Actually, We DON’T Spend $1 Trillion on Welfare

Actually, We DON’T Spend $1 Trillion on Welfare

there’s been a multi-pronged approach
from the right Louis infighting against social programs welfare benefits
and so many other things that every other country at the same level of
development that the US has and considers art of their society there’s
been the argument that it is not the responsibility of the
government to provide things for the poor to those who need
who are in need there’s the argument that the recipients
don’t deserve those benefits there’s the argument that too many
recipients abuse the system there’s those who argue that it is just
too expensive to have social welfare programs and then there are those who argue that
it actually hurts those who are paying in to these benefits but not receiving any of them I want to focus today on the expense
want that welfare programs are just too expensive the washington post has an article which
is debunking the recent talking point from the right that a
million are I’m sorry that a trillion dollars a year are being
spent on welfare and that the spending doesn’t reduce
poverty at all this has been circulating on
conservative media on Fox News as the Washington Post rights you’ll
probably see the following line added to the trillion dollar claim it’s
true according to a recent report we spend a
trillion dollars on means-tested programs each year yet the official census numbers show no reduction in poverty now if you read
that second line you might say oh that line supports the we spend a
trillion on poverty and we don’t help anybody get outta poverty it actually weakens it Louis because
we’re the trillion number is coming from is by wrapping in a whole bunch of stuff including I i mean i i cant even tell
you all these things like for example I benefit medical benefits that are part
of medicaid for example those are being included as part of the war against
poverty welfare that isn’t having any effect on
poverty poverty all sorts of programs that are really
what is being spent on poverty are being wrapped into that
so let’s look at what is actually being spent Louis if you look at what is
actually being spent on fighting poverty directly welfare to
fight poverty we have $55 billion spent on the earned income
tax credit twenty-one billion on Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families $43 billion for SSI Social Security $75 billion on food stamps $18 billion
on housing vouchers and child tax credit that’s a total a 212 billion even if we are to include heart %uh the spending on things like
title1 grants headstart adoption assistance which why are we
saying adoption assistance is part of welfare to reduce poverty
adoption crosses any number for lack of a better term up
social up the social positions and social classes even if we apportion part of that to the war on poverty we
are nowhere close to this bogus trillion-dollar numbered that we’re
hearing I’m not at all surprised at the number
has been exaggerated now way it is really all just a numbers game
in and people use different statistics and numbers and and I’m yet they use to their advantage
and of course then we can go on to talk about the stimulative effect love certain
provisions of welfare and what percentage of what say that $75 billion used for food stamps I you know is being quite I directly back into
small businesses there’s two elements that are missing
one is the one who is mentioned which is think about the positive effect
on the economy up the government spending the money on food stamps versus
tax cuts for the rich exponentially more stimulative but
number two the argument that the earned income tax credit in food stamps for
example don’t lift people out of poverty is bogus and you just have to think
about it think critically for second if you make 11480 nine dollars or did in
2013 which was one dollar below the federal
poverty line you work able to receive the earned
income tax credit and food stamps now your income will
still show as 11,000 489 you were technically still in poverty but you are obviously much
better off with the earned income tax credit and
the food stamps then you would be without it so we have to think ladies and gentlemen
just because your taxes don’t show that your out of poverty doesn’t mean that the earned income tax credit in
food stamps are lifting you up its it’s just absurd people just need to
think for a sec right it’s easy just to shout out these
numbers and say we’re spending too much but you have to look at the details

46 thoughts on “Actually, We DON’T Spend $1 Trillion on Welfare

  1. We spend well more on Corporate welfare. Oil companies get billions a year for nothing and pay no taxes. Walmart gets tax money to build Walmarts, etc. None of the Corporate welfare really the working class at all…

  2. Yeah, we don't need to pay people who can't work less then a living wage. We need to just let them die in the allyways they should live in.

  3. I think that the wrapping in of stuff like medicare is appropriate… why should the only thing that matters be money directly given to poverty. Are those programs not intended to fight poverty?

  4. So once again a supposed "controversy" really comes down to semantics. If you use the term welfare interchangeably with the term "means-tested transfer payment or service", then yes, we do spend $1 trillion dollars on welfare every year. If you insist on having an absurdly narrow definition of what constitutes welfare, then we don't spend $1 trillion dollars on welfare every year. But the central point is irrefutable: means-tested programs, which are programs which use income to determine eligibility, cost $1 trillion dollars per year.

  5. Its became a word game. There are some programs that help the poor, like medicaid, food stamps, energy assistance etc. These programs help alleviate the symptoms of poverty but in no way contribute to getting people out of poverty other than by accounting through Subsidies. These programs should be kept for those who fall into poverty, but more can be done help pull some citizens out of poverty. This shouldn't be confused with the thought that all people can be pulled out of poverty through job training and education, etc. That is unrealistic. There will always be people in poverty and society should alleviate this hardship. This will only get worse the more technology grows. (Some think unemployment of 40%) What I mean that more can be done is the government can be more involved and not simply rely of "motivation" through the cut off of benefits. For example, the government could sponsor internships at companies but safeguards would have to be in place so the private sector doesn't take advantage of this and abuse it as a way to increase profits. Also bringing up wages in a responsible manner in low skill low wage jobs when there is too much labor supply (as 40% unemployment will sire bring) could help.

  6. Conservatism doesn't jive with facts and science. Just ask any conservative what they think of the evidence for global warming, evolution, Obama's economic policy, and so on, they will provide propaganda and denial claims.

  7. Putting aside all the word  and numbers games, used to inflate or deflate the actual amount of money devoted to welfare, it speaks greatly to the moral depravity of this country that we spend far more money on military enterprises than we do on helping the poor. If conservatives wish to promulgate the notion that we are a "Christian nation", how do they square this idea with the fact that we spend more money on machines and manpower to kill people than we do to feed, cloth, and educate people? 

  8. I'm wondering how Switzerland's basic income experiment will pan out.

    Once that's in place, depending on the economics and hard numbers, it could very well eliminate many obsolete programs and potentially save money and save the poor at the same time.

  9. So according to the United States it's to expensive to spend money on things like social welfare but not expensive to fund the NSA to spy on us or to send troops to destroy Middle Easter countries for their oil?!

  10. Welfare correctly spent saves money by taking beggars off the street and getting them into the economy. Welfare payments to the poor is a consequence of low education budgets. Spending too much? How about the 682 million on defence. 39% of defence spending throughout the world is in the USA and only Saudi Arabia spends more as a percentage of GDP.

  11. Right winger: Get a job and take a bath. Cut food stamps. Punish the lazy, unproductive. Tax dollars should not be wasted on the unproductive of society. Kill welfare and get a job, take a bath.

    Left winger: Stop being judgmental. It is impossible to get a nonexistent job in this depressed market and punishing the poor by starving them wouldn't make a single job magically appeared nor will it fix our atrocious economy. Opportunity does not exists and income downward mobility has far exceeded upward mobility. People paid into the system their whole lives as insurance now they fall under hardship and down on luck. The Insurance is there as safety net. There are a lot of other problems of course. Economic rent seeking which allows for monopolies is another major problem that can be mitigated and sometimes eliminated with correct regulations and focused taxes. Capitalism at its worst. Profiteering greed above all human needs.  Capitalism is based on exponentially increasing robbery by one arbitrary group of people from another, so it can hardly be said to be rewarding "value-for-value"  how is the robbery via enforced wealth ownership as the means of coercion against those with less, to coercively acquire or hoard more in human output from the less owner (as a % of human capacity) than the greater owner has to deliver back to society (as a % of human capacity), which capitalism allows, equal to "earning", and not merely an exponentially-increasing unearned dictatorship, enslavement and subjugation of one arbitrary group of people over another? So you expect people to be proud idiots, overworked, underpaid, and refusing government services to which the majority of the country has decided they are entitled to. Marx and Mao were born wealthy and were mad not because of poverty, they were mad because of injustice.

    Right winger: stop bitching and moaning, crying and complaining. Winner makes money, loser cries victimization. Get qualification and work harder, start by offering free labor/internship and climb your way up the ladder. PERSONAL REPREHENSIBILITY and RESPONSIBILITY. Blame yourself. Stop feeling entitled to the world because the world does not owe you a damn thing. Stop taking and start making, I don’t want any of my tax dollars go to welfare queen anymore. Time for you to share the burden and contribute something. Its time for you to payback to society. Work your way up the ladder and make your success a reality.

    Left winger: To be fair, you are only allow to cut their entitlements only if you successfully got an unemployed person a job, if qualifications are needed, you fund their skills/training and education. Better yet, train/teach an unemployed able bodied your line of work and then hand over your job to him/her. If the unemployed needs capital to start their own business, you provide the funding, if he or she failed in business, you bail them out. You get them work, does not matter what kind of dirty, lowly work, they have to accept or starve. Macro economics is not a zero sum game when you have mass involuntary unemployment. Correcting this should be the main focus.  I know homeless people with accounting and engineering degrees. There is no shortage of applicants in any field, the problem was the lack of hiring ten years ago.  don't mind helping out people who can't fend for themselves. What I do mind is the billion$ spent on corporate welfare and War of profit$ with the lie of "job creation' while we only spend about far less $ on social programs, which actually helps people. Many rich people don't work that hard. Investors, CEOs, Wall-St traders and real estate moguls don't work as hard as those in construction, medical fields, or science. Stop perpetuating the myth of the "welfare queen". They do exist, but it's very, very rare.  I was taught to love thy neighbor and to help those who can't help themselves. Read this and learn:

    Right winger: nobody owes anyone a living, they are not entitled to my job, government or myself caring for them because it is "socialism", they should stand on their own two feet. The world is not obligated to look after them. Take personal responsibility. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Pull your own boot straps and learn to fish and feed yourself. Stop consuming and start producing. Stop feeling entitle and like you are worth a damn thing. Start from stratch and be productive, produce something for society. You are not valuable to society hence you are unemployed.

    Left winger: Thank you for proving my point: in translation of what you said: "I don't care about the less fortunate whether they live or die".  Not everyone was born into a choice to decide whether to be a drug carrier or study to be a doctor. Nobody can be born to this world saying they want to be a prostitute either. It's all peer pressures of life that causes such life. Usually a vicious cycle of misfortune. Most of them have family problems or other forces that put them into a circumstances beyond their choosing. You ideologues and your big wing dying thoughts, far right deranged mentality is what’s so wrong about our country, you are seeking to subjugate and deprive a person’s existence. You can’t pull no boot straps if you don’t even have a pair of boots, you can't fish because the river is empty. You right wing fundamentalists are thinking of all kinds of excuses to wipe out the needy and deny them the rights to life. It is that deadly demeaning attitude of yours that create societal chaos: "Don't like McD wages? Get a better paying job", “starving? Get a job” “No bread? eat cake” (the great princess of France, Marie Antoinette who had her head chopped off in the revolution). Chinese emperor who being told that his subjects didn't have enough rice to eat, he replied, “Why don't they eat meat. You called it free choice when there’s no existing choice. Life has an element of luck. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    Right winger: Stop crying already. If you failed in life you suffer the consequences. Nobody is going to aid you or bail you out, you pull yourself up none is going to carry you on their shoulders. Stop the typical loser mentality and talking point then you will get to join the rich. Rich people are rich because of success, work ethics and having the right mindset and attitude. Rich people deserve their riches. Capitalism is about profits and losses, if you failed then you go broke, you deserve it. You made bad decision, you suffer the consequences. Wealthy people are job creators and producers of goods and services, the world revolves around the wealthy not the poor, rich people re the capable, the brain and backbone of society, rich people bares higher stress and responsibility, they are the most essential part of society hence they deserve to be compensated more. America is about personal responsibility and one must live with the consequences of one’s action.

    Left winger: When wall-street and GM failed, they get trillions in printed fiats and taxes bailout AKA handouts, which the CEOs paid themselves with gigantic bonuses and that was our tax dollar$. Dick Fuld ran a 163 year old fourth-largest wall-street banking firm to the ground and walked away with no criminal charges, he took home $1/2B+ in compensation for retirement. When Bain Capital failed to fulfill its obligation of turning around distress client company, Bain dissected it with tremendous debt plus off-shoring to 3rd world, Bain,WT,Gm and many other big businesses profit off bankruptcy of its clients, investors, creditors', putting many out of work and destroyed their livelihood. Big wealthy bullies like Bain duped companies into Leverage Buy Outs, let them hemmorage with crushing debt, limp along before folding. Destroying jobs, then taking huge profits over ignorant investors. Robber Barons bribe off and own congress to deregulate and serve their masters on wall-street and corporate America which caused the 2 WAR$ + credit crunch, fat cats prospered at the expense other’s suffering. Capitalism is about profits and losses you said? The wealthy are too big to fail and too big to jail, even if we let them failed, they are too big to broke and the little guys are too small to succeed, monopoly and oligopoly are the modern day baron robbery rule this country by money. I agree, the world revolves around the wealthy and that is why George BusH gets to ran our country to the ground and retired 6 figure pension a year, unprosecuted for genocide of innocents. We have Rich politicians in the states sitting idle and collecting fat paychecks. They seem to have the secret to job security and success. Basically you just want to finger point and victim blames those you view lesser than you and excuse the wealthy cartels from being hold accountable for frauds, highway robbery, genocides and thievery and the last few of our scarce employments being outsourced or automated in this already depressed economy. I’d rather that one rare welfare abuser you know who sits on their ass all day pretending not to be able to work collect money than punish most of the legit recipients whom have disable children with mentally ill parents or starving elderly. Think of it this way. My tax $ goes to welfare while yours goes to the military and corporate subsidies. Sheeples, please keep believing the propaganda of put yourself in debt to go to school, get a corporate career, that just creates wealth for the owner of said corporation and the shareholders. Work 8 hours a day doing stressful, worrisome, plenty of responsibility "busy" work with little to no pay (unpaid internship) and with next to no benefits/pension.

    Right winger: If you used Fuld/Romney’s services, you pay them fees even if you did not get what you asked for, you don’t get refund even if you lost money, you don’t like the product but you already consumed the product so you still pay up. You don’t have to like their products but you do not get to blame them nor get refund, you only have yourself to blame for putting your faith in them, you did it to yourself, you were greedy as well. Most of you voted for the WARs so please take personal responsibility above all else. Most of you consume energy so blame yourself for global warming. You are promoting victimhood and excuses not to better yourself nor responsibility of oneself and interest of oneself. Individualism, selfishness is virtue and greed is good. Aya Rand said so. Work hard, study hard for success in life.

    Left winger: Hard-work for success? That’s what we learn in 1st grade along with Santa Clause, tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny tales.  Then you grow up and see how the world really works and stop believing that fantasy or the rest of us call you a no brainer. This is 21 century not the 70s, the world doesn’t work that way anymore, the dream is gone. You fascist corporate wings of the fanatic right are the single biggest factor why Communism won multiple victories in RED revolutionary WARs. Does stomping on those that are at the lowest point in life through no fault of their own make your self-esteem feeling good about yourself? According to your logics: Victims of scam, frauds, cheats, lies, aren’t victims at all because they are personally irresponsibility. Do you feel superior about your insecure existence by dehumanizing the needy? You judgmental loudmouths love disparaging the jobless and the less fortunate. Just because life dealt you a better hand there is no excuse to act like such a loudmouths, keep your luck and shut the fuck up. Capitalism has its evils, it allows men to hoard resources far beyond their needs, even beyond their "wants" to the point of accumulating a sickening wash of wealth. You are fueling injustices and inequality by your deranged thinking and attitude, ostracizing/demonizing the vulnerable, the needy, the less fortunate and the weak, you feed off the blood of those you view lesser than you due to circumstances beyond one’s limited options in life and you think they deserve to be fed on, you are pouring fuel to the fire of hatred, desperate people will go to the extreme in search for desperate means, answers and alternatives, thanks for setting up a foothold for communism/fascism to rule your country. I would not want to live in RED misery. You fake Christians probably discriminate, exclude, ostracize, dehumanize gay people and blame them for being born homosexual, “personal choice at fault for not being straight”. You can pile up a fortress with stack of cash for defense but even fortress of fiat cash cannot defend you from the angry mobs screaming for your head coming your way. When blood hit the street, you will see the true value and usefulness of your dead presidents faces printed on out of thin air fiat paper currency.
    "In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of."- Confucius

    “Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity; it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great.”- Nelson Mandela

    “Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?”- Martin Luther King.

    “Talent is universal, opportunity is not”- Rye Barcott 

  12. People are not opposed to welfare, they are opposed to the federal government invading on their personal lives. 

    Federal welfare programs are unconstitutional.  Any welfare programs should be ran by the state and local governments.  There is a reason why we have state rights.

    At the state level they will be ran better.  People are willing to help those in needs and state and local laws will enable that.  At the fed. level it is the fed. stepping out of bounds in it's powers and isn't the most efficient system possible.

  13. Every time David brought up something negative the right is using as a excuse, I felt my eye roll around in my head.

  14. One thing that wasn't mentione – at least recently, a good number of people participating in food stamps are those who have lost their jobs due to the wonderful people on Wall St., and of course, we also have a large number of people who are employed, but are paid so little that they need assistance. We have Walmart and others to thank for that. Sounds like these clueless conservatives want to have their cake and eat it too.

  15. We spend 1.2 trillion a year on the pentagon (not including the war in Afghanistan) and I don't see anybody questioning that despite the fact that we spend more on bombs than anybody lese on earth.

  16. A living wage law could drastically reduce welfare spending, but try getting a conservative to support that. Being a Republican seems to basically mean becoming a hypocrite on so many issues.

  17. I would also like to see the spend on luxury goods, war, tax breaks to the rich, buisness subsities, money continuing to be spent bailing capitalism out of the destruction of the entire global economy from their greed and corruption, BUT no its kids, the unemplyed, the sick and the old that are the problem. Fucking sickos…

  18. You dimwits really dont see how adoption assistance would fit into the issue of poverty??????? Capable, educated people, take on responsibility for, poor and uneducated, INCAPABLE people. Therefore, they are given assistance so that, these POOR, otherwise, FUCKED kids, can have a decent life. Get an education… a book.

  19. It doesn't bring people out of poverty because the benefits are a joke and it doesn't help people get a job. What it DOES do it prevent people from dying from starvation. I guess conservatives just don't give a shit about that though.

  20. If the GOP were to help the poor to buy a pair of boots, the poor would finally have bootstraps to pull themselves up with. I recall something from the bible the GOP proudly, self-righteously, cherry pick from and obviously hypocritically thump ad nauseam about giving a man a fish vs helping the man learn to fish. The take away word is "help".

  21. Everyone pays for the services they may eventually need in social services via various taxes. It's their own money, how can they not deserve it? Republican logic fail.

  22. I totally agree with you, but after you teach him how fishing. He will need a license to Fish or else he be in jail learning other things!!!!

  23. Id love to see the right wing if they actually stopped all social help, they would probably change their mind when the poor started eating the rich. . . 

  24. David I like your show but do you do anything personally to help the broken?  Have you ever hugged a homeless man and then give him money  out of your pocket? Have you ever been to a homeless shelter ore a soup kitchen? If you really want to help the broken get in the mud

  25. So tired of these bullshit expense/spending debates.  CUT THE FUCKING MILITARY SPENDING!!! You cut that bloated over budgeted monstrosity you will have the money and MORE to spend on what they are whining about.  Why does NO ONE keep pointing out this obvious elephant in the room?

  26. Certain people have small petty natures. Welfare & paranoia play to them. They are easily manipulated. Marxist, reptile people, gay agendas. This propaganda will never disappear though it may change if welfare spite goes away. Pity the small envious idiots wont go away

  27. Oh i Love it! I also would like to point out I use to be on money aid, and I can tell you that the government takes money out of you cheek. They say  the highs amount you could git would be (1n 90's) $900, but what they give you  is $775. They never giver over that amount to you, but they count the $900 they supost to give you! No matter what you never see the exter $125. The government tightly watches how much you make. That is why it is do hared to get off. If you make a dollar  that month that you are spost to, then the government cuts your money By $250 and $100 food stamps.
     How can you get out being in poverty if you cant save to get off aid. It is so very hard to get off aid when they penalize you and have no time to save money to get off aid!

  28. Our annual budget is 60-70 billion € and about 30-40% goes for social/medical /welfare and free education…… Maybe that's why we are top part of all list measuring happiness, standard of living, equality and less corrupt and quality of education

  29. You forgot to mention the argument that it rewards a detrimental lifestyle and punishes attempts to get out..


  30. Reality is this….. Not all people who adopt, have "money". They give it all the people like you. Therefore, the money they get from the gov't, because ignorant and uneducated retards cant put a rubber on, is for the children who would otherwise be impoverished.

  31. Also, if lawmakers were serious about cost savings in welfare programs, they might stop making things like food stamps a corporate welfare program. Corporations like Pepsico and Kraft have spent a lot of money lobbying to make sure that all their very expensive junk food, pre-prepared, and highly processed food is covered.

  32. Welfare, EBT (Food Stamps), WICA, were never intended to be an exclusive means of support.  There are families who have received government assistance for 4 and 5 generations.  Add to that government housing, health care (I know, the housing is the projects and health care is a contradiction in terms).  Help those who NEED help but it is not the governments responsibility to support us, feed us, house us.  There should be an even exchange for benefits received, community service for welfare benefits.  If there are no physical limitations, why not?  At least there  would be something going both ways.

  33. Larry, without it children revert to starvation along with their parents. Why do you think it came about in the first place? Were the 30s poor all lazy? No.the fact that most families get themselves off of welfare and into work I guess is not worth it?meanwhile Wal mart, Lockheed Martin and the like drain taxes at a far greater rate for less reason than hunger.

  34. A Trillion is 1000 billions! The composite actual allocations don't even approach one fifth of that amount! Where do the right-wingers get their math education?

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