1. Jesus did not die. He went to Heaven alive in the flesh and the Bible does not say that he was 33 so the comparison of age is obviously invalid.

  2. Christians seriously just don't generally ever know what they are talking about and are content with making the credulous think they do.

  3. Not 2 minutes in and extra Biblical oral legends about the age of the Messiah at the time of alleged death make you like you do not know the Bible does not say what age he was and that ascending to Heaven after "dying" alive is saying that the person never ACTUALLY died.

    If they did they would be in the ground with the rest of the dead. Christians are so confused and do not know it, and definitely not why.

  4. Alexander was A false messiah, but he died which effectively ended his ability to be THE false messiah, an unbiblical word applied to the Biblical concept of the beast, who came and went, as most people know this was Nero, whose name was 666 in gematria. 616 in Latin which explains the variant and so 1 beast is come.

  5. Christian scripture doesn't have a "The Antichrist" but antichrists, plural and clearly referring to regular people, not eschatologically and contemporary with the author.

    Does any Christian actually even try to understand what the author of each book is trying to tell you or is it totally irrelevant and your very forced interpretations what matter, because once you decide that a book about the Messiah is about God and said Messiah is God, despite the book saying otherwise, you are kind of at the point of no return anyway as you are not a member of the same religion as the Messiah but a quasi pagan bastardized form of the Judaism of Jesus where Jesus becomes "God, the son of God and the Messiah" which is pretty much saying, "screw what he said, it is not important, he did not know he was " God."

    Which is about the only way to explain why he never actually claimed to be God.

  6. Alexander claimed to be a god and son of Ammon.

    Jesus did not claim to be a or THE God and was the Messiah and born of supernatural (but wholesome, unlike the legend of Alexander, Jesus is not the literal product of intercouse which is a prerequisite for being begotten by definition, if you want to be literal) means or miraculously.

    But he did NOT say that he was God and never asked anyone to worship him. Christians are all prophecied about in Matthew who followed the false apostle who came in his own name. "I, Paul."

    There are myriad ways to prove that Paul was not an Apostle, he does not qualify according to prescribed qualifications in the book of Acts before Matthias is chosen by lot are the best examples and it doesn't seem like the author actually considered him to be of the same rank as the 12 Apostles or an apostle of Jesus AT ALL and it is not denied even among Christian Bible scholars that Acts has multiple authors, two at least.

    Which kind of ruins any claims of inspiration. But they are not as clever as the critics and can't come up with a convincing argument that will ever change the minds of Biblical scholars.

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