ACS Grantee Focuses on Children and Cancer

ACS Grantee Focuses on Children and Cancer

I am a nurse by trade. So I worked for thirteen years taking care of children in a hospital
setting and within the community. And then I decided to go back to school and when I
went back to school my focus of my research ways to address the small population of children
that are not cured of their cancer. And so my focus is to concentrate on improving
the quality life in adolescents or children with incurable cancer. I think that the research that I do which is behavior oncology research has a very important human element and I think that to be able to
study the processes that people go through and the families go through when they’re
facing a disease like cancer and to be able to figure out what are we
doing right what do we need to do better so that we
can support those families and provide the psychological and social
support through that process is very important. The American Cancer Society grant actually provides funding for a
doctoral candidate that are at a university setting
that have support from senior scientist. And so I have an amazing mentor, Dr.
Victoria Champion and she actually is a senior scientist so she’s kind of
been through the ropes and kind of knows the
research and so part of my grant actually helps to support that
mentoring and the development as a scientist. It has allowed me then to not have to
work full time as a nurse to support myself as I continue my
education and so it’s been it’s been very instrumental for me to be
able to focus and to really develop this research that
addresses the end of life process.So because of this grant then it kind of eases that financial
burden for me but also provides the other resources that I have with
the senior scientist at our institution. Thank you for what you do. For taking your time to go out
there in your communities and raise the money that is so needed for a research for all
types the research for the research that develops that develops the cure but for the research that also
socially and psychologically supports people through the process
of dealing with cancer.

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  1. Thank you for this video with Cynthia Bell. Quality of life in children stricken with cancer is an extremely important issue!

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