17 thoughts on “Age of Civilization Tutorial & Playthrough – JonGetsGames

  1. You know Jon, it seems like you are always the First Player to start the game… seems a bit "suspicious"… I am watching you 😛
    Nice playthrough. Seems like a good, simple game to play.

  2. Superb presentation and great showcase of the mechanics and possible strategies. 29:30 was my favorite turn in the game, so tight!

  3. I started out typing a comment about how this looks like it would fit in a Tiny Epic sized box, then I went and looked at the KS page and I see that’s very much what they’re going for lol so never mind about that. I think this looks great. I’ve discovered I really enjoy a tight game with limited actions and good combo potential. The variability seems extremely high, especially when you see how much stuff has been added through stretch goals. I might have to back this.

  4. You made me enjoy this game. I'm absolutely in the kickstarter! Any clues on how the solo mode works? Thanks for your videos!

  5. So did you ever settle on one game over the other when it comes to brass? Which one do you like best? Birmingham or Lancashire?

  6. At 45:35 (Final Round) Yellow has to sacrifice, due to the war. Thou you did remove one of his meeples, you did not give him 2 money for his civ card ability of gaining 2 money when a meeple is sacrificed.

  7. As with so many Euros, and civ games, infrastructure is king here. Brown had a good general idea with a wonder strat, but without money, it just runs out of steam.

  8. Very good playthrough! As a non-native English speaker, I must say that your tone and debit is very easy to understand. Your video made me back the game AND subscribe to your chanel. Way to go 😉

  9. 6:11 rest action is gain a worker and 2 coin.
    6:31 score marker is not a meeple but a star token of your color.
    8:50 but you already have a war symbol on your leftmost card, I.e. era 1 so should you not resolve that?
    10:45 so left=red=pool / supply =future workers;
    Top=white=Action area=available workers now.
    10:30 it’s more intuitive to lay down your worker to a red icon, and keep it standing up if the cost is white. A reminder where they go when round ends.
    18:10 might as well place n-1 coins on top of the civ deck as a reminder that next time a civ is taken you need to deal out money to the leftovers.
    Also, since there can only be 3p civs in play, the rest of the cards should go back to the box: it has no role in this game.
    19:00 eras of days gone by should be flipped for extra drama.

    Just looking for guidelines to make gameplay feel more intuitive. I totally missed the hard limit of 3 civs.. I think it does make sense since you have the tension of going for what is or hold on to what might be.
    No idea how you can become better at this game since there is so much variety.

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