ACS CAN: Ask Chris Hansen – Jon from Ohio: How Do the Budget Cuts Impact My Community?

this question comes from jon in Massillon ohio
how will budget cuts impact funding for cancer research in screening programs in my community
jon that’s a really good question first of all if we cut the the cancer funding budget cancer
research budget that research that has gone on and been unfunded
for many years get completed and we don’t get the benefit
out of it for instance in your state of ohio the NIH
funds research to the tune of eight hundred million
this past year and that’s going on in any number of universities and clinics and research
centers around the state for instance ohio state university the university of cincinnati
cleveland clinic just to name a few so there’s a lot of work going on and there are a lot of
people focused on this and it’s important when you’re trying to discover something that
we don’t currently know the answer to so that’s something that we need to keep going had we had a five percent budget cut for fiscal
year two thousand eleven a lot of things would have happened let
me give you just a few examples we would have faced three clinical trials for cancer patients
that would be cancelled by the lack of the continuation of a research that i just mentioned
there’s a big study going on on the impact of c_t_ scans for pediatric patients that
wouldn’t continue so there’s a big impact and it gets even worse because that was fiscal
year two thousand eleven and with your help we prevented those cuts from occurring now we’re facing cuts that have been proposed
in the house budget for two thousand twelve not a five-percent
level but at thirteen point five percent level i should also say that in fiscal year eleven and and again for fiscal year twelve or even
more dramatic cuts that are being uh… suggestion for the cdc particularly for there cancer screening programs
like their cervical and breast screening programs if you cut them further what happens is about
an additional forty thousand women wouldn’t get screened the cuts again for two thousand twelve or
even bigger so even more people wouldn’t get screened jon i really wanna thank you for
asking this question again you’re asking for a really good question but a lot of other
people asked we just selected your question but i want
to thank you for thoughtfully asking the question and we are delighted to be able to answer

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