Alien Military Base Ancient Civilization Tiny People on Mars Curiosity Rover SOL 1000 Part 2

Alien Military Base Ancient Civilization Tiny People on Mars Curiosity Rover SOL 1000 Part 2

and then we go down here there is something else that is really I mean I’m hoping you guys can see this because I know I’m not the only one
there’s a lot of other folks to see this stuff as well this is the
original image and and it just looks like there as sees little legs sprawled out
right here there’s a big head another little big head right there and
then there’s a arm right there and so ish so whatever it is there something
sitting right there I’m I’m gonna do a little bit sharpening
because can see what but I can bring out there because I mean there’s just something it’s not make any sense right here it’s
just and not , there you can see it an image of a little bit more but whatever it is that they do that the
images and blended into the background then it makes it more challenging to
bring it out but you can see something there and
it’s hard to tell how big these things would be i mean they could be a few inches to a few feet
tall to several feet tall you know i mean it’s really hard because these images
are are obfuscated so terrible and the
quality is terrible but I just wanted to point that out and
then there’s one more thing right here to there the sculpture right here am right here this sculpture right here an sign I know a lot if you’re probably
tired of sculptures but right here is is a clearly a site profile view a sculpture
right here between the rocks self but this image does have a lot of
things in it and this maybe maybe it’s entrants to a
cave maybe there’s tiny people on mars a lot
of folks believe there’s tiny people in I am NOT going to dismiss any of it
because it very well could be that could be the case you know so who knows how we evolved we I yeah how we evolved on earth and it
could be cents Mars is in our same solar system they
could be evolving in the same way you know whatever cataclysmic event took
their mountain now they started all over again maybe
the same thing will happen on earth one day as well if we don’t treat this planet a little
bit better than we’ve been treatment and be conscious of a our neighbors and be kind and friendly
to each other you know something’s gotta change here
because were only given one planet more I’ll on
this ride together and so could mars be a prediction a of what could happen earth and then look at this rate here there is
something it looks like a silo or a missile been right here you see
that right there I’m gonna see how hard it is see this image makes it a little harder
the original image you can actually see it right there and then I enhanced a tiny bit there in
it just makes top at a little bit more for you to see
that standing up for a tear it looks kinda
like a missile did have some sort and then
there’s even something out straight there so so these images have a lot of things
hiding in them so you guys let me know in the comments
section what your thoughts are share this video with your friends
please give it a thumbs up thank you for watching and I will see
you the next time

3 thoughts on “Alien Military Base Ancient Civilization Tiny People on Mars Curiosity Rover SOL 1000 Part 2

  1. Like some Mars pictures comments say, there are too much stone 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth figures to be just coincidences.

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