Administrator in Training experience |Good Samaritan Society

I’m blown away by how much emphasis
The Good Samaritan Society puts on investing into the human capital which in turn, I’m
investing to providing the best quality of care. They have thoroughly structured this program so the AIT (Administrator In Training) has to be successful and that there’s no turning back and no room for failure so I’m blessed to be in this program and I’m just excited for administrators to have belief in my
abilities to become a successful administrator in the future. I grew up with my grandmother in a home so I have a love for the aging population. I wanted
to be in the working environment that they really believed in producing the
best quality of care the best quality environment of care for the aging
population for anybody that needs care so I really wanted to make sure that I
was in an industry that not only says what they’re gonna do but actually
believes in it and their work is believing in it as well. So I grew up in New Jersey South New Jersey, I went to school in Pennsylvania
and I took a look about a 20 hour drive so this is my first instance in this
area or this part of the country so it’s a big move for me but I was ready to do
it when the Good Samaritan Society chose me. (A little bit of a leap of faith for you then?) A little bit of a leap of faith, but faith is that. I’m entrusting in intuition and faith that it will lead me down the right path. It’s great to see a big organization and how they put the different parts
together and how it turns into a well-oiled machine so even spending my
time at the National Campus I was blown away by how they structure different
things that they did as far as devotion or even just the development programs
for other staff and touching more on that I was even more blown away by how
the retention rate of the staff members. A lot of times when I was introduced to
people they were there for years. That shows that they’re doing something good that their staff wants to remain there and grow family there and refer other
family to work within Good Sam.

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