100 thoughts on “Age of Empires 2 civilization themes(updated 2017)

  1. Omg i love The Slavs one its shows that they are not the first people that will greet you nicely xd and some others i like too.

  2. This is to everyone who is confused about the Franks being referred to as "French"

    The Frankish Empire led to the creation of modern France and Germany, but in AoE2, the Teutons are already the closest to Germans, so the Franks become French

    Does that make sense?

  3. 有31个文明,希望接下来推出的种族:泰国人(暹罗人) 希腊人 犹太人 西藏人 苗人(赫蒙人) 亚述人 苏美尔人 因紐特人 (爱斯基摩人) 埃及人 腓尼基人 满洲人 班图人 毛利人 澳洲人 南岛人

  4. why do the Goths and Huns have music that sounds like it came from a horror movie lol? also side note, but the Mongols "song" always scared the hell out of me when i was a kid haha

  5. Spanish theme is flamenco? But flamenco didn't born until more than 1.700 A.C… and this suppose to be medieval. EL MUNDO ESTÁ LOCOOOO

  6. One question I always wanted to know was, which of these are the longest/shortest themes? So far I think that either the Malian or Berber one is the longest, and the Spanish is the shortest. But is this true?


    Someone should make a 10 hour version of it on repeat lol

  8. Favorites :—>


    Britions, Celts and Turks

    Goth, Huns, Koreans and Mayans

    Italians, Magyars and Portuguese

    and maybe Persian

  9. What's with the creepy kids sounds in the background of the Huns music? Yikes.

    I also find the Berbers one awesome for some reason. It's a shame I don't like playing as that Civ. In general all of the African ones are great.

  10. Just Imagine….
    Early Morning
    You wake up to do your daily routine. The water well is on top of a hill. Once you get the bucket full of water you go back. But you stop before you can begin. You see over the horizon. Hundreds of viking ships waiting…. Then the viking theme plays. You know what's gonna happen

  11. I love to open the history section and play each civ sound while read the description. It just bring me to the another age

  12. Assassin's Creed's Jerusalem first 5 seconds of its soundtrack reminds me of the Byzantine theme from Age of Empires 2.

  13. I used to play the conquerors which had many civilizations missing like the Italians, Portugues, Slavs etc… But jesus, the Ethiopians and Italians themes are soo good, legit give me goosebumps. I miss the old times :/

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