A Moment with the Bishop – Bishop Donald J. Hying – July 25, 2019 – Feast of St. James, the Greater

On July 25th, we celebrate the Feast of
St. James the Greater. So, in the scriptures, Peter, James, and John are kind of Jesus inner circle. They’re present at the Transfiguration. They are present in
the Garden of Gethsemane. They’re present in the most profound moments of the
Lord’s life. Tradition says that Saint James, after the resurrection, ends up in
Spain, evangelizing the people . He goes back to Jerusalem and is the first apostle
to suffer martyrdom, is beheaded by King Herod. And tradition says that, his relics
were taken back to Spain, lost for many centuries, found through a hermit who has a vision of where they were. And today the Magnificent Cathedral of Santiago is
above the tomb of James. I’ve been blessed to do the Camino, this pilgrim
walking way, twice. And it is a beautiful expression of faith. So, we see in
Santiago, Saint James, an ordinary fisherman, who is called by the Lord,
and gives his entire life to proclaiming the gospel. Today we talk, often, about the New Evangelization, or the need to be missionary disciples, and how do we
cultivate that faith in others? I call on the prayers of St. James, that we may never give up in that endeavor. To look at the people in our
lives strategically and to realize that
everyone that we work with, everyone we live with, is longing for deeper
experience of God, whether they know it or not. How can you and I become an
instrument of that Good News, that God unconditionally loves them, forgives them,
and is calling them to greatness? When I’ve been blessed to pray at the tomb of
St. James, I think here’s a servant, here is a fisherman, here’s somebody that, in
many ways, was no one extraordinary. And yet simply by hearing the Lord’s call
and responding. became Saint James the Great, an apostolic foundation in the Church, with thousands of people still
walk this Camino way, to honor his tomb and to pray for his intercession. We ask
his prayers that our lives may be imbued with fire, the passion, the zeal, of the
Holy Gospel of Christ.

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