Adopting a PUPPY!

Adopting a PUPPY!

Alright Gloria, I have a confession to make. I am an animal rescuer who has never adopted an animal From an animal shelter! Until today. Today, I am going to be going to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C, and I’m going to be adopting… a puppy! No, I am not gonna be adopting a puppy for myself. I am adopting a puppy today for my grandma. My grandma is one of my favorite people on the planet and last year, she sadly lost her dog of 15 years, Daisy. Now, a lot of people in my family in the past have gone to breeders to get dogs. There are so many animals dying in animal shelters every year, and they need homes. We don’t need to be creating more animals by breeding. So when my grandma told me that she was ready to bring a new pup into her life, I knew that I wanted hers to be from a shelter. When I found out that there were three puppies at the shelter, I thought maybe one of them would make a good fit for my grandma. So I went and I got to meet them with their foster parent. Hugo is killing me! Look at his ears. Is that a dog or a bunny? Hi bun bun! ANDREW: It’s an Eloise. [Hannah giggles] [dog barking, kennel noises] HANNAH: Whoa. Hi! [more barking, inaudible discussion] ANDREW: Hi mama, hi mama. Hi. HANNAH: Puppies and small dogs! Here we go! WOMAN: Yep. HANNAH: Oh! What is this one’s name? WOMAN: That one is Sneakers. HANNAH: Hi, Sneakers! Okay, so we got Sneakers, a girl. Chewing on my finger. [off-camera; woman laughing] Excuse me, that’s very rude. But I can’t say no… HANNAH: And who’s this one? WOMAN: This one is Swoosh. HANNAH: Swoosh? WOMAN: Swoosh is feistier. HANNAH: Like, just more spunky? More… WOMAN: Yeah, a little more active. She’s more playful with the other puppies. She’ll play with toys by herself—these guys haven’t quite picked up playing on their own yet. HANNAH: Okay, so that’s Swoosh. WOMAN: Awww! HANNAH: And they’re all trembling because they had a bath? WOMAN: Yeah, just now. HANNAH: Awww. And then who’s this one? WOMAN: That one’s Nike. HANNAH: Nike! Oh my gosh, they’re all like, Nike… [talking over each other] WOMAN: Nike, Swoosh, yeah. They came in a shoebox. [overlapping conversation] HANNAH: Oh! Shoebox babies! HANNAH: Hi, Nike! He seems pretty chill. He smells nice and he’s got nice eyebrows. Meeting those puppies was awesome. I was able to learn a lot about their different personalities, get to know the foster mom, and tell them I was interested in adopting. The next step was for me to fill out an application online, so I filled out an application talking about my grandma’s home, getting information about past pets, and I submitted that application online. A couple days later, I heard back from the shelter, and we were able to have a conversation about adopting. It’s a lot like my adoption process that I do with the kittens. People have to find out about the animal, then they apply, then it’s a conversation, and if it all works out, they can adopt! So today is the most exciting day! ‘Cuz I’m gonna get going and getting the puppy! Okay, let’s go! Whoops, sorry! Gotta wake you up! Sorry, buddy! [kiss] We gotta go get the puppy! Okay dokey, here we are! Animal shelter! WOMAN: Okay, let’s go get her. HANNAH: Is she back there? WOMAN: Yeah. HANNAH: Yay! She is way tinier than I thought! She is so cute! [laughing, talking over one another] WOMAN: She gives kisses. HANNAH: [laughing with joy] Hi! Oh, yeah, she does! WOMAN: She goes right for the inside of the mouth. HANNAH: Hi! Okay. So she’s gonna be, I was trying to think… What is she gonna be to me? If she’s my grandma’s child…. She’s my aunt. [all laughing] HANNAH: This is my new aunt. WOMAN: Aunt Swoosh. HANNAH: Auntie Swoosh! WOMAN: Auntie Swoosh! HANNAH: I’ll be your niece any day. [woman laughing] Oh my gosh! [kiss] Awww! WOMAN: Here, I’mma have you read through your adoption contract. HANNAH: Okay. WOMAN: So, it just kind of talks about, you know, agreeing to take care of the animal. WOMAN: [laughter] Which, of course, is a given, but… WOMAN: If you could initial each item, and then sign the second side. HANNAH: Yeah. Okay. And here we go, I’m signing! Signing! Yay! I put a little heart because I’m happy. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yay! WOMAN: Bye bye! We got the puppy. We are on our way to my grandma’s house. To grandmother’s house we go. As they say. Over the river and through the woods. [Andrew laughs] Anyway…. Anyway, indeed! Great joke, everyone. Yeah. Little Miss Swoosh. Going to her new home! I’m so excited! HANNAH: Special delivery! [laughing] GRANDMA: I can’t stand it! [Andrew laughs] HANNAH: Here she is! [all laughing] GRANDMA: I’m gonna cry Oh, I cried already Oh, yay! GRANDMA: Hello! HANNAH: She’s small, Grandma. [Grandma gasps with delight] GRANDMA: Precious. HANNAH: She’s adorable. And she’s so friendly. She’s so chill— GRANDMA: What a good girl. HANNAH: —For a puppy, she’s so far been very chill. GRANDMA: You said she had a harness from a guinea pig? [laughing] HANNAH: So when I went there, we brought a cat harness and a guinea pig harness. Because I didn’t know what size she was gonna be, and I wanted to have something to walk her out with. I was kinda joking bringing the guinea pig harness, and then she is way too small for a cat harness! She’s even too small for the guinea pig harness. HANNAH: You like those—[disgust] Oh! Meet mouth! Eugh! [Andrew laughs] HANNAH: I love you, though. [laughs] [someone imitating barking] HANNAH: Oh, my god! [all laughing] HANNAH: She’s following you around. HANNAH: Yay! I’m so happy. What do you think, Grandma? You love her? Yes, I love her. [Hannah laughing, Grandma kisses Swoosh]

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    Hannah your opinions on animals, including the lives lost over breeding are so spot on and inspiring and make me love you more and more as a person every time you speak them. I bow down, honestly. You're such a force for good.

  2. dear Hannah,
    I wish there were more people in this world like you..
    you don't only love cats and save them, you decide to still like other animals and know what's right for them..
    And I just wanted to say…
    ThankYou For What you have done. and thank you for inspiring me.. I'm a growing child and I hope to be like you one day as I love animals especially cats and bunnies

  3. Showing the dogs made my heart break. I can't walk into a animal shelter without balling my eyes out and becoming depressed for a while. I can't adopt or foster due to being in an apartment with douche-canoe landlords.

  4. Idk why people are pointing out that its better to adopt grown dogs… When im sure she knows this. But her grandmother probably wanted a puppy or just a smaller dog. And shes used to buying dogs so just adopting is a step up! Whatever the case maybe.

  5. Kitten lady: Adopts a dog

    Dogs across the world: Finally not a cat

    Cats across the world: excuse me , I'm just gonna say you adopted a deformed cat named adog

  6. While I agree that adopting should be the first go to for the average person when thinking about owning a pet, I still don't think breeding is wrong. People want the peace of mind in what qualities their dogs will have in the future (especially important for working dogs and specific lifestyles).

  7. I'm shocked that they would allow you to adopt for someone else. Our shelters dont do that. I hope your Grandma got to meet them off camera and picked her own dog. It's NEVER a good idea to surprise someone with a pet. I know your Grandma was ready, but other people might not be or might not want the animal, and it wouldn't be going to the best home.

  8. Whata wonderful surprise for Granma. I miss mine so much 🙁 . Lovin the puppy shes so precious. Shes goin to bring so much happiness xx

  9. I got all my cats from the street but whenever I see dogs and cats in shelter being abandoned it really breaks my heart.
    In my younger dats used to be a volunteer at some shelter in the PetCo at Union Square in NYC. So many people walked in to waive their cats by telling us ridiculous reasons.
    I saw how these cats start to change in cages in a week TT…… they know they are abandoned TT

  10. Your the kitten lady why are you adopting a puppy i mean i like puppys to but your name on youtube its kitten lady an your getting a puppy UM weird!!!!!😯

  11. I'm wheezing cuz you broke like the one rule of cats if the cat is asleep in your lap you don't move. The little kitten looks so offended.

  12. Adopt, don't shop!
    Breeders try to create the best looking of a particular breed. Those who don't live up to those standards don't stand a chance. So many breeds' original looks have changed due to human tastes.

  13. You traitor, you! I forgive you. Smoosh (or possibly Swoosh, although I think Smoosh will grow into her name) is adorable, and I know she will brighten your grandma's life. Mazeltov!

  14. I need to stop watching videos like this. They make me want to adopt dogs. But my partner and I have three dogs. But, but, DOGS! THEY'RE SO CUTE!

  15. My grandson and his cross country team from Steinbrenner High run the big dogs for exercise. These boys ask how far do you want to run dog? 5 miles? 10?

  16. i want to adopt but unfortunately my parents cant afford it :/ all the shelters here the dogs are between 150-300 and that’s too much for my family. we got our dog for free through a family friend, not a breeder, but i’ve always wanted to adopt, just not in the budget which sucks.

  17. I would love to adopt but due to health reasons I got my dog from a breader. She was a wonderful woman who loved all her animals, my baby boy is amazing.

  18. To whoever does the closed captioning- thank you! This video and the commentary- especially actions- are absolutely perfect!

  19. Lol the dogs that were in this video were so calm compared to the ones where I work. A few where I work literally climb the chain link fence when we rotate them out for playtime in the runs

  20. "I put a little heart because I’m happy" I died 😭❤️❤️❤️

    Hannah is the most wholesome person on this social app!!

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