A New Home for the Leaders and the Best

A New Home for the Leaders and the Best

(dynamic music) – [Presenter] 150 years ago the University of Michigan Medical School made history when it was the first school in the country to open a hospital. Now in 2019 Michigan Medicine
is creating history again, introducing what will be one
of the most advanced hospitals in the country for complex patient care. – We’re excited to have
received final approval to build a new hospital
on our main campus. Our new state-of-the-art
hospital will be one of the most advanced in the state and our outstanding physicians,
nurses, health professionals and staff will enable us to care for the most complex patients. – Planning for this new
hospital began years ago with input from our team
of clinical staff, faculty, patient and family advisors. We use rigorous lean
processes to help us determine the design for purpose,
clinical programs, services and the structure of the new facility and we will be one of
the very few healthcare Gold certified lead
facilities in the country which means we prioritize
high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. – The new hospital will be 12 floors with 20 operating rooms and three intervention radiology suites and 264 private patient rooms. It will provide neurosurgical
and neurological care, cardiovascular care, advanced imaging and other specialty services. Located next to the CVC this new facility will connect to our medical campus and give us the extra capacity we need to begin renovations on select floors to update University Hospital, including converting double
rooms to private rooms. – And I’m excited to see this new building because I think it’s
going to be beautiful. We’ve had a lot of discussions about what needs to be
available for families when they’re going to be really involved in the care of the individual. The hospital is recognizing the role that that emotional social support
from family and friends plays and they’re just finding
a way to accommodate that. It’s going to feel like
a cozy, welcome place where people know that they’re
gonna get a great quality of care and that they’re gonna be feeling much better in no time. – We are proud and excited
to be making this investment in our community which
will benefit our patients, create more jobs and expand
our ability to impact lives. Thank you for being a part of this journey as we continue to grow
and advance healthcare.

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  1. So you gonna build new hospital which needs more employees , but cant seem to find anywhere to build another parking structure and busses are overcrowded with parking lots spread out over miles for Employees… where exactly will the new employees park as this parking situation you created is worse its been with unsafe shuttle crowds and dark lots with no security ???

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