Adult Education Graduates Recognized at Commencement Ceremony

Piano music (Pomp and Circumstance) It is my great pleasure to welcome you
here today as we join together to celebrate the achievements of 65
graduates from the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District Adult
Education Program. Your accomplishments and achievement for your education is the beginning of a more prosperous future for yourselves and
your family. Understanding that your presence here this evening was not
without sweat, tears, hard work, determination, maybe some setbacks and
some mistakes. But ultimately you set a goal and you achieved it with the help
and support of your family and your teachers. Congratulations to you on
your hard work and your election into the TBA ISD Adult Education Northwest
Michigan Chapter of the National Adult Education Honor Society. Applause My longing to
get a degree all started when I was going to my 10-year graduation reunion,
last August, 2018. While I was getting ready my 11-year-old daughter asked if
she could go with me. To which I laughed and asked her if she had graduated. And
she replied, so you’re gonna watch from the sidelines? I tell you what. That
moment motivated me like no other time in my life. That was when I decided to go
back and try one last time to graduate. My rock bottom became the foundation for the future I am building for my children and myself. Instead of becoming another
statistic, with determination we chose change. We chose to succeed. We chose to combine knowledge and wisdom to make an impact. We are the graduating class of 2019. Thank you. Applause Don’t let anyone diminish what you feel
right now. Carry it like a medal that gets hung around the runner’s neck at
the finish line. You have worked hard to make it here tonight and the future you
deserve and desire begins right now. Danyel Lisa Marie Straight. Applause Nico Jay Ragel-Wilson Applause Geoffery J. Tegel Applause You may now move your tassels to the
other side. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the graduates of
the Class of 2019. Applause and piano music.

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