– From the origins of human civilization, to the threshold of the modern world. I’ll be going on a journey
through 200,000 years of Africa’s rich history. Great cities, breathtaking architecture, art of unparalleled beauty
and technical brilliance. This is the untold story of
how for thousands of years Africans helped shape our modern world. – [Narrator] Africa’s Great Civilizations.

75 thoughts on “AFRICA’S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS | Trailer | PBS

  1. >although, there is little tangible evidence for their existence, they left this art though|

    Good job debunking your own shit.

  2. Have you heard of "Egyptian" Pyramids outside of Egypt? No. Why were they only built in the far north of the continent of Africa and nowhere in the southern regions and had such strong Arab/European outside influence? Because the native Africans didn't build a damn thing in Egypt. Do you want to learn the reality? They were mowed down, trampled upon and were a scourge in the eyes of it's people and it's Pharaohs. Egyptian elites literally had sandals with Black men depicted on them; wanna know "Why?", because It was a symbol of "trampling" them an insult to the "lesser beast". Are you people going to also ignore the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian armies fighting back the Black hordes of the SOUTH!?

    There WERE Black "Kings" but only of tribes scattered across the innards of the continent, however, they were limited due to locked resources, that their technology could never hope of extracting in enough quantities to build what we considered Civilizations back then.. These Black tribes were (and still are, sadly enough) hunter gatherer societies, nothing more, I mean, it's not surprising, considering that Africa is one of, if not the most hostile collective of environments of Human Civilization, aside from the Southern and Northern most regions of that God forsaken place. (Look at the aboriginals in Australia btw, they are near exact copy of the African tribes in Africa, minus a few cultural changes.)

    Now, with that out of the way: Quit patronizing Blacks and bullshitting about things they never accomplished without outside influence over the last several THOUSAND YEARS, just to appease your "social justice cult gods". This is fucking insulting to not only to the ancestors of those who live in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean today, but it's an insult to Blacks because you're taking advantage of what limited history they've learned through your bullshit (((public broadcasting))) and profiting off their ignorance, like the sick and twisted greedy assholes that you Globalist Bureaucrats are.

    This is a program of pure trash. I might as well watch Ancient Aliens if I want a refresher on ancient history from now then if this is what is tolerated in public education. THREE WORDS: "Disgraceful, Uninformative, Patronizing"

  3. Anything told by whites, and shown as Black's culture after the sixth century is a lie and half truth. I have lived long enough to come to hating and detesting the Lie's that whites has been telling throughout the centuries, starting from the sixth century unto this day. I truly believe GOD allowed me to see the game show Jeopardy earlier yesterday, in order that I might see the Lie's on the pbs documentary about Africa's great civilizations. On Jeopardy they had a category on African American museum history; and I've noticed even before this jeopardy program, they have had many programs where they have had an category on African American history White's has done very poorly in answering the questions correctly. On yesterday's program the two white women and one Arabic man delayed the African American museum category to the very last category of questions to be answered, and they got most of the answers wrong. But I've also come to learn a couple of years ago that most whites and Arabic's on jeopardy can answer every question concerning Africa correctly and with self assurance. So I've always asked myself Why Is That? Last night after seeing the pbs African Civilization documentary, I got my answer. After the sixth century is when White men and their women's and children's came out of those mountains and cave's, and came into civilization, and they came stealing, killing, and lying. Taking over civilization and painting their own images on buildings that was already there, and changing our history into their lie. This is why they know everything about the Lie's they themselves created in Africa, and don't care to study about the lie they have us Black's in America and around the world living. They only need to keep whites studying their first lie about Africa' civilization, so that the lie will continue to be told and believed by all whites throughout every generation, so that whites can always think they're above us as Black's and Africans. Between the Whites and the Arabic's I believe just like Jesus robe, they cast lots for our history and lives. I don't believe any African history being told by whites, nor any images that was drawn or painted, or sculptured after the sixth century. And I also noticed that this pbs documentary was funded by the Bank Of America, being one of the contributors, a racist entity indeed. The Whites who were the speakers on the program couldn't even tell their Lie's with a straight face, even the Ethiopia man eyes were shifty. They even had the fucking nerves to call our true history a myth, and a imitation of white Christianity, can you believe that foolish blatant lie. Truth will come one day, because we are totally sick of and through with the White people's lies. The demon's has come out in full force in this comments section to make sure that what little truth in the documentary won't be believed by the Son's and Daughter's of African King's and Queen's. And that we Africans and Black's throughout the earth is the civilized ones of GOD the Creator, and that they are the barbarians and uncivilized murderer's and thieves and the children's of the wicked and evil one of darkness and death, and robbery, Satan. And remember, Satan is the father of the lie, and was a murderer and thief from the beginning. Never allow the tare to tell the story for the wheat, for the tare will only choke the wheat out and tell their own lie, and take over the wheat, and present themselves as imposter wheat. A painting of a white Mary and Jesus after the sixth century is nothing but a lying imitation. Show me Africa before the liar's came, and I will believe it.

  4. oyy vey, all these awful comments. its like anadda shoah! dey waz kangz b 4 da ebil whity. dey had the gr8st civz da wuld evr dun sead b4. sheet

  5. Its about time this story was told, we are all Africans and the first kings was black sub saharan africans
    Good content PBS

  6. I have no problem they make a documentary series about African civilizations (although there was officially only one that could be described as a civilization, at most two with Nubia/Kush which was already far less prominent than Egypt). I have no problem with a black guy hosting it (I don't know him). I haven't seen the series so I can't judge it. But I can't help feel that this documentary is made today for the same reason that movie won the Oscar. Political and social agenda. I can't help having a hunch that the actors portraying Egyptians are going to look blacker than in other Ancient Egypt documentaries. I can't help think that the narrative of this piece is going to be designed to guide the audience into the idea Egyptians were black (or at least black-ish) and that other empires and kingdoms in SSAfrica were more prominent and advanced than they actually were. I don't think they are going to outright lie, but I bet they aren't going to emphasize the fact those empires didn't have any written language and lagged far behind in technology relative to civilizations elsewhere in the world. I can't help think this is documentary is done for the purpose of giving black kids in america identity and pride and it is a part of the larger so called SJW narrative that has started being pushed on the popular culture just in the last few years.

  7. This is one of the most elaborate documentaries on the greatest empires and kingdoms of Africa hands down

    Good work Dr. Henry Gates!!!!!!!

  8. THE EDGY ONLINE DEBATOR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ #14/88 卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐 says:

    So you be sayin'?

  9. Its funny how racist come out anything that has to do with blacks lol. People who are black and mixed with black keep working hard educate your children.

  10. Jesus then comment section is disgusting, it's about African civilisation not black civilisations so fuck off with the "WE WUZ KANGS AND SHIEET" comments.

  11. So many ignorant racist trolls on this video, wow you people can't even humble yourself to learn about the World. You can troll all you like it doesn't change the fact that these civilizations were present as any civilization in different regions of the World.

  12. Schlomo Kikestein  ALL BIBICAL PLACES EXIT in AFRICAN not Europe. YOU'VE never been 2 AFRICA.AFRICANS ONLY SEE PEOPLE NOT RACE. DON'T PUT AFRICANS DOWN 2 FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOUR INSECURITES.-These Places still exist in AFRICAN today Only INSECURE people are intimidated by TRUTH AND POWER OF OTHER'S. YOU and YOUR 126 LIKES needs to Travel outside of your IGNORANT BUBBLE.

  13. For all the mentally retarded, fascist trolls in the comments, Egypt is not shown in this trailer, not once. Obviously the ignorant piles of stinking detritus in the comments have never heard of Nubia.

  14. Based on the sources of information and the sponsors of the Africa's Great Civilizations – PBS documentary it should be at the least assumed all information presented in the documentary has been thoroughly, accurately, and/or precisely researched. The information presented is very important information. It's very important for African history and world history to be discovered, researched, recorded, and used for learning in a positive way.

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