AG Bill Barr Drops On NUKE On Dems – It’s Going Down

AG Bill Barr Drops On NUKE On Dems – It’s Going Down

Democrats think they got off scot free after
President Donald Trump was impeached and Inspector General Michael Horowitz said he did not find
evidence of political bias in the FBI investigation of the president’s campaign. But the investigation is not over as Attorney
General William Barr told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. The Inspector General’s report was limited
as to what agencies and people he could talk to, but the investigation of U.S. Attorney
John Durham does not have those restrictions. Barr said that he did not expect to get the
report for “for quite a few months” but assured MacCallum that “He is moving very
diligently.” Some people have suggested that Durham could
file his report in the next few weeks, but Barr does not see that happening. “Just based on my general knowledge of the
things that he is looking at or has to look at in the future,” he said. “I would not
think that he would be in a position for quite a few months.” Barr hired Durham to investigate the investigators
and make certain that the probe into the president’s campaign was done lawfully and was necessary. Barr’s concern, and the concern of many
in and around the president’s campaign and his voters, is the apparent loathing some
investigators had for both the president and his supporters. “He is looking at other agencies and also
private — departments, and also private actors. So it is a much broader investigation,”
he said. “And also, he’s not just looking at the FISA aspect of it. He is looking at
all the conduct, both before and after the election.” Democrats have pointed to the fact that Horowitz
did not find any political bias, but that is not entirely true. He also said that he could not rule out political
bias and no wonder, all you have to do is read the texts between former FBI lovers Peter
Strzok and Lisa Page. They talked about their contempt for the president
and even the “smell” of his supporters in a North Virginia Walmart. They also talked about having an insurance
policy in case President Trump won, which he did. Many people believe that insurance
policy was the Russia investigation. And then there is the former FBI and CIA members
like Andrew McCabe, James Comey and John Brennan who have made careers out of appearing on
television and attacking the president. To think that there was not political bias
against President Trump defies credulity and the walls have begun to close in on the Deep
State actors and their nefarious plan. They have played this game for three years
but when that report comes in it is going to be game over.

One thought on “AG Bill Barr Drops On NUKE On Dems – It’s Going Down

  1. Dear IG Michael Horowitz,

    I agree you and your team did arduous and, possibly, tedious work to uncover the 17 errors relating to FISA abuse.
    But, are you still a Democrat, Gen. Horowitz? I had thought that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as representative of the Democrat party should have gotten down on her knees before the American electorate and apologized for the IRS targeting the Tea Party under BHO, and the unwarranted witch hunt. But she has no shame! Nadler also caused problems and no apology!

    What I see is that your investigation showed that there was a two and a two but nobody gave you any evidence that 2 + 2 = 4. This is common sence. Most of the targets of your investigation didn't like DJT. This using logic, together with ALL of the 17 errors had the effect to damage DJT, with none of them exonerating him, implies those these people were, VERY likely, biased against DJT. Gen. Horowitz, did you suspend rational thought out of loyalty to the Democrat party?

    If loyalty to the Democrats affected you, why can't I allege that you are a biased investgator?

    Why shouldn't you be charged with Dereliction of Duty?
    Will you respond to this piece?

    Citizen Jack Darby


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