ACHC I Private Duty Accreditation

ACHC I Private Duty Accreditation

I am John Langley, Vice President and Chief
Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer for Maxim Health Care Services. Maxim is a company that provides home
health care as well as staffing as well as flu and wellness programs throughout the country. Our home care offices are located in
thirty-nine states. We have approximately two-hundred and thirty offices. We go
from Anchorage Alaska all the way down to Miami Florida. Maxim as at home care agency has done a particularly good job with compliance – compliance with
regulations. Health care is increasingly regulated industry. Maxim with our accreditation agency has done, I think, a superb job in developing policies that absolutely
keep us in compliance with state, federal, and program regulations. As Chief Medical Officer, the most
gratifying part of the job, is of course, delivering quality care to all of our
patients. But especially in home health, being able to keep the patient at home rather
than keeping them in hospitals or long-term care facilities. Maxim has had and excellent relationship
with ACHC over the years. I think the hallmark of ACHC for
us is their flexibility. They certainly maintain a robust set of
standards and those standards are enforced. But there is also some
pragmatism that is involved. They’re flexible knowing the needs of an
individual office. Knowing the needs of individual patient. I have dealt with a number of
accrediting agencies in the past through my career and I have never had an organization to
be as flexible and as easy to work with as ACHC.

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