Aai, Bappa & Me (Part 2): Society’s Ganpati | #bhadipa

Hey Dhol. Where are you going? We don’t want any. Mom. It’s me! But why have you bought a Dhol? I haven’t bought it, there’s no place to keep it in the society’s store room. Where are you taking it inside? In your room. In our room? But you father is there. What? I meant, where would he sleep otherwise? I’m not gonna keep it on the bed. I’ll find a small corner for it. Babu, see Dhol. Ani, Smile please. Would it fit in a small corner? 3 more are coming, I’m keeping them in Jui’s room. No, no. Please no.. There’s no place in my room and Babbu is also coming in the afternoon for studies.. Keep them in her room Mom! Because you only play it, right? Babbu, no one listens to me Is there only one house in the society for all of this? Mine is only one. Do one thing, get all the things here and we’ll go in the mandap to stay. So, you won’t need any decoration! Jui! Did Godbole pay? No So, what are your plans for decoration? I think we should do Sacred Games’s decoration Cool, you be Kukoo Babbu.. I’ll be Gaitonde.. (mimics Gaitonde’s dialogue) Babbu, did you bathe? You don’t go for meetings without having bath There’s a science! Go, have bath and come. Babbu.. Let it be, let’s do musical fountain’s decoration. I feel we should do a light show You have done engineering, right? Yes aunty Want to become electrician then? I can see what are are up to. Don’t you remember the kind of decoration you used to do? Once you’d made Chandrayan Once a village’s decoration, remember? She had done a folk dance and he was a farmer.. Your dhoti had come down, you remember? Enough.. Mom! Enough. Please suggest something before mom gets nostalgic. Hey, I feel like.. You have done commerce, right? Yes, Aunty Then you keep quite Mom, are you going to suggest anything? No, I can’t of anything like you guys. This year we should do a chariot of thermocol hey. or or .. If you do anything out of Thermocol, I’ll call Police to arrest you Arrest? Thermocol is banned What? Huh? What’s this? I’m taking mattress Mattress? Ani. Hey, mom I want Cooker Cooker? Are you going to cook rice in the mandap? Maggie! Maggie? In cooker? Mom, I’ve taken chair. Ani..! Hey mom, Broom I want. Broom? Got it. Jui, that’s not a broom! Is there any old lungi of dad? Mom, where’s the bell? Towel? Mom, big vessel I want Monkey cap? Mom, give one Saree.. Langot? What do we have then in the house? Wait, I’ll come with you No, no.. Mom, can you make some tea for us? Yeah, why not? What? Mom, do we have brinjal? What do you need that for? What decoration you’re doing? I don’t want it, Joshi kaku wants it Ok, come No need of that.. not that, I’m taking this mosquito killing racket Take this whole house but I’m not giving this racket to you! Why? Mom, make some shira for prasad. As a President, I’ve decided to give you the first chance to make prasad. I’ll do that, you iron your kurta first. Huh? Hey mom, can you make some prasad today as well? Pendse kaku passed away.. Not sure though, there’s rush outside. I’ll confirm that, you make prasad. bye Mom, please make prasad today. Joshi kaku suddenly… I saw he in the morning Their puppy passed away. She’s very sad. She can’t do it. Please Mom.. Kale kaku refused at the last moment! I was wondering what to do, Sarang suggested to get Veg Puff veg puff for Ganpati? how is that possible? We need to think of something I’ve made coconut barfi, take that. Modak isn’t there? No actually Coconut barfi is better option, it’s good for health.. Coconut has always been… Mom I’m making prasad! I’m already on it! Get out. , (Aarti going on) (Jui says it wrong) It’s not Sajana, it is SA DA NA Das Ramacha meaning who? Ramanand Sagar? Correct! Why are you wearing sleeveless? You shouldn’t wear it in from of Bappa Why? There’s a science behind it! Give a little profile.. Little more.. more.. Not this much.. turn back How many speakers? Some more are coming! You want to break the walls? We are building wall of speakers! Ganpati’s ears are big enough, he can even listen to dropping pin. But neighboring society can’t hear it Aawaaj kunacha? BMCC Cha! Are you mad or something? This is not a college drama competition. Niketan Co-Op Housing Society you have to say! Stop it! Everytime you play songs on your phone, so do it this time too! There won’t be any fun to dance then There’s no need of those weird dance moves you do You go home, you have exams tomorrow. But Babbu is doing preparations.. Wait wait.. Let me just do one story.. Hey Amya, come fast.. Let’s do a Boomrang Yea.. Dance dance.. Wait.. 1, 2, 3.. Action. Hey lord! Bless them with some intelligence next year at least. I think This year we should think of decoration differently something unique Something that hasn’t been done before I have some ideas for this year which are different, new and unique Basically they are unique Different decoration, amazing decoration.. Ideas that has never came into anyone’s mind before I have such ideas which I’ve never told anyone about.. then how will someone know about them Decoration of those ideas.. Which everyone should see..

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