All Of The Celebrity Cameos In Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” Video | Genius News

All Of The Celebrity Cameos In Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” Video | Genius News

JACQUES: The music video, well movie, for
Lil Nas X’s breakthrough single, “Old Town Road” is finally here and it features
a number of celebrity appearances. Let’s check them out. It opens 1889 with a trio of horses in hot
pursuit of Nas X and Billy. [HAHA] Woah, boss I’m flabbergasted why’d
we stop? JACQUES: The first cameo is Detroit’s HaHa
Davis, also known as Big Fella. His voice is what opens Chance the Rapper’s
hit single, “No Problems.” JACQUES: In March, Davis spoke out in support
of “Old Town Road” being put back on the country charts. [HAHA] t sound country to me. I like it. EBRO: See?Because you like it that’s another
reason it’s not country. Davis: We gotta sign a petition
EBRO: If black people like it ain’t country music. JACQUES: Whether “Old Town Road” was ‘country
enough’ was the subject of wide debate something Genius touched on in April. [GUEST] I just really hope they put it back
on the country charts because I really think it belongs there. It’s a ground breaking record for it to
be so versatile. JACQUES: Regardless of the country chart inclusion,
Lil Nas X’s song hit number 1 on April 8th and it’s projected to be there for a 7th
straight week. JACQUES: Next up in the video is the legendary
comedian Chris Rock. [CHRIS]: When you see a black man on a horse
going that fast… you just gotta let him fly. JACQUES: Later, while trying to hide, Nas
X jumps into a wormhole of sorts taking us to the present day and the next cameo we see
is “Road”’s producer Young Kio. JACQUES: According to Kio, he had know idea
the song was such a huge success. [KIO] I didn’t really know the song existed. I think it was a girl who sent me a meme and
said hey I heard your producer thing. JACQUES: As the video moves, Nas X takes his
horse and drag races a Chevy Impala driven by Compton’s Vince Staples. VINCE: Ok you got me it’s all good! You cheated tho that horse got like a v12
but I ain’t even worried ‘bout it. I just hit a flock and I’m up. I seen you before, you from Compton right? NAS X: Huh? JACQUES: The next scene opens up in a bingo
hall, featuring an unenthused Rico Nasty. Bingo! JACQUES: The pair met for a studio session
in April and fans speculate the two might be working on something together. JACQUES: Next up is Diplo on stage, playing
a washboard and strumming along to Cyrus’ verse. JACQUES: Diplo brought Lil Nas X and Billy
Cyrus out during his set at the Stagecoach Music Festival and subsequently released his
own remix with the two. JACQUES: The final cameo is Memphis rapper
Jozzy who wrote Billy Ray Cyrus’ verse. She noted that it was high time for this type
of collaboration, saying quote. JACQUES: “I knew it was going to be a big
song just because this type of song has been long overdue.” JACQUES: Minutes after the video was released,
Jozzy posted some behind the scenes videos from the taping on Instagram, and it’s clear
she could wait not for it to come out. JACQUES: Following the premiere of the “Old
Town Road” video, Lil Nas X continued to tease the presumed release of his track “Panini”
which fans have been expecting since the producers TakeADayTrip posted a snippet on Twitter back
in April. JACQUES: With the “Old Town Road” clip
finally out and “Panini” in the pipeline, fans are continuing the Yeehaw agenda and
excited to see what the trap cowboy does next. NAS X: What’s next for me? The only thing I can say is big things. JACQUES: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

99 thoughts on “All Of The Celebrity Cameos In Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” Video | Genius News

  1. It ain’t country country music is about a story and the banjo and the authentic beats of real music

  2. Please stop Billy just makes all this a little to cringy.was bad enough before the white man had to help deem it country

  3. “compton california’s vince staples” lmao nigga from lb he’s got a fucking song called norf norf

  4. Wait…. you mean to tell me at 1:30 that man fixing the car isn't Morgan Freeman I swear he does look like him smh?

  5. Please tell lil nas to get in contact with kane brown! They should collab for obvious reasons and more!

  6. fantastic song, wish the video was just a straight video without all the pauses and extra scenes, not a fan of the song stopping for dialog

  7. I hope this song doesn't end up being a double edged sword for this Kid. I'd never heard of him until this song. This type of enthusiasm for a song sets the bar for that artist extremely high and that's how one hit wonders are born because its so difficult to reach that bar again let alone soar over it and the artist fades away until that decades greatest hits CD comes out. I think Nas X has something the preivious one hit wonders didn't have though. Industry power movers behind him with a desire to bring black people back to country and shake up the industry. Country sure needed a change from all the dull boring pathetic sad songs and that God awful twang in their voices that seems to be some kind of weird standard for what passes for country music today. I know not all "country" songs are "suicide jangles" but the rest is just as boring. This is the best thing to happen to country since before the switch. People who weren't even thinking about it are actually talking about Country Music. So maybe they won't let him fade away so easily.

  8. Lord Jamar on vladtv had to point it out to vlad about post malone when he openly doubted the sound being country enough like vlad what are you??? Talking about black people invented country music check out the interview and the follow up interview ref old town road.

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