Alex Romer’s Eagle Court of Honor Speech 6-21-14

Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further
than others, it is because I am standing upon the shoulders of giants.” I would not have
the privilege to stand before you all today had it not been for the help and guidance
of countless people from my time in Scouting. Since my very first meeting with Troop 15,
Scouts and Scout leaders have actively promoted my scouting career. In fact, that night Clayton
White, my Eagle escort, not only told me about all the great experiences he had in Boy Scouts
but, more importantly, he declared that he was going to take me under his wing. He never
faltered on that promise. Additionally, Clayton introduced Connor, my brother, and I to Rugby.
Something my Dad will never forgive him for. However, Clayton is just one individual on
a long list of people who helped me through my Eagle trail. I have had the pleasure of
working with Mr. Clarke, my Eagle Scout mentor, since my first day in Cub Scouts. He has taught
me skills, assisted me with merit badges, and led us through multiple hikes some in
more inclement weather then others. His calm and steadfast persona sets an example for
the boys of Troop 15. He managed to maintain this decorum even after I almost burned his
eyebrows off due to a mishap with a camp stove. He gives tirelessly of himself and can be
found at events from blood-drives to high adventure trips. I am truly grateful for his
guidance throughout the years. I am indebted to scouting for all of the amazing adventures
I have participated in over the past 8 years. Hikes along the Palisades, treks over the
Brooklyn Bridge, and a 20 miler through Northern Westchester. I have camped in array of places
including the grounds of Sikorsky Aircraft. I have canoed the boundary waters between
the United States and Canada, honed my archery and rifleman skills, and perhaps had some
of my greatest adventures at the National Jamboree last summer. My time
in boy scouts has also challenged me to climb to new heights physically and achieve things
I would never thought possible when I first joined troop 15. I take bragging rights for
beating an Army Ranger’s time on an obstacle course at the National Jamboree and portaging
and canoeing 75 miles in 5 days at the Northern Tier High Adventure Base. I have truly learned
what it means to push myself to and beyond what I believed my own limitations to be.
Again I reiterate that none of these achievements
or adventures would have been possible without the undying support of the adult leadership
of Troop 15 behind me. Also I thank those of you who have recognized me as leader and
facilitated this growth in me. Additionally, I was truly humbled by the outpouring of support
I received from friends, family, and community members in the completion of my Eagle project.
I would like to thank Austin Apotheker, my best friend and another soon-to-be Eagle Scout,
for his support of me both in Boy Scouts and on the pitch. I can’t possible extend the
thanks that I would like to my parents but I sincerely, sincerely thank you! You have
supported me unconditionally by both never doubting what I could do in Scouting and by
also financing all of my outings without a second thought. Thank you to everyone who
helped to cook for and organize this ceremony today. Finally, congratulations to my fellow
Eagle Scouts. And to all the Scouts in the audience I would like to leave you with some
words from Robert Baden Powell, “A scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”
Trust me boys it all ends far too quickly.

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