Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia. This is a very strange site because this is
the only stepped pyramid in this temple complex. This pyramid in Cambodia is almost identical
to the pyramid found in Mesoamerica. There is a pyramid called Tikal. There is a pyramid in a place called Tikal
and that pyramid looks not even similar but almost identical. The Tikal Pyramid is in the country of Guatemala,
in central America and this is roughly 10,000 miles from the Baksei Chamkrong Pyramid in
Cambodia. But when you look at them side by side, it
is mind boggling. There is no doubt, they were both built by
the same builders. Or did these 2 civilizations, separated by
10,000 miles, contacting and communicating with each other using advanced technology,
just like what we do today? How else do you explain these similarities? Look at the construction style in both temples. The masonry is the same, Make rectangular
blocks of stone, and place them on top of one other. Look at the basic design: Not even similar,
almost identical. Both of them pyramids, both of them are stepped
pyramids, both of them have a staircase laid out in the center. Both of them have a dome like structure built
on the top, both have them have a doorway in the center of the dome. It is impossible that all these similarities
are a result of mere coincidence. Think about this, if these 2 structures were
constructed within a 10 mile radius or a 100 mile radius, archeologists and historians
would swear they were built by the same builders. However, simply because they are separated
by 10,000 miles, experts now swear that this is a pure coincidence, built by 2 completely
different civilizations which had no contact with each other. But there are more shocking similarities. Both have them have secret underground structures,
waiting to be unearthed. Look at this pit in front of the entrance. Locals say this is not a pit, this is an underground
tunnel, which has caved in. Just by looking at it, we know, if we dig
in deep enough, we will be able to access the underground area. Look at these small mounds protruding here,
these are covering the columns or other tall structures of the underground. This is not a natural formation. Here is another mound Diagonally opposite
on the other side of the pyramid, again covering another protruding structure. These clearly indicate that there is an underground
structure in Baksei Chamkrong pyramid. In 2018, Laser technology was used in Guatemala,
especially around Tikal and believe it or not plenty of structures were found underground,
baffling archeologists. So, this is another remarkable similarity. And we have not fully understood why these
pyramids have been built, there must be some connection between underground structures
and pyramids, because even the Giza pyramids in Egypt, has a huge system of underground
chambers, tunnels and even artificial caves. See experts today, they are not even willing
to take a minute and think about why these pyramids have been built. There must be a scientific reason, the pyramids
must have served a purpose in ancient times, which we don’t understand. But we are not done yet, there are more similarities
between Baksei Chamkrong and Tikal. Both ancient pyramids have an unusually steep
slope. This is very very hard to climb, as though
it was not built for humans to climb it. Most people do not climb this pyramid because
you cannot walk up, you have to be on all fours, and literally crawl your way up. Same thing with Tikal, the slope is just really
steep and you have to use your hands and feet. The Tikal pyramid is not isolated, it surrounded
by several other temples nearby, it is part of a larger complex. Baksei ChamKrong pyramid is also surrounded
by temples, it is part of the Angkor temple complex. If we make an aerial comparison between the
two, we may be able to find more similarities. To have such remarkable similarities, the
builders must have used the same plan, the same blueprint on both sites. But what is the connection between Baksei
Chamrkong in Cambodia and Tikal, in Guatemala? Experts say that Hindus built Baksei Chamkrong
and Mayas built Tikal, and they are completely different people. However, the name Maya itself is a Hindu word,
it means Illusion or Magic. How did the Mayans get their name and how
did their civilization start and build these amazing structures? This is explained in Indian texts, there is
an architect, a master engineer called Mayan. Yes in Tamil language texts, he is called
Mayan, with the same name, he is known with many other names such as Mamuni Mayan or Mayasura,
but he is basically known as Mayan. He is the one who must have traveled out of
India, and built these amazing structures all over Asia, in Cambodia, and then traveled
all over South America and finally settled down in Central America. This is how the civilization in central America
got the name Mayan. Believe it or not, this story is actually
confirmed by a Mayan text called Popol Vuh, if you read that book, it mentions how a specific
god arrives from the east. This must be Mayan himself, and he must have
been the mastermind behind building all these brilliant Mayan structures. This is why the Tikal pyramid looks so similar
to the pyramid in Cambodia. Do you know the word Tikal or Thikazh means
“To Shine” in Tamil language? Do you know the Tikal Pyramid shines or looks
illuminated even during night time? These are not coincidences, the Mayan civilization
and Hindu civilization share the same root. The architect Mayan must have started the
civilization in Central America, this is why all his followers were called Mayan. People like David Childress, myself and many
other ancient alien theorists believe that it must be Hindus who moved from Asia to other
continents and built these megalithic sites. I have shown you so many Hindu structures
in the country of Colombia as well. But archeologists have one important point,
which goes against this view. They believe that Baksei Chamkrong was built
around 900 A.D and the Tikal Pyramid was built much earlier than that, at least a few centuries
earlier. And this is very interesting, because if Mayan
and his people moved from Asia to Central America, the Baksei Chamkrong should have
been built first, and then the Tikal pyramid would have been built. However, archeologists think that the Tikal
pyramid was built earlier and Baksei Chamkrong was built around 900 A.D. But the key question is, how did experts come
to the conclusion that Baksei Chamkrong pyramid was built around 900 A.D? This is structure is completely made of rocks
and bricks, so it cannot be carbon dated. The dates are nothing more than calculated
guesses. But there is an inscription here on the sides
of this doorway which takes back the site back much much older in time. You can see it has these beautiful inscriptions
in Sanskrit and Khmer. It talks about a saint called Kambu, who travels
from India thousands of years ago and the inscription mentions that he founded the country
of Cambodia, originally known as Kambhoja. This is why we have the current name Cambodia
and the former name Kampuchea till 1989. So, you can see even though there is an inscription
written in this pyramid, taking it back to thousands of years ago, Archeologists do not
accept this inscription as a valid historical record, because they say this is mere religious
mythology. But the evidence is right here, on the very
site, that the Baksei Chamkrong pyramid pre-dates Tikal pyramid in Guatemala. So, it is quite possible it was first built
here, and then finally replicated in Tikal. So, what do you think? Was Baksei Chamkrong and Tikal built by the
same builders? Were Mayans originally Hindus? How else do you explain the remarkable similarity
between these 2 pyramids? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and
I will talk to you soon. Bye!

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  6. Wow finally I know what maya means. For me it just confirmed what always suspected . Thank you pravenn.i'm. From central America. Elsalvador.

  7. Go ahead brother! You know when it is dark it is called night and after more dark it is called midnight but after darkest night morning appears.So go ahead with your great investigation and you will meet the morning and all that cannot be seen in dark all will be clearly seen All mystery all glories of great India and it's proofs of its oldest civilization will be established .Thanks for your hard work!

  8. All the civilisations in the past may have had smart phones type technology to share things between. Because we still see phone type tabs in some statues, idols in Temples and even Praveen showed some statues has been carrying phone type tabs in hands. Just a guess.

  9. "The Maya word “Kultunlilni” refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life energy and the power of consciousness." Obviously Mayan and Vedic civilization talked to each other and shared information. Modern history is skewed by the leftist liberal establishment of the west

  10. My theory is that these where multi-purpose structures and that the elevation is so steep because incoming attackers can be fought off more easily and also prematurely attacked from afar by bow….while the attackers where busy climbing the kings quarter during a war the hidden forces beneath this structure would go underground to later re-emerge behind the enemy to surprise attack them and gave them trapped….imagine egypts pyramids full of archers and spear slingers raging hell from above with their countless arrows

  11. Big chunck of history was erased and human greed was taken over. We been channelled to current modern salvery of work, pay bills and dont ask anything. But i strongly believe what was erased would come back again in next few decade or so.

  12. Mayan was an engineer or an architect in king balichakravarthi kingdom, when Lord Vishnu sent Bali to patala loka, he took his fellowman with him. The patala loka is present day south America.

  13. How can one man build all that in his lifetime? There are many of them and each of them took a considerable amount of time to build, or at least I thought they did, I think the experts don't really know near as much as they try to make everyone think they do, even still I don't see how one mane could do all that in a lifetime because there are too many of them, maybe just the two would be doable. They may have had a more advanced form of communication than we think or maybe they were moving from one place to the other in their vimanas, no one knows how fast those things moved. Actually those temples sort of resemble the images I've seen of vimanas.

  14. Hope you visit Indonesia soon, there are few Megalithic ancient sites, and the official history information just doesn't seem convincing…

  15. There is a tribe in New Zealand who claimed they were from India, then Iran, then Central America and then to Peru, then New Zealand.

  16. எங்களுக்கு தமிழ் கலாச்சாரம் மற்றும் வரலாற்றைக் காட்டியதற்கு நன்றி தயவுசெய்து தமிழில் வீடியோக்களை உருவாக்கவும்

  17. தமிழ் போக்கிஷாம் விக்னேஸ்வரன் மாயன்கள் தமிழ் என்பதை வெளிப்படுத்தினார், மேலும் நீங்கள் தமிழர்கள் பெரியவர்கள் என்பதை வெளிப்படுத்துகிறீர்கள்

  18. Hello Praveen,
    I think Tikal means Burning Stone.
    It's arrived from 2 words combined.
    Thee + Kal
    Thee means fire and Kal (kallu) means stone.

    The experts, you're talking about, represent the Smithsonian interest & ideology, who would rather found something North of Equator or south of equator doesn't need investigation.
    Smithsonian Institute which was founded on August 10, 1846, was "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge".
    The term "diffusion of knowledge" always kept me from sleeping.
    The Smithsonian is not about knowledge but about them, the white people "Aryan"????.

    They screwed their own mind to the lies of their own media and now are in a great peril & down fall.

    Mamuni Mayan is the father-in-law of Ravanan and uncle of Sita. A highly intelligent figure lived some 16,000 years ago.

  19. Vedic viswakarma community migrated world wide due to Immersion of Lemuria continent.
    They were the Great Architect of all the Vedic Era

  20. I believe that some were Hindu and others were recruited. I come from the Hunnali here in America. ISHTAMAYA TOTIKAS/TOLTITES PEOPLE OF ANCIENT TŪRAN. MY TRIBE HERE IN TEXAS ARE CALLED APARASICORA PAKANA MVSKOKE HUTALGALGI

  21. Tikal , name itself sound Vedic/Sanskrit. Could you imagine the name,e of countries Argentina, Suriname, Maya? All these names are Vedic names. How Could? Why historians hiding this fact. ?

  22. Really enjoy your work. There could be a much easier answer. When the tower of Babble fell, many people groups each went their own way. there were still master builders in many of the people groups. that is why its the same design but with this builders touch . hope you are well

  23. Mayan/Mayon/Mayavan clan is still living in Tamilnadu of India.
    VCK chief Dr. Thirumavalavan's clan God is Mayan/Mayon.

  24. In ancient times other countries peoples come India for different knowledge. That's why India is professor of World.

  25. All these construction were after the destruction of Babylon tower. When the Almighty God destroyed their towers and divided them in many languages they leaved Babylon but didn't give up to worship idols, they search new suitable places and inhabited in various places in the world. That's why the construction of in that time were same type of construction.

  26. i liked your vids…til this one…..you are not an archaeologist to make these fantastic claims about Mayans….you don't know enough which is why you rush to claim Mayan culture as yours…you are just like hundreds of other ppl who like stealing and claiming cultures from the Americas…

  27. This could have been earlier initial type of Hindus temples gopurams tower's then they could have evolved to later (present )types v should check wether our temples were built after this r earlier to this

  28. Do you mean Mayan was a Tamilian and spoke Tamil and Tamil was the national language of America ? Thanks atleast taking Hindu names sometimes though .

  29. All these pyramids have caves, & tunnels under them.
    If a massive flood was coming, I'd climb the pryamid.
    If it was raining lava & fire I'd go underground.
    They all had bunkers & shelters just like us.

  30. You are doing great job by sharing amazing facts and information with the world. I am adding some of the places to my bucket list after seeing your videos, thanks to you for making such wonderful videos on history.

  31. instead of doing sci-fy archeology, i would first collect more information on what kind of temple it was BEFORE. This is why jewtube sucks.

  32. Anciant peeple did meditation in the mountains when they displace to other country where there was no mountain then they made mountains in piramid shape to meditate.

  33. Who are those archeologists, claiming only their beliefs are right. First their should be an open mind for all possibilities.

  34. Absolutely Correct, and ALL the Archaeologists continue to Force ALL Megalithic Structures around the World in the same 4 – 5,000 year timeline! And, if Archaeologists like Robert M. Schoch, who was one of the First to question the actual age of the Sphinx in Egypt, directly do to Water vs just Wind!  Placing the whole GAZA Plateau,  back in time to approx. 12 – 15,000 years old…You lose all your Research Funding!?

  35. I believe it was Thoth/Quetzalcoatl/Maya all being the same being. If you research what they are depicted wearing you will see great similarities as well as what those beings were said to deliver to the society.

  36. Bro, please look into Mayadawana in the history of ancient Sri Lanka during the time of great King Rawulu Ravana. Many structures including Sigiriya (which you have already visited in Sri lanka) were designed and built by Mayadawana. He then have moved to old Egypt and then to South America in order to give this great knowledge to the civilisations over there.

  37. Some clarifications, the actual Maya people did not call themselves Maya, they had cultural-regional similarities of a large group of city-states expanding from southern Mexico to present-day Nicaragua. Each had their own name they called themselves it was only after the colonization that they used the word MAYAB which is the region currently known as Yucatan and Quintana Roo to collectively name all these nations Maya's it does not originate from the presumed Sanskrit. Also, could it be possible that what it is referred here as Mayan had actually traveled to S.E Asian and left their mark behind?

  38. I'm curious as to why refer to them as temples ?

    why not "structures" ?

    and why continuously "Hindu" ? My guess is that word didn't even exist 100's of thousands of years ago. ? I don't know.
    Lastly, i got the feeling from this structure it was more a hospital than a temple. Looks to me a place where one came to heal. I don't know, hence why I'm asking


  39. My father always said that the world once practised Hinduism. But I always thought that it was not the case, but after this I think he is right. I believe that this wil come out in the near future. Jai Hind.

  40. they are totally different cultures, the tikal temple has many differences from this temple in Cambodia, apart from that Maya is a word present in several languages.

  41. Thank you…good sir…I think that the archeologists of old have to take their ego out of their thought…that we are the most advanced that we have ever been…and think that just maybe they have been lied to…and there are way more advanced research tool today..than there was when some of these sights were discovered in 19th-18th centuries…we can’t build some of the ancient structures of yesteryear…with the tools of today…like could we move 2,2000,000 pound obelisks in the terrain like in Baalbek…and it is clear evidence that with the bags or whatever is in the hands of the people from ancient carvings from around the world..that they were all in contact with one another…

  42. Amazing job. This is really surprising and scholars just don't want to believe all this. The two reasons definitely makes us believe that world earlier was connected.

    1) Similarities in culture and monuments. As shown the Pyramidical design and the Gods resembling that to Lord Shiva.
    2) Throughout the world there is an evidence of some advance technology of stone cutting. They were able to cut the hardest of rocks with so much precision. So, thinking all the people around the world were able to advance this much is kinda weird. We just saw centuries ago Japan was closed out to the world and lagged behind the technology and other things. They did not developed at the same pace at which the connected world developed. So, not every place on earth could advance at same pace. We have evidence of advance techniques in ancient America and so in middle East and so in Asia. They were indeed connected. Plus, if they had developed such advance tools, couldn't they have developed some means to go around the world like ships? Of course they could. It just that this vast ocean has engulfed it all.

  43. One of the most interesting things that I have heard is that Quetzalcoatl aka Kukulkan is an astronomer as well as the creator of the calendar, essentially the Aztec and Mayan God of Astronomy. Tamil word Koohai or Koohal means Owl. The Tamil word Kan means Eye. Koohal plus Kan equals Kukulkan which means Owl's Eye or Eye of an Owl. Kukulkan and Vishnu could have connections plus they are both gods of reincarnation.

  44. "make rectangle blocks of stone and place them on top of one another.." that's hardly a case for saying its the same builders. That is literally how most buildings were made everywhere same as brick buildings in tons of countries. youre reaching pretty far in this video.

  45. Tikal is the second biggest Mayan City in Guatemala by what i have understood the biggest Mayan City still lies within the Guatemalan Jungles there is a place in Peten were the land is flat but there are a large cluster gigantic mountains that peak over the vast jungles they have indeed come to find that they are man mad structures

    But Guatemalan Archeologist and Historians have also come to discover that The Mayan were a Warrior Nation that imprisoned and bought riches, Women and culture from other conquered tribes and Nations

    So far they have confirmed that the Mayans sent out expeditions throughout the Americas and oceans they confirmed contact and trade with the Natives of many other people groups and tribes even the polynesian tribes knew of the fierce Mayans

  46. Maybe just maybe, Mayan were who traveled to asia and built the pyramids over there. Why not? It could've been that way. .

  47. Everybody knows the entire Earth was heavily travelled in so-called ancient times. Media like History Channel and educational(?) system just can't get it right.

  48. The plot thickens. Anything I have seen is bleak in comparison, I just saw the video of the hindu sound temple too, you presented, never hearead of it before. Maya is an engeneer , documented in the veda texts. I need a 100 years to think about it .

  49. If there is a disparity in the building years perhaps they were built during the Golden part of the Yuga when, I've read (no source sorry) people live to be a thousand years old.

  50. We were all one people of different races living next to each other having the same beliefs. They will never admit that we were. Even though they cannot explain how natives ended up in different lands because after this time all technology was lost. Which was the reason for the separation etc. I don’t know why they would say they traveled after separation perhaps like today they just made up stories. That inscription is very new. So don’t doubt that someone wrote it a couple hundred years ago. Probably trying to explain like you are today and they guessed not really knowing the Mayans say they were there that they didn’t build them but found them when looking for land that had food and water.

  51. Hello! I am an Austrian living in Nicaragua (we have also Pyramide but under earth because have not money to conserve it)

  52. experts also found that Bali chakravarthy, was sent to central america ( Paathaala loka) by the God Vaamana after keeping his third foot on his head, and Mayasura followed him to establish a kingdom there..

  53. If it's Hindu how come Angkor Wat (Angeakreak is the real name) is in Cambodia and not in India since that's the main Prasat (Khmer Word BTW)? Thats like the Roman Empire building the Vatican in the Middle East. Doesn't make sense does it? 😂🤣

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