Accommodation to suit health, welfare, or mobility requirements

Accommodation to suit health, welfare, or
mobility requirements we want you to move into your new home with confidence
if you have a disability, health concerns, or specific requirements don’t worry
we’re here to help we’re experienced in helping students with a wide range of
physical and mental health conditions find accommodation that suits their
needs a health, welfare, or mobility requirement that means it’s necessary
for you to have a room with a certain facility or be in a certain location is
classed as an additional requirement so what is an additional requirement a
sight, hearing, or mobility impairment, a diagnosed physical health condition or
disability, a diagnosed mental health condition, a health condition that
requires specially stored medication if you’re taller than 6 foot 3 and need a
longer bed okay so if you have an additional requirement the most
important thing is for you to tell us as soon as possible by filling in the
relevant section of our accommodation application form so we can help you with
your request

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